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author: Bad Boy Bobby

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"Are you a top or a bottom?"
"ATTN: Bottom Boys!"
"Bend over, boy. You're getting a spanking."
"Damn, you sure are a sexy bitch!"
"Get over my lap, boy." "Do you like to spank?" "Nothing better than to bend a guy over and spank his white butt until it's beet red. And then I like to fuck it!"
"Go ahead. Show him your butt, like you did me. Then I'll punish you as you deserve. Otherwise, I'll arrest you and take you to jail."
"I do solemnly swear..."
"I'll pull down your pants, bend you over, and spank your bare butt right in front of everyone, just like a little kid!"
"I'm sure you're sorry. Now take off your clothes, turn around, and bend over!"
"Matter of fact, I'm a bottom." "Good. We are three horny guys who want a nice butt to play with. Come on in."

"Not tonight, dear. I have a headache."
James and the Giant Peach
The Wayward Boy
Forgotten Anniversary
Happy Twentieth Anniversary!

"Oh, here comes someone!": Naked Spanking at the Lake
The Son's Point of View
The Dad's Point of View
The Stranger's Point of View

"Roll over, Son. It's time for your spanking."

"Sergeant, what is going on here?"
"Oh, just giving this lazy private some bare-butt discipline."
"Either I spank and fuck your butt, or I tell the entire platoon what I just saw!"
"You boys are in serious trouble. And you got some mighty fine asses, too!"
"Today and only today you men get to spank their butts and rape their asses...."
"Tonight I spank and make love to your sweet butt!"

"Spank you very much!"
"Take it, boy. Or I swear I'll take my belt to your naked behind right now!"
"This is for your own good"

"What am I going to do with you?"
"Well, you could spank me, I guess."
"Well, you could spank me again if you want."

"What are you doing driving in your underwear? Spread your legs, you're getting your butt spanked."

"What are you doing, lying here naked when we come in for count wearing our full, green uniforms?"
Spanked & Whipped in front of my Cellmates
"So you're still naked, eh? Well, come with us. We'll teach you to show respect."

"What do you mean, showing my partner and me your butt? You know what you can get for that?"

"Why do you keep smiling at my boyfriend?"
His Crotch continued to Grow in Size
"I've got to teach you a lesson. Over my lap you go!"

"You don't spank other people's children. It is YOU who needs a good, hard spanking!"
"You gonna give me a spanking?" "Yes. You think you'll enjoy it because you'll be naked, but I'm going to spank the living daylights out of you."
"You gonna give me a spanking?" "Yes. You think you'll enjoy it because you'll be naked, but I'm going to spank the living daylights out of you." Alternate Version
"You men spank their naked bottoms like you've never spanked before."
1963 - 2013 Diary of a Young Spanko

"You better eat your cereal, before I give YOU some sugar smacks"
Spanked by my Grandpa in the Parking Lot

1971: Punished for Paddling -- Mean ol' Mrs. Taylor

Spanked Bare by a Fellow Elementary School Student
The Last Time my Dad Whipped Me
"You could spank me every day after class"

1974-75: Punished for Paddling -- A Spanking Prophecy
1974: Naked Shower Adventures -- A Sudden Spanking and my first Sexual Encounter
1975: Spanking the Bully: "You mean your parents have never given you a good spanking? Not even once?"

Punished for Paddling - The Principal's Office
Summer Camp Turn-On
"If you do that again, he's going to jump in there and take your suit off!"
The Runaway

Spanked Naked by the Entire PE Class!
Bare-Bottom Spanked in Public by a Fellow Junior High School Student

1977-78: The Boys' Dorm
Poor Timmy! / Turnabout
Avoiding the Paddle & a Bare Escape
Home for the Holidays
How to Defeat Persecutions 101 / Mystical Spankings Begin
Victim #2 & Mr. Thomas's Paddle
Victim #3 / Jeff Goes Public
The Crack-Up / Curses! / Electrospank
Revelations about Nudity, Spanking, and Suicide
Just Call Me Endora / Hank Gets his Spank / Jeff Explains

1978: "Young man, if you continue to disrupt this service..."
1979: Steve Finally Gets His, Running around in your Birthday Suit, Mind Spanks, and other Hot Stuff!

1981-85: USMC
A Spankin' Good Time in Boot Camp
Bad Lieutenant & the Promise of a Future Spanking
Nice Butt, a Bare-Bottom Birthday Spanking, the Naked Marine, and other good stuff...
Spanking, Sex, and Nudity at Camp Fuji
Spanking the Obnoxious Little Brat
Spanking the Drunk Marine, my Discharge, some Years and Magic Spells later... Déjà vu!

"Good, you just keep your naked butt showing up on that wall and my buddies will be here in a bit to take care of you."
"Good, you just keep your naked butt showing up on that wall and my buddies will be here in a bit to take care of you." -- Alternate Version

1987: Dominated by a 16-Year-Old
1988: My Eternal Destiny

"Look at me. You take that mask off again and I will roll you over and spank your butt!"
The Boy Who Cried 'Wolf'

1991: Spanked at a Birthday Party
1992: "Young man, you say one more word... and I will bare your butt..."

1993-97: College Days
Spanking Bryan & Strange Magic
The Hot PE Professor wants my Butt
"King David Got Spanked" / Electrospanking & Revelation of What Made me Gay
A Preview of Coming Attractions with a naked Bottom over my Lap in Creative Writing Class
Daddy Roommate

Post Videogame Spanking

1999-2000: Smacking the Errant User / "Don't worry, baby. Daddy's here."

"I'm tired of the same-ol' suck-&-fuck. I want something different. Any suggestions?" "Well, you could strip me down, put me over your lap, and spank me."
Big Al Dominates me and Gives me a Spanking

2 Scoops with 6 Toppings in Akron, Ohio
Swatting the Cop in Open Court / The Spanking Prophecy

2002: Spanking my sweet little Baby Boy across my Lap

Little Brother Spanks Big Brother
The Health Club: "I LOVE to spank. Nothing better than to bend a guy over and spank his white butt till it's beet red."
Lots of Spanking & Sex at the Timberfell Lodge
An Unusual Spank

The Englishman and the Hot Latin Lover
Bent Over Doggy-Style... and Loved It!

Beaten at the Suncoast
Nude Beach Spanking

Bottoms Up at Universal Studios
Swimming Naked, the Record Store, the Star Wars concert, & an Angry Sergeant
Spanked on the Mental Ward
Smacked at Disney World aka "I want to give you an all-out spanking!"
A Wizard Looking for a Birthday Spanking
Jailtime! part 1
Jailtime! part 2
"Thank you, sir! May I have another?"

Men-Only Spanking Play Parties
Psychological Evaluation

Fun Times
Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
Gay Days and a Nice Birthday Paddling
Popular Jailbird
Latex and a Helping Hand
Fantastic Preps and on Trial for my Life
Prostate Milking & Spankings Galore
Odds & Ends and in Conclusion... -- Part 1 (My Boyhood Summary)
Odds & Ends and in Conclusion... -- Part 2 (Upper Education & Discovering my Gay Identity)
Odds & Ends and in Conclusion... -- Part 3 (Lining up my future Spankings)
Odds & Ends and in Conclusion... -- Part 4 (Bobby in Naked Spanking Wonderland)

Road Trip with some bare-bottom buttplay Fantasies
Some Hot Spanking & Sex Fantasies & Contacts in the Meantime...
Good Times with Hot, Bent-Over Action
Gays Dayssss -- "I Need a Hard Spanking"
Celebrations: "Wow, it's really warm. You think he can take more?"
"Hey, that dude spanked me on the butt!"

Reminiscences & Fantasies while hanging out in Jail
Illumination in Prison
Sensual Massage
"Bottom Boy Needs a good Spanking"
Further Adventures of a Bottom Boy

Coming Soon!
A Hot Butt & Gay Days
I Got Sandwiched!
On Pins & Needles
Little Bobby

No Spanking now but It's on its Way
Who's Your Daddy?
"Bad Bottom Boy Needs a good Spanking & a good Fuck"

At Death's Door
A Fun Colonoscopy, Silly Nonsense, and Spanking the Beautiful Boys' Bared Bottoms
"Oh you want a Spanking?"
A Spankin' Good Time at the Parliament House!
Spank Me!
Bobby the Bad Boy!

Leading up to my Big Day!
Pit Stop!
Preparation: Spanking!
Crash & Burn! w/ Recovery / New Story Ideas / Almost There...

A Dream Come True -- Daddy's Overdue Bare-Bottom Spankings
A, B, C, D, E, F, G... [The ABC Song sung to a Spanky Rhythm]
African Safari -- Kidnapped & Dominated by the Natives
Airport Security: "Bend down... Just relax... Wait a minute, you're not doing that the right way. First, ya gotta spank 'im!"
Aladdin's Ass
Alone in the Woods
And for Dessert... Cherries Jubilee!
Apple Jacks

Baby-Sitting Brian, the Boy Obsessed with Beating Bared BubbleButts
Part 1
Part 2

Bad Boy Bobby's Stories
Bad Boys Spanked Nude in front of Extended Family
Bang-Butted in Bangcock -- The Ultimate Massage!
Bare Bottom Bear Bottom
Bare Butt Show at the Air Show in front of a Live Audience
Bare-Bottom Spanked by Mr. Mussels in front of a Happy Crowd
Bare-Bottom Spankings are the very Best!
in collaboration with Butt Boy
Bare-Bottomed Birthday Boy
Barebutt Bareback -- All four of us giving it to both you butt-baring boys
Beautiful June Wedding
Bed & Buttspank
Bent Over & Spanked!
Bent Over, Spanked, and Fucked in a Porn Theatre

Big Brother & his Friends
"You keep running your mouth and I'll strip you naked, put you over my lap, and spank you like a four-year-old!"
"Turn him over this way. Then you can see his butt better, play with it."
Playing the Bottom Boy
Coitus Interruptus: Now that you are dressed for the occasion... rather, undressed!

Big Red Riding Hood
Bobby Spanks Naked Bobby Buttboy
Bum Rap on Bare Butt by Bare Stranger

Butt Buddies
False Alarm
Bend Over, Young Man!
Going Further
Provoking Dad
Streaking in the Neighborhood
Mooning at the Springs

Butt Pirates Spank a Boatload of Bared Bottoms
Butt Slut
Butt-butt-butt is right. And that is where you're going to get it.
Buttkist Tuna
Buttox: Daddy Spanks me in Front of our Church Friends
Caught on the Beach -- Spanked & Spit-Roasted!

Caught Spankin' It
Internet Porn
Porno Magazine
Lap Top Spanking

Caught Swimming Naked & Spanked
Caught Watching Porn at Work
Chased Down & Dominated by Two Brutes in the Woods
Cherub Jokes

Child Psycho
1 – Use the Book
2 – Bathtime Surprise

City Boy vs. Country Boy
City... Punishment?
A Good Country Lickin'

Class President: Loser gets his butt spanked in front of everyone
Coach Does Me -- Part 157

A Spank for you, Little Boy!
A Spank for you Boys 2!

Confession may be Good for the Soul...
Corporal Punishment -- Spanking the Privates, Sergeant Spanks
Crack Addiction -- I see that crack of yours again and I'm gonna spank you on that crack in front of everyone.
Crooked & Butts -- Vice in Miami: We have to do a cavity search. Get those cheeks apart. Mmm... nice. Now we gotta spank you.

Cruisin' the Chicks
The Set-Up
Police Interrogation

Cry Me a River while your Bottom turns Pink
Cuckoo for Spanky Puffs!

Curious Cable Connector
St. Petersburg, FL: Caught in the Shower
Lake Hamilton, FL: "Please don't spank me, Daddy!"
Winter Haven, FL: "I will teach you to grab MY hard cock, young man!"
Winter Haven, FL: "The part of your body I want is your BUTT!"
Winter Haven, FL: "You should be spanked like the guy in the video."
Orlando, FL: "Do you see visions when you look at my naked butt?" "Yes, lots of spanking."
Orlando, FL: He kept staring at my Erect Penis

Daddy's Maintenance Spankings
The First Time over Daddy's Knee
Weekly Spankings over Daddy's Knee
Nightly Spankings over Daddy's Knee, Age 16
Nightly Spankings over Daddy's Knee, Age 17
Nightly Spankings over Daddy's Knee, Age 18
Naval Roommate takes Daddy's place with Nightly Spankings over his Knee, Ages 18 & 19
Two Sailors Bend me over and Give me Nightly Maintenance Spankings
Publicly Humiliated in the Barracks
Gangspanked & Banged on a Submarine
College Life, Spanking Play Parties, Top Daddies
Finding my Permanent Spanking Daddy
Back to Daddy's Lap / A New, Young Spank Daddy!

Dance, little boy. Or I'll spank you all night long.
Daring Maneuver in the Public Bathroom -- Spank that White Boy Ass!
Dentist and Assistant Spank me bare right in his Chair
Discipline Deficient -- Right on the Bared Bum
Disciplining Young Boys in the 1970's

Doc Pink's Experiments
Spanking/Erection Correlation
One Naked Boy & Four Doctors Day 1
One Naked Boy & Four Doctors Day 2
One Naked Boy & Four Doctors Day 3
One Naked Boy & Four Doctors Day 4
One Naked Boy & Four Doctors Day 5
Buff & his Butt Boys
4 Against 1 = a Lot of Pain
Smarty & the Doc 2gether 4ever... aaawww...

Doctorly Discipline
"Here, let me help you get your underwear off."
"He didn't give you an anal exam."

Dominated by 3 Men at the Porn Video Store
Dominated by the young Lifeguards: "He wants us to punish his butt. Take it, buttboy!"
Down Under: "I'm gonna spank ya sexy butt with this paddle."
Dr. Discipline
Elephant Spanking: "We're gonna burn you up on your bare little bottoms with these here paddles!"
Eluding the Police -- An All-Night Punishment
Erector Set
Erotic Spankings vs. Punishment Spankings
Exposing my Butt to the A/C Repairman
Exposing myself to my Female Cousins

Family Affair
All in the Family
Brother's Anal Discipline
And Daddy Makes Three!
Kissing Cousins
For Old Times' Sake

Father Gives Lusty Son a Lusty Spanking
The Son's Point of View
The Dad's Point of View

Father's Day Father/Son Hot Spankings
Father's Furious Flaming: Take off your pants and underwear, and lay across my lap.

Father-Son Retreat
The Original

Fatty, Fatty, 2 x 4
Chapter 1 – Paddled by the Principal
Chapter 2 – Barebottom Home Spanking
Chapter 3 – Painful Realization
Chapter 4 – Another Barebottom Spanking
Chapter 5 – Kids Spank Fun

Fire Lake -- Spanking Bare Bottoms & Skinny Dipping
First, he bent me over a table. And then...
Gang Bang of a young Man by Hot Muscle Studs
Gang Warfare Ends with Bare-Butt Discipline
Gang-Spanked & Gang-Banged at a Gay Resort

Part 1 – Teasing the Lusty Construction Workers
Part 2 – That Dirty Roommate!
Part 3 – Sweet Revenge

Gator Tail -- Spanking Bare-Bottom and being Spanked
Gay Bartending -- "Bend down over my desk, boy. You are getting punished."
Gilligan's Bottom
Goldirocks & the 3 Bares
Goo-Goo, Ga-Ga

Good Buddies
Skinny Dipping

Green Acres -- The Unauthorized Final Episode: Oliver Gets some Bare-Bottom Revenge

High School Buddies
After the Volleyball Game...
Happy Eighteenth Birthday

Holdin' on for Dear Life!
Home Invasion: So you like police gang-bangs, eh? Well, we will give you the punishment you so deserve! And right here in your own bedroom, too!
Homecoming Queen: "Bunch of faggots!" "Bottoms, bend over my desk." "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Please take it out!"
Horny Dad Gives Lusty Son a Hot Spanking
Hot Off the Presses! -- Bare-Butt Spanking Day
Hot Repairman: "You like exposing your bottom to others, like to get spanked?" "Yes, sir." "Why don't you show it to me?"

Hot, Bare-Bottom Christmas Carols
Volume 1
Volume 2

Hump Day
Bottoms Up for Poor Performance
The Boss's Boss

I Scream for Ice Cream, a full Belly, and a Butt Ache in front of Friends
I Spank on Jeannie
If I hear you say Poo Poo Platter one more time, I am going to put you over my knee, bare your bottom, and spank you very hard in front of everyone
In Hot Water: "You boys get naked again and I'll spank your little naked butts!"

Intimate Jail Experiences
"Why don't you just spank us?" ... How to handle a Naughty Boy!
Naked in a Suicide Cell ... "Crawl over here, lay across my lap...."
"We all know you got butt-fucked in the showers. Kevin spanked your naked butt. Now I am roasting your butt alive!"

Jailhouse Spankings
"Why don't you just rape me?"
"Down go those pants, boy. Time for some butt fun!"

Jumping Up & Down Spanked Bare by a Stranger: "You can spank him if you want"
Just One More Slide, then Spanked Naked in the Boys Bath House
Kickin' Ass & Takin' Names, both in the Barracks and in the Showers
Kissing and Spanking at Spring Break in front of the Cheering Crowd: GO ALL THE WAY!

Liar! Liar! Buns on Fire!
Never Too Old
Brotherly Discipline
Father/Son/Brother Reunion

Little Dick
The Dad's Point of View
The Son's Point of View

Lying Son of a Beach
Man to Man - Full Spankings and full Sex in a Straight Bar
Master & Servant
Master & Slave
Men at Work watching a Lazy Butt Turn Red
Military Haircut w/ a Side of Hot Butt Play
Morning Wood
Mud Wrestling -- Winner Spanks the Loser and then some

My Boyfriend's Back
You're Gonna Be in Trouble
Butt Smackin' in the Showers

My Crush on Pastor Dave
Dad's Spanking at Church
"Your son is lusting evilly. Here, let me show you how to spank him."
"Come kiss me, my son. Same-sex sexual relations are actually approved by God, if they are based on love."

My Spankita
Mystic Secrets of the Afterlife featuring Hot Daddies Spanking BubbleButt Sons with Hot Sex

Naked over Aunt Gertie's Lap
My Summer Visits, Ages 10, 11, 12, 13
My Summer Visits, Ages 14 & 15
My Summer Visits, Ages 16 & 17

Nestled in my Lover's Arms

New Roommate
A Warm Reception
Pain and Humiliation
Center of Attention

No Parking, says Porky Pig: Go in deep, burn that buttflesh up good!
Nudist Resort -- 3 Naughty Boys Chased, Spanked Hard, & Violated by 3 Angry Husbands
Officer Barebutt: "I ought to get a spanking for that... I agree... What are you doing?... I spank on the BARE butt!"
On the Wrong Side of Town, Rescued by a Hot Spanking Daddy
Once Upon a Time...
Outside Boardwalk Spanking: "You show any part of your anatomy to strangers and I will bend you over, spank your white butt bare, right in front of them!"
Peeing in the Pool: You are getting a spanking for this, and it's going to be hard. If I have to come get you, you will get two spankings!

Pi Butta Spanka
Initiation Time
The Couch

Pinocchio -- The Uncensored Version
Pizza Delivery -- "This pizza's cold. Bend this boy over. He's getting a spanking."
Playin' with the Big Boys -- "We will teach you a lesson you never will forget!"
Plumber's Helper: "Oh, I'll spank your bottom all right. And I'll do much more than spank it."

Principal McPaddles
A Nice Cushion for my Private Parts, to Hold Me in Place
Now he could see my entire butt!
He rubbed the ointment in... the fibers of the couch rubbing against my penis head
"Come in, little boy. Time for your bare-bottom spanking."
"You a faggot, son?" "No, sir." ... "You'll take it and like it, little faggot!"
Daddy Principal & Coach Muscles Spank me Together
Spanked & Banged by the Coach and the Star Quarterback
"You will learn a lesson you never will forget!"
Final Trip to Daddy's Office & a new Spank Fuck Buddy!

Probation Officer: Oh, a nice butt!... SMACK!... Yeah, I want to do things to that... SMACK!
Protection Punishment from Dad for Unprotected Sex with Friend
Punished for being Gay
Punishing the College Campus Bullies
Queen of Hearts Enjoys Giving Bare-Bottom Spankings in Class
Raising Cain and his long, overdue, first Spanking
Rear-End Work by Gang of Workers in Locker Room
Rear-Ended: "Give his fat butt a big spanking!"
Retarded Boys Get their Butts Spanked
Revenge of the Fly People
Ride 'Em, Cowboy -- Bare-Bottom Spanked at the Gay Rodeo!
Ridiculing the Firemen -- You run your mouth just a little bit more and you will go right over my knee
Risky Maneuver -- He pulled me by my ear and threw me over his lap!
Rockin' the Boat Earns 2 Bare-bottom, Humiliating spankings
Rump Roast
Sandwiched between two Hot Horny Tops!
Santa Claus Gives me a Bare-Bottom Spanking
Santa Spanks my bratty Son at the Mall
Satisfaction Guaranteed -- "Bend over more, Mr Bossman. Get your butt up higher."

Scent of a Bad Boy
The Son's Point of View
The Dad's Point of View

A Nice Butt Warming
Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

Silly Boy!
Little Brother
Highway Humiliation and getting even with Dad

Single Mom
Timothy's First Spanking
Timothy's Superspanking
Timothy's First Man Spanking

Skinny Dipping with my Brother, Spanked good by Dad

Slut Teacher
"I'm going to spank your bare bottom like a little 4-year-old."
"Now it's time for teacher to get his!"
"Sex with an underage boy, eh? Either I call the police or I give you the hardest, longest spanking you have ever gotten!"
"Okay, boys, get your clothes off. Come up each one and spank him, then you can do with him what you want."
"Now, Bendover, it is our turn to have a piece of your ass!"

Smart Ass? Dumb Ass? Spanked Ass!
Snow White & the Seven Little Boys

Son Swapping
Daddy Gives me a long, barebottom Spanking
Mr. Redbottoms Gives me a long, barebottom Spanking
Mr. Head Gives me a long, barebottom Spanking
Mr. Buttstinger Gives me a long, barebottom Spanking
Friday Night Father-Son Spanking Orgy
Saturday Afternoon Father-Son Spanking Orgy
Sunday Morning Father-Son Spanking Orgy

Spank Court!
Spank Trek -- Captain Perk's Perky, Delicious, Bubbly Bottom
Spanked & Raped in a Mexican Jail
Spanked Again for Getting an Erection

Spanked by a Man for a Change
"See, Diane? This is how you deal with a naughty boy."
My Affair with Michael Next Door
Humiliated Husbands

Spanked Hard
By Dad
By Coach
By Mom
By Baby Brother
By the Baby-Sitter
By Dad Again [Both]
By Big Brother
By the Principal
By another Baby-Sitter
By the Whole Team
By Coach Again
By Both Brothers [Finale]

Spanked Hard by a Cop
Spanked in a Hotel Room, Bottoms Up and Bare, like I like 'em
Spanked Naked on a Bus!
Spanking and Banging the Bottom Boys at the ol' Saloon
Spanking Art Class
Spanking Boys' Bared Bottoms, Spanking the Baby-Faced Private the Same
Spanking in the Library
Spanking in the Rain
Spanking Live & in Concert!

Spanking my Young Son
The First Time
Daddy Was Wrong
The Spanking Museum

Spanking the Boys at Summer Camp
"Line up against the wall!" I pulled his tight briefs down, exposing his slightly-pink bottom. And I spanked...
"Tonight I will put each of you over my knee and spank your bare little bottoms."
"Get around my bed, boys. Bend over." Ooh nice, such bubbly bottoms!

Spanking the Lazy Boys on their Bared, Bouncy, Bubbly Bottoms
in collaboration with Brians Sister
Spanking the Monkey
Spanking the Neighbor Boy
Spanking the UPS Guy
Spanko Strip Club
Spanks 'R Us Dirt Cheap Prices to Spank your naughty Boys' Bared Bottoms
Spanksgiving: Spanking Bare-Bottom in front of Extended Family

Spanky-Spanky Time!
The Bush Brothers
Brothers Blackmail Daddy & Make him their Bitch
The Lyin' King
Cabin Fever

Splashing Among the Waves with a Horny Teenager
Spring Break -- Friends Don't Let Friends Spank Alone

Spying on the Neighbors having Sex
The Landlord's Son's Point of View
The Sex Partner's Point of View
The Daddy's Point of View, Later that Day...
The Son's Point of View, Later that Day...

Strange Landlord
He removed my underwear... I was lying naked over a stranger's lap
My butt stuck up higher this time... He pulled apart my cheeks, looked right at my hole.
He threw my naked body over the table and just started swinging that paddle!
"Ain't he got the nicest, bubbliest butt you've ever seen?"
Giving my Itching Bottom what it Wants
"What a hot butt!" "Wanna see him cum?"
"I'll teach you to reject me and be a naughty, bad son! Bad little boy!"
"I'm spank-raping you, boy... just relax your butt... push out... there ya go...."
Little Baby Boy... in the nice Diaper Position
A nice Shaving Strap, a humiliating Diaper and Bonnet, and a painful Dildo
A triple Spanking w/ good Fucking!
"He started off spanking you, didn't he? Honey, you think you're the first?"
"Are you a bad boy?" "Sometimes."

Striking a Relationship with my New Step-Dad
Uncle Johnny's Discipline
Filthy Language
Standing Corrected

Strip Poker
10 Rounds with 7 Clothing Articles Day 1 of 2
10 Rounds with 7 Clothing Articles Day 2 of 2

Surrounded by Hot, Muscle Men out in the Middle of Nowhere
Tattoo Removal Father & Son Hot Times
That Stupid Bitch & the Mouthy Little Brat
The ABC's of Spanking
The April Fools get their Butts Spanked at a Boys-Naked Pool Party
The Beach Boys take me Home for a Nice Butt Feast

The Boss's Lap
Spanking the Careless Employee
My hand is tired. You want to take over?
Office Party Humiliation

The Boss's Son

The Brotherhood
Disciplined for not Reciting Prayers
Punished for Self-Abuse
Little Bottom Boy Bitch Finds Penance

The Forest Ranger
Let me see your butt. Come on, bend over and show it to me. You can do it. Show me that butt. Alternate. "Now let's burn this boy's butt up a bit more. Then we can fuck it!"
Let me see your butt. Come on, bend over and show it to me. You can do it. Show me that butt. Alternate 2. "No, please!" "Hey, what do you expect when you run around showing your butt to horny park rangers?"
Let me see your butt. Come on, bend over and show it to me. You can do it. Show me that butt.

The Little Merboy
The Lonely Little Troll Goes to Hell

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