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5-7-5: A Spanking in Haiku
A Case for Bringing Back Short Trousers
A Spanko In The FAYZ
Calvin and Hobbes in "Spaceman Spiff and the Instrument of Correction"
Don't Forget Your Identity Card
Ender and Olhado
Fantasies From The Corner
Harry Potter and the Whomping Willow
Harry Potter in the Headmaster's Office
In which Winnie-the-Pooh has a sore head and Christopher Robin has a sore bottom
My Fit Boyfriend
Never Too Old
Pokémon Go Away!
Punishment Pinball
Santa's Elves: A Job on Christmas Eve
Teen Titans in "Teen Trouble"

The Actor Who Wouldn't Grow Up
One Little Loose End
Friends and Family
The Audition

The Legend of Zelda: Mido's Lesson
The Legend of Zelda: Taming a Wolf
The Medieval Street Doctor
The Return of Rathdrum
The Schoolboy's Testimony
The Spank Monster
Timothy and the broken alibi
Timothy and the scout belt
Timothy prouve un argument douloureux
in collaboration with Benjamin
Timothy proves a painful point
Vegeta's Family Motivation
We're Getting a Spanking, Charlie Brown

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