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author: Arthur james

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A Breath of Scandal
A Capital Offence
A Cure For Idleness
A Cure For Sadness
A Disruptive Influence
A Housemaster's Dilemma
A Note For Miss Taylor Fm
A Prefect's Privilege
A Proper Spanking
A Punishment Postponed
A Seaside Spanking Fm
A Suitable Boy
An English Education Fm
An Exemplary Punishment
An Extra Pair of Underpants
An Honourable Schoolboy
Anticipation Ffm
Are You Very Strict With the Boys?
Asking For It [Fm]
Babushka Mm
Bend Over Wendover
Betrayal Fm
Bottom Marks
Corrective Therapy
Do You Know What Happens To Good Boys?
Do You Know What Happens to Naughty Boys ?
Dusk Fm
Edward the Confessor Fm
Edwards Last Caning
Extra Tuition Fm
He Who Fights Fm
How History Repeats Itself
Matron's Cure
Miss Beaufort's Little Black Book.
Miss Cook
Miss Kessler
Miss Randall
Miss Richards Fm
Miss Valtesi Fm
Pest Control
Pink Champagne

Pink Tulips
Part 1
Part 2 – A Thief is Punished

Private Lessons
Punishment Games
Sauce For the Goose
Sunbeam Fm
Sunday Afternoon
The Belt

The Birthday Mm
Part 1

The Blue Eyed Boy
The Boy in the Woods
The Boy Who Asked For It Fm
The Boy Who Went Too Far Fm
The Boy Who Wouldn't Tell
The Capricious Summer
The Chivalrous Boy
The Cruel Schoolmistress
The Disciplinarian
The Dormitory Raid
The English Vice
The Fair
The Fiancee Fm
The Flame of Memory
The House at Allingham Fm
The House Captain
The Housemaster Mm
The Immortal Sole.
The Importance of Exam Results
The Joke
The Kiss
The Last Night of Term
The Little Favourite.
The Merciful Mrs Fraser
The Mysterious Mrs Ripley
The Naughty Boy
The New Boy Fm
The New Pupil
The Pear Tree
The Present
The Prodigy
The Proposal
The Quality of Mercy
The Rebel
The Schoolmaster's Wife
The Scoutmasters Wife Fm
The Special One
The Tiger
The Torch
The Truant Fm
The Tutor Fm
The Tyrant of the Classroom
The Whipping Boy
Thin Ice
Thin Pyjamas
Watch With Stepmother

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