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"Henshaw and the Case of the Missing Blackboard Eraser" Challenge
Henshaw #1

"I Shall Cane You Now". A Play.

"Proud" Challenge
Proud #3

A Chance Encounter Leads to Love
A Dream Come True for some, A Nightmare for Others
in collaboration with Baddlad17
A First Caning

A Future Regime
The Course
Sorting Out Wood Street School
Things Get Serious

A Life As a Disciplinarian
The Need For Change
The Making of a Bully
The Final Straw
The Resolution
Peter's First Caning
The Master
Power Corrupts...
Rods of Retribution and Correction
Four Whackings and a Requiem Mass
Happy Days: Another Reminisce from the Master
Duty Can Be Fun
Dealing with Delinquent Prefects
Choir Boys
Another Prefect Dealt With
An Organist's Lament
War Service
An After Dinner Story
Happy New Year

A Lock Keepers Dilema
A New Boy has his First Encounter
A Second Person Punishment

A Wesley Smith Story
Never too old
Unbeliveable Pain
The Caribbean

Alexi Tamarov's Caning. A Fanfic
All in a Days Work
An Americans First Time
An Appointment
An English Boys First Time in America
An Opportunity Enjoyed

Andrew Smith Stories
A Fantasy Fulfilled
Helping Others

Andy Gets It - An Andy Murray Fan Fic (Well sort of!)

Bad Boys
1 – In the Beginning
2 – Hell in Paradise

Beware of New Brooms
Part 1
Part 2
in collaboration with Baddlad17

Blaise Cameron Stories
Issy's Mistake
Issy gets even
Issy Goes Home
Issy Takes a Vacation
Issy In Loco Parentis!
Issy In Authority

Bloody Mondays!
Brother Matthew uses pain to help decide
Caning in the Modern Navy

Second Chances

Compare and Contrast

Crimes and Punishments
Juvenile Period
Adult Prison

Dave Discovers Desires
First Love can be Agony
Friday Report
Giving it a Go

Hallowe'en 2013
Dares Have Consequences

Ioan Williams Stories
A Dream Come True
The Dream Becomes a Reality
The Weekend that Changed My Life

Itchy Feelings
Simon Barton
James Carstairs

Jason's Stories
Jason Meets the Judicial Strap
Jason Visits the Limbo Room

Jeremy Daniels Mysteries
Death At Meadow Court Manor
A Housemaster Goes Missing

Jonathan's Confession

Last School Canings
James's Story
Jeremy's Story
Mark's Story

Martin Andrews Stories
No Pain, No Gain
More Pain And More Gain
More Pain for my Gain
In Charge: Pain for Some
Agony for Two Seniors
Home to Stay

My First Delivery

Nathaniel Parker Stories
Babylon - Receiving

Pain for Pleasure
Pain Therapy
Pain to Pleasure, to Pain and Pleasure
Prefects Rule
Punishment Day in Nether Wallop
Random Jottings from an Author
Rymes, but no Reason
Six Senior Swimmers Suffer
South Fork

Stephens New School
Part 1
in collaboration with Baddlad17
Part 2
in collaboration with Baddlad17
Part 3
in collaboration with Baddlad17

Taking Advantage of Encounters
Meeting Joe
Joe's Second Visit

The 'Appointment with the Psychologist' Challenge
1 – Dealing with Daniel

The Boys Who Asked for the Cane
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The Cane - A School Boy Remembers

The Governor
Part 1 – New Beginings
in collaboration with Baddlad17
Part 2
in collaboration with Baddlad17
Part 3
in collaboration with Baddlad17

The Head gets a new secretary
Part 2 – Davies and sexy Sam
in collaboration with Baddlad17
Part 3 – Sam and Nick get their revenge
in collaboration with Baddlad17
Part 4 – A new term and final revenge
in collaboration with Baddlad17

The New Boy
The Pains of Wimbledon Fortnight

The Photo Challenge
A Surprising First Time

The Reformatory
The Last Straw

The Spanko Mother Goose
The Lost Sheep

The Stool

The Strife and Pains of Charlie Thompson
1 – The Early Days
2 – The Intermediate Years

The View From My Room
The Worst Room in the School
Tommy's Torment
When "Two for One" is NOT a Good Deal!
Witness to a Caning

Work Experience
A Revelation
Cashing In
Lodsa' Money

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