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"Proud" Challenge
Proud #23

A Spanking Earned

Big Brother
Part 1

Dad Has To Be Fair
Even the Responsible Ones Deserve Them
First Love
John Got in Trouble With Daddy
One Crime Two Punishments

Part 1 – Gideon joins the family
Part 2 – A lesson in responsibility
Part 3 – A lesson in responsibility
Part 4 – Spoilers

The Parker Kids
#1: Trouble for the Babysitter
#2: Visiting Cousins
#3: Rough Morning
#4: Lucy Starts Dating
#5: Sneaking Out On Grandma
#6: Teenaged Drinking and Attitude
#7: Camp Pranks
#8: Duct Tape and Time Out
#9: Matt Is a Man

The Truman Show-- Spanking Files

Yours, Mine, and Ours
Reinforcing the Standards
Setting the Standards
New Standards

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