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author: Auzzie Spanko

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A North Queensland Houseboy
Part 1 – A Hot Bottomed Houseboy
Part 2 – Boys And Belts - Josh
Part 3 – Boys And Belts - Hunter
Part 4 – Bedtime Spankings

Asking For It - A Rosy Red Bottom

Badboys Get Spanked
Badboys Get Caned

Charlie Canes

Christmas - 2011
Part 1 – The Spanking Elf
Part 2 – Marvin - Spanks Justin Bieber

Dads and Sons
The Barber's Strop
The Old Razor Strop
Teejay - Respect For Daddy
Smoking Butts
James - Boy Meets Belt

Judicial Punishments
The Westbrook Strap

Making Dan Yell
Part 1
Part 2

My Spanking Before Christmas

My Spankophone Record
(Side One)
(Side Two)

Pepito; Finding A Father's Love
Phone Spanking
Reply to Kevin: Email To MY Pastor - Part 1

Part 1 – Spanking Adam
Part 2 – The Belt Dance


The Boss
Part 1
Part 2

The Sound Of A Real Good Spanking

Thrash and Burn
The Plim-Sole
The Cane

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