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În bataia sagetii
A Wager Won, a Price Paid
Adevarata mea poveste despre autoflagelare (My Naked True Self-spanking Story)
Andreï and The Cossack Knout
Andrei si cnutul cazacesc
Before the Herons Go Away
Bunicul si cureaua lui de soldat
Cît costa un pariu cîstigat
Cîteva nuiele într-o vara : o reverie, si-atît (I Only Switched Him One Summer : A Daydream)
Cum a ajus Dracula un vampir

Daoud [RO]
Daoud, cel iubit
in collaboration with Emlyn Morgan
Daoud, cu propriile lui cuvinte
in collaboration with Emlyn Morgan

Emirul Ahmad al-Hassan si cei trei fii ai sai
For Some Corncobs. A Story with Taste of Nettles and Whip

1 – Berberul cel tînar din Siwa
2 – Cureaua fermecata

Grandpa's Army Belt
Henri - ou Ma vie de modèle amoureux
Henri or My Life As a Sitter in Love
Henri sau Viata mea de model îndragostit (Henri or My Life as a Sitter in Love)
How Dracula Became a Vampire
I Only Switched Him One Summer: A Daydream (Cîteva nuiele într-o vara : o reverie, si-atît)
in collaboration with TimJase Anders
Inainte sa plece bitlanii (Before the Herons Go Away)

Part 1 – The Young Berber from Siwa
Part 2 – The Magic Belt

La pielea goala
La popou ! (Give it Him to the Bottom !)
Le consentement
Naked True Self-spanking Story
in collaboration with TimJase Anders
Night of Longing: My Nudity, My Beltings, My Dreams (Noaptea dorintelor: despre nuditate, curele si visuri)
in collaboration with TimJase Anders
Noaptea dorintelor: despre nuditate, curele si visuri (Night of Longing: My Nudity, My Beltings, My Dreams)
Nu poti merge drept înainte cînd drumul o ia cotit
O zi din viata lui Septimius Ionescu
One Day in the Life of Septimius Ionescu
Pentru cîtiva stiuleti: o poveste cu gust de urzici si de bici (For Some Corncobs: a Story With Taste of Nettles and Whip)
Sanctiune pe linie de partid
Singurãtatea unui vesnic îndrãgostit de uzul curelei (The Loneliness of the Ever-Belting Lover)
Sub pecetea pacatului
Suferintele tînarului Ceausescu
The Consent
The Emir Ahmad al-Hassan and His Three Sons
The Gift
The Loneliness of the Ever-Belting Lover: Me and My Boyfriend
in collaboration with TimJase Anders
The Missionary
The Shaman
The Shepherd Son
The Sorrows of Young Ceausescu
Toeing the Party Line
Two Granddads
Un baiat de cioban
Under the Seal of the Sin
Waiting for the Whip
Why I Was Not Chased Out of Home (a Thrashing Memoir)
Within range of the arrow
You Cannot Walk Straight When the Road Bends

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