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Family CP: father and son discipline
mother and son discipline
brother discipline
other family discipline spank pictogram

Family stories about bringing up wayward sons with the occasional well-earned whipping...

These are the archive staples – rosy recollections and painful memories of youthful behinds warmed thoroughly by loving parents and wicked stepfathers, or maybe vice-versa... But if dad and mom are out, a deserving delinquent can be equally well thrashed by uncles and aunts, grandparents, older brothers or eager cousins!

Non-family domestic CP: extra-family discipline
adult discipline relationships
role-reversal discipline belt pictogram

Growing-ups and grown-ups both feel the heat around the house...

If the family home is no sanctuary for a boy in need of a good smack, then there can also be little refuge outdoors from some strict attention: there are plenty of harassed babysitters, helpful neighbours and hassled shopkeepers who are all ready and willing to hand out a piece of hot'n hard spanking action!

Here in a new category are also collected stories of adult relationships with an accepted discipline component (where the setting is more domestic than casual, consensual fun), along with some situations where normal domination/submission roles are unusually reversed by age or responsibility.

School CP: British school CP tradition
American school CP tradition
other school CP traditions cane pictogram

Ah, the traditional crack of willow on young leather at good schools...

Here are classic schoolboy rituals of respect and responsibilty, as powerful prefects and stern masters ensure that naughty lads become properly acquainted with the awful sting of cane, birch and tawse. American students and college kids receive a good education too, applied liberally to the seat of learning by principals with paddles and teachers with switch or strap. There are also stories from other European, Eastern and New World school settings.

Team CP: scouts and camp discipline
sports and team discipline
fraternity fun
punishment on the job paddle pictogram

The need for discipline doesn't always stop on leaving school...

Scoutmasters and youth leaders find tried and tested practical methods work well for maintaining troupe order, while on and off campus or in the locker-room, coaches and frat buddies alike benefit from old-fashioned ways of inspiring team spirit. For the boss too it can be a useful management tool for getting the best out of careless or lazy workers!

Consensual CP: kids spanking fun
teen/adult CP encounters
leather and BDSM
discipline games games pictogram

Sometimes you just know you really need a nice, warm rear end...

...and if doing it by yourself doesn't quite work then you gotta go find someone to give it to you!

From kids and teens having fun together, through adult discipline sex to more extreme leather and SM play, you're never too old to get spanked, whether it's deserved or desired, by friends, buddies and lovers or even by complete strangers. There are also a few tales of self-spanked tails along with stories about and rules for fun CP games for two or more players.

Official CP: judicial discipline
reform school discipline
police discipline
military/naval discipline birch pictogram

Miserable miscreants get chastised by the long arm of the Law...

From the past, present and future, here are cautionary tales of prison and courtroom, reform schools and borstals, where police and other officials dispense ruthless justice to young offenders with strap, rotan, birch and whip. This section also contains descriptions of shipboard floggings and other military/uniformed punishments.

Miscellaneous CP: religious discipline
medical discipline
ceremonies and initiations
slavery (non-consensual) martinet pictogram

Slavery, ritual, religion and unorthodox medical practices...

A selection of stories about historical slavery (as opposed to the consensual SM variety) and now in a brand new category peer bullying that involves spanking and/or humiliation without consent. You can read about initiation rites for tribes of all sorts and non-judicial ceremonies with discipline, perhaps masonic or in royal tribute. Also for the good of society, here are priests, shamans, doctors and other worthies providing much-needed moral guidance by making boys of all ages smart!

Historical CP: ancient historical discipline
other historical discipline
Victorian Era discipline
Wild West/pioneer discipline whip pictogram

Stories with a specific historical or archaic setting...

Reflections of the past, when carnage and cruelty were commonplace. Here are lusty sagas from the Ancient World, lays of Medieval knights with sore-bottomed squires and Victorian vignettes of harsh childhoods in the beat and throb of the Industrial Age. There are also some popular historical settings, such as frontier pioneering and cowboy stories of the Wild West.

Fantasy CP: fantasy/magical discipline
sci-fi/future discipline
fan-fiction discipline
humour and satire machine pictogram

Tales with well-known characters or set in a futuristic or fantasy milieu...

Whether it's epic Whip and Witchery or Star Wars spank-fic you are looking for, you'll find it here! Along with stories referencing characters from film, TV, games, pop culture and real life, there are unusual yarns exploring the arcane, mythical, magical, legendary or merely bizarre, as well as fascinating predictions for the technological society of maybe five minutes or five thousand years in the future!

We also present a broad selection of distinctly humorous and satirical works for your delectation and delight...

CP writing genres: discipline in poetry
interactive stories
non-narrative CP articles
non-fiction CP articles tawse pictogram

Poetic justice, interactive stories and non-fiction material...

Finally, from across all the scenarios and genres listed above, you can easily browse the entire archive selection of discipline in verse and our new interactive stories, plus a small number of factual essays, advice articles, personal ponderings and other odd documents.

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