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author: Adam Scott

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"Fetch The Strap"

Adam and Tom
1: My First Adult Spanking
2: My Training Begins
3: My Punishing Weekend Begins
4: My Punishing Weekend Continues
5: My Punishing Weekend Surprise
6: My Punishing Weekend Ends
7: Tom Shows Me He Means Business
8: An Appointment With Jack
9: Major Cock-Up at Work
10: Caned By A Client
11: Anticipation
12: Tom trains me to be Neat and Tidy

Brotherly Discipline
The First Time You Spanked Me
My Second Thorough Thrashing From You
Spanked In My Kilt

My Schooldays at Castle Toward

Teen Punishments
My Uncle takes his Belt to my Bare Bum
Uncle Andrew Blisters My Bum Again
Punished For Lust
The Sound of the Strap
My Letter to Dad
The Tap of The Cane
Wet bums get Strapped
Training Tim

Your First Discipline Session With Me

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