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Welcome to the New Male-Male Spanking Archive!

There is a widespread human fascination with domination, submission and discipline, and it is an undeniable truth that many people of all ages and in all cultures find corporal punishment situations exciting and erotic as either participants or voyeurs. This story archive acknowledges, explores and celebrates that fact.

The history of this archive is explained in the MMSA FAQ page, linked above. There you will find policy statements from the site owners on the old archive content we inherited and on new submissions to it. New to this site, however, is a moderated forum, also linked above, where authors and readers can mingle and have fun discussing the stories, writing generally, CP related issues (other than the pros and cons of real life corporal punishment of children) and give feedback on the archive itself. Please join in there!

This is a new-look archive, but it is presented in deep respect for the traditions of the old, including completely free access. Where there have been necessary changes, they are being made in ways that we believe will preserve and enhance it for the benefit of the people that count – the readers and especially the authors, without whom there IS no archive. We hope you will find this new site much better for finding what you are looking for than the old one, but most of all that it continues to be the first place of choice to post and read excellent Male-Male corporal punishment, BDSM and discipline stories of all types.

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Whether you are looking for stories about over-the-knee spankings for naughty boys, the sting of the slipper on a deserving bare bottom, family discipline with paddle and belt, kids and teens playing fun CP forfeit games, the cane or birch administered strictly at school, college hazing, adult BDSM relationships, the whip and strap wielded mercilessly in military punishments or judicial discipline, poetry, magical or historical tales, or unusual CP implements such as a machine, martinet or sjambok, these search links will allow you to specify and find exactly what you want to read about!

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