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author: Adric

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Adam and Steve
I Spanked My Best Friend
Misery Loves Company

Asking for a Spanking
Better Late Than Never?
I Prove I'm Not Spoiled
I'm Not Ready Yet
Injustice Is Served
Long Trousers Until We Decide Otherwise
in collaboration with David M. Katz
My Christmas Present
My First School Spanking

The Great Detention Burn-Off

Rudy's Revenge
Stephen's Spanking Memories
The Political Activist
The Promise
The Stray

Zander and Zynder Go To Camp Spanko
The Acting Director Takes Charge - Zander
in collaboration with Crimsonhide
The Acting Director Takes Charge - Zynder
in collaboration with Zyngaru
Zander Meets the Director
in collaboration with Crimsonhide
The Greatest Show on Earth
in collaboration with Zyngaru

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