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A Strap For Every Purpose
1: The Secrets of Command Central
2: Toughening a Boy
3: Bonding As Brothers
4: Softening a Prisoner
5: Training a Soldier
6: Teaching a Loser... Creating a ?????

My First Strap
Strip, Strap, Strike, Stroke, Stretch: Anatomy of a Spanking

1 – Vlad: The Resurrection of the Strap
2 – Andy: My Initiation Into the Brotherhood
3 – Matt and Mark: The Comedy Duo and the Dungeon
4 – Dad and Uncle Pete: The Psychology of a Strapping
5 – Uncle Tony: You're Never Too Old for the Strap
6 – Andy: Smart Boy with a Smart Mouth
7 – Andy: Rendezvous with the Strap
8 – Percy: Prissy Percy Gets Whipped
9 – Dad: Grand Master of the Strap
10 – Andy: First Love, a Strap, and a Brush
11 – Andy and Paul: The Newlyweds
12 – Uncle Tony: Certainly Painful Asswhipper
13 – Andy: My CP Tasting with Mentor Mike
14 – Andy and Paul: The Strap That Saved Our Marriage
15 – Matt and Mark: Last Act in Hardcoal
16 – Vlad: Pre-Marital Pleasure and Marital Pain
17 – Uncle Pete: Avenging Angel with the Strap
18 – Dad: The Bezsmertniuk Curse and the Family Secret
19 – Matt and Mark: The Whipping That Wasn't
20 – Andy: Almost Drunk and Definitely Disorderly
21 – Andy and Paul: Fun Spankings and Marital Discipline
22 – Vlad and Andy: Brotherly Beatings and Fraternal Fantasies
23 – Hardcoal: The Challenge of the Strap
24 – Andy and Paul: Legal Lickings and Musical Motivation
25 – Johnny: The New Generation Meets the Strap

The Luck Of The Draw
1: Urgent Business in San Francisco
2: The Butler Is Wild!
3: Ronald Shows His Cards
4: The Night of the Straps
5: Strap Poker... and the Winning Hand

The Seven-Star Spanking

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