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"Ginger Pudding" Challenge
Carrot Top and Beet Bottom

"Henshaw and the Case of the Missing Blackboard Eraser" Challenge
Henshaw #2

"Proud" Challenge
in collaboration with PJ Franklin
Proud #1
Proud #19
Proud #21
Proud #37

"The Ball Boy on the Court" Challenge
Courting Trouble

A Better Life
A Boy and His Wolf

A Boy's Big City Adventures
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

A Boy's First Spanking
A Boy's Thank You Letter
A Boy, His Wagon and the Infant
A Butt Roasting in Public

A Collection of Short Stories
2007 - Part 1/2
2007 - Part 2/2

A Collection of Short Stories for 2010
The Midnight Train
The Boy On the Swing
Genesis Spot
The Pause That Refreshes
The Goody-goody Gets His Due in Spades
The Scout and the Scoutmaster
Sin, Penitence and Repentance
Conradin's Personal God Intervenes Again

A Collection of Short Stories for 2011
The Chair in the New House
Fully Insured, Fully Protected
I Need a Spanking
Misbehavior in the Museum
Traffic Stop
Winning the Lottery

A Collection of Short Stories for 2012
Damage Control
Library Fines Hurt!

A Fateful Day at the Airport
Part 1
Part 2

A Floor Full of LEGO
Protective Avalanche
Sea of Legos

A Lesson at Midnight
A Light for the Port Side
A Locked Room, a Curious Boy and a Hot Red Tail
A Most Deserving Father (FILS)
A Most Effective Motivation Factor
A Mugger's Tail/Tale
A New Home and Family for Benny
A New Order
A Night to Remember
A Remarkable Youth
A Strap's Story
A Strop for My Eighteenth Birthday
Abdication Has its Perils

Achieving My Dream
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Adam's Double Initiation
Adjusting Father

Adjusting the Pack's Hierarchy
Part 1
Part 2

Adjusting the Relationship
Adoptive Brother
Alan Plagiarius Is Taught a Lesson
Alex's Last Month of High School
Alex's Most Memorable Memorial Day Week
Alfredo Grows Up
An Unforgettable Lesson at the Museum
Another Spanking for Big Brother
Antispanking Plan Misfires
Apartment House Republic

Apprentice Barber Is A Master
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

As the Twig Is Bent So Grows the Tree
Asking The Guru
Aurelio and the Three Bears
Avoiding Juvenile Hall
Awesome Power, Awesome Responsibility
Babysitter Disciplinarian and Beyond
Babysitting the Twins
Ball & Flower = Spank & Soap
Ball Boy's Solution
Be Careful What You Ask Santa For

Beach Disasters and Beyond
Beach Disaster
School Disasters

Beaver the Hero -- Not
Best Eaten Cold
Beta to Omega
Better a Crock of Gold than a Spanking
Beware the Logos
Beware the Phantom Spanker
Beware the Robot
Big Brother in Charge
Big Brother Is In Charge
Big Brother Is So Immature

Big Brother's Keeper
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Billy Goes to Margate
Birthday Caning
Birthday for Change
Birthday Spanking
Blazing Hot Date
Blind Justice
Boxers Get Me a Red-Hot Butt
Boys' School
Brad Takes Control
Brandon Finds a Dad
Brother Test
Brother's Helping Hand

Brother's Surprise
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Brotherly Love
Brothers' Realignment

Brothers' Red Butts
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

BWG Challenge #2
Strop and Quarry

By Order of the Magistrate

Camp Spanko Adventures of Jeff, Jishnu, Shad and Spence
Part 01 – Camp Spanko Application – Jeff
Part 03 – Jishnu and Jeff Go to Camp Spanko (1/2)
in collaboration with Zyngaru
Part 04 – Jishnu and Jeff Go to Camp Spanko (2/2)
in collaboration with Zyngaru
Part 05 – Jishnu Brings Jeff Home to the Reservation (1/2)
in collaboration with Zyngaru
Part 06 – Jishnu Brings Jeff Home to the Reservation (2/2)
in collaboration with Zyngaru
Part 07 – A Changed Jeff Returns Home (1/2)
Part 08 – A Changed Jeff Returns Home (2/2)
Part 09 – Camp Spanko Application – Shad
Part 11 – Shad and Spence Go to Camp Spanko (1/2)
Part 12 – Shad and Spence Go to Camp Spanko (2/2)

Camp Spanko Application Essay Challenge
I want to go Camp Spanko because ...
I want to go to Camp Spanko to make things fair.
I want to be a junior counselor at Camp Spanko because...
I want to go Camp Spanko because ...

Camp Spanko Stories
Terry's Diary

Camp Tails
Part 01
Part 02
Part 03
Part 04
Part 05
Part 06
Part 07
Part 08
Part 09
Part 10
Part 11
in collaboration with Sawyer

Camping Trip Spanking Lesson
Caning Fee
Capitulation Is Bliss
Career Day -- Revisited
Caught by My Kid Sister
Caught Pledge
Caught Professor
Chadwick Must Deal with the Strap
Choosing a New Life Path
Choosing My Babysitter

Christmas 2013
The Krampus Effect

Christmas 2014
I Saw Sammy Spanking Santa
in collaboration with David M. Katz
Broken Promises

Christmas 2015
Instant Santa
Wassail Disaster

Christmas 2016
Elves Help to Get on the NICE List
Pre-Dawn Christmas Day Redemption

Classic Coyote
Meetings with Shawn

Classroom Missiles
Close Encounters of a Special Kind

Cody's Awaking
Y. Lee's version

Cold Sea and Hot Bum Crossed

College Boarder
Part 1
Part 2

College Boy
Computer Basics with Strap
Conflict Resolution
Contract of Carriage

Conversations With My Muse
01 – My Muse and I
02 – Four Hundredth Story

Corner Talk
Corrected Father
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Cousin Luke Visits the Twins

Cuckolded and Demoted to a Boy
Part 1 – My Point Of View
Part 2 – A Different Point of View

Curiosity Has Hot Consequences

Dad Abdicates
Part 1: Jason's Report
Part 2: Rob's Report

Dad Learns His Lesson
Davy And Santa's Helpers
Day in Court
Decisive Battle
Defanging and Declawing Big Brother
Demoted to Kid Brother
Der Strafstuhl ist einsatzbereit
in collaboration with Beelzebub
Detention Showdown
Diapered Bedwetter

Dorwick Chronicles
1: The Headboy and the New Master - Part 1
2: The Headboy and the New Master - Part 2
3: The Headboy and the New Master - Part 3
4: Remembrances of a Third Form Fag (1/2)
5: Remembrances of a Third Form Fag (2/2)
6: Remembrances of an Alternate Third Form Fag

Double Date
Draco Trumps Harry
Dreams Become Reality
Duke Peabody and Sherman
Duplicate Errant Fathers
Early Evening at The Club
Easy Pick Up
Eddie Gets It
Elevators Are a No-No
Embarrassment Essay
Emergency Babysitter
Encounter on the Boardwalk

Encounter Trap
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Enslaving My Cousin
Equal Treatment for All

Errol and Stevie
Poolside Spanking
Poolside Spanking Redux
It's Not a Birthday Party Without a Piñata

Evening Penitence in the Cloister
Evil Sister Gets Her Comeuppance
Failed Conspiracy
Family Court
Fan Hook Up

Farm Boy Wesley Crusher
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Fathers' Day Gift

Field Commission
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

First Adventure as a Man
First Spanking at Fourteen
Flogged and Imprisoned
For Old Times Sake
Four Spanking Verses

Fourteen and Spanked like Ten
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Früh übt sich
Manuel 1
in collaboration with Beelzebub
Manuel 2, Steven 1
in collaboration with Beelzebub
Steven 2
in collaboration with Beelzebub
Manuel 3, Manuel4
in collaboration with Beelzebub

Fried Fannies for Failed Framing
Friend and Spanker
Friend's Brother's Slave
Full Moon at High Noon
Getting Their Man
Getting Uncle Ty
Goldilocks and the Messieurs Bärin, Bjørn and Urso
Grandpa's Vacation Surprise

Growing Up
1 – The Key
2 – The Bully
3 – The Fags
4 – The Sitter

Growing Up Is Painful
Guided Big Brothers

Hallowe'en 2011
6 – Hallowe'en Betrayal -- Part 1/2
7 – Hallowe'en Betrayal -- Part 2/2

Hallowe'en 2012
Hallowe'en Youth Patrol

Hallowe'en 2013
The Price of Tricking
Old Man Metzinger's Ghost's Paddle
Harvesting a Rare Commodity

Hallowe'en 2016
A Treat For A Trick

Hallowe'en 2017
Ghouls and Ghosts

Hallowe'en Troublemakers Get Spanked

Halloween 2015
Halloween Vigilantes Punish Prankster

Halloween Ordeal
Hand in the Cookie Jar
Happiness Is a Strict Babysitter
He Gets His MILF
Hell Week
Helping My Neighbor
Helping Uncle Robin
High School Pranks
Hitchhiking Is Dangerous

Holiday Lesson
Part 1
Part 2

Holiday Payoff
Horror in Class
Housemates with Dad
How I Got My School Letter
How My Kid Brother Gained Control
I Didn't Take It Like a Man
I Find a Real Master

I Hate Going to the Doctor
Part 1
Part 2

I Lost the Final Battle
I Wish It Had Been Dad
I'm in Charge Now
I'm Not Afraid of Wolves
I'm Not an Alpha Male
If You Get It At School...
In Charge at Night
It Happened One Night
It's Not Funny to the IPA

It's Tough to be an Official Spanker
Part 1 of 3
Part 2 of 3
Part 3 of 3

JB Takes Charge
Part 1
Part 2

JHS Disaster Seals My Fate
Jim Learns That He's Really Jimmy
Job Perks
Johnny Dumbass Gets an Attitude Adjustment
Just Like the Girl that Dad Chose
Kai and Nils - Twenty-four hours
in collaboration with Beelzebub
Kara Is in Charge
Lamont's Terrible Day
Late Payer
Learning to be a Man
Lesson for Bullies
Lesson Learned
Letters to a Pen Pal

Life Without Father
1 – Unpleasant Duty
2 – Unpleasant Duty Redux

Like Brother, Like Nephew
Like Father, Like Son
Locker Room Surprise
Log: Day 1179.77 Through 1180.43
Long Distance Call Payback
Losing My Status
Lost and Found
Luis und seine Spy Cameras
in collaboration with Beelzebub
Maintaining Eligibility
Man Gets Boy

Man of Authority
Part 1: Cousin Greg
Part 3: Cousin Greg Changes Things
Part 5: Grandpa Puts His Hand In
Part 7: Walter's Birthday

Many firsts
1 – My First Paddling
2 – My First Caning
3 – My First Disappearance

Master Cutie
Part 1 – The Kid on the Train
Part 2 – The Kid in the Park
Part 3 – The Kid at Home

Mathboy's Fantasy Comes to Pass
Memorial Day Snowballs
Metamorphose into a Spanko
Mickie and Oso
More Than I Wished For
More than Just a Shave and a Haircut
Mother's Big Helper
Mr. Inspiration Gets the Team to Win
My Babysitter Fido
My Big Brother, My Boi

My Cousin And I
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

My Cousin Is a Super Alpha Male
My First Business
My First Job
My Fourteenth Summer

My Kid Brother Rules
Kid Brother's Visit Changes Things
Home for the Weekend
Winter Break

My Kid Brother Teaches Me a Lesson
My Kid Brother Won Years Ago
My Kid Sister Takes Charge
My Kid Sister Took Charge
My Life Altering Trip with My Nephew
My Most Unfortunate Change in Life Style
My Nemesis
My Nemesis - The Kid Next Door
My New World Does Not Have a Closet

My Official Spanker and I
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

My Personal Worst Record
My Rotten Big Brother
My Sister’s Boyfriend
My Son Learns About the Strap

My Widdle Brother Nyckie
Part 1
Part 2

My Younger Cousins Take Control
Naughty Tourist
Nephews' Spankings
Never Cross Heather
Never Forget Your Teddy Bear
New House Rules for the Freshmen
New Rules of the House
New Sitter; New Rules
Nightmare or Reality
No More Abuse
No More OTK
Not On the Six O'clock News
Not the Man I Was
Not the Three Musketeers
October Surprise
Off to College and Freedom
Office Boy Finds a Pussy Boi

Our Younger Brothers, Our Caretakers
Part 1
Part 2

Outhouse Mischief
Paddles, Butts and Crimes
Pantsing Is Hilarious
Parental Lock
Parental Spanking Law
Park Encounters
Paying the Writer
Payment Past Due
Peeper Taught a Lesson
Perfect opportunity
Perry's New Babysitter Is Strict

Peter Pan's High School Reunion
The Reunion Dinner

Petty Crime Reduction Procedures
Photographed in the Wrong Part of Town
Playing House
Pranksters Pay the Price
Principal Felonies
Proper Sibling Behavior
Proper Use of a Hairbrush
Proud No More but Properly Humble

Puericil Is Great
1 – Soaring to the Clouds
2 – Crashing Back into the Abyss

Punishment Day After Day
Punishment of My Cousin
Punishment School
Pussy Boy 101

Prefects' Test

Ralphie's Trip to Stacy*s
Reality Verses Fantasy

Recalling Lessons Well Learnt
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Recovering the Title
Red Bottom Lake
Red Checked Tenderfoot
Red, the Wolf and the Woodsman

Part 1
Part 2

Reflections of a Submissive
Part 1
Part 2

Regret for a Strapping
Relapse Consequences
Repentant Fag
Report Card Day
Required Recompense
Responsible Boy
Revenge Served Hot Is Yummy Too

Version I
Version II

Roasted Revenge Is the Tastiest
Robin's Winter Vacation
Robin's Winter Vacation Expanded
Roland is in Control
Rudeness Calls for Corrective Action
Runt of the Litter
Safe House
Samson Becomes the Man of the House
Sasha Finds His Rightful Place
Saving David’s Ass
Scandal in Toyland
Schoolboy Clerk
Second Born in Charge
Second Story Boy
Selecting New Slippers

Self-educated Top
Part 1
Part 2

Sentenced to a Strapping
Sequel to Paddled at Springfield High -- Story 1
She Is in Charge

Simon und Alvin
Teil 1 – Simon Ein schwarzer Tag am Strand
in collaboration with Beelzebub

Sitting Vicky
Smoking Is a Paddling Offence

Solving the Week's Final Problem
Week 1: Getting Off
Week 2: Getting My Due
Week 3: Back in Detention
Week 4: My Eureka Moment

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