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A Father's Day Gift
A Good Sound Whipping
A Lederhosen 'Tail'
A Lesson in Leather for Being Late and Lying
A Tail of Two Straps
A Tanning I'd Never Forget
A Taste of the Strop
A Whole New Experience
A Whole New Understanding
An Onboard Incident
And Justice For All
Brad Gets Whipped Again
Coming Home
Corporal Punishment
Cry Uncle
Do You Understand Me?
Father Knows Best
Good Memories
Good Things Come in Small Packages

House Of Correction
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I Never Knew
In Front of the Guys
Just What I Needed
Never Too Big
Not Too Big
Now I Know
Now You're Going To Get It
Oh He'll Be Whipped Alright!
One Man's Junk...Another's Treasure
Out in the Barn
Please Dad, No More
Rules Must Be Obeyed
Saturday Morning Strapping
Someone To Turn To
Sometimes A Guy Needs A Whippin'
Southern Hospitality
The Boss
The Demerit System
The Desired Results
The Homecoming
The Last Time
The Long Arm of the Law
The Whipping You've Needed
The Worst Whipping Ever
Tony's Discovery
Waiting is the Worst
What You Gonna Do When They Come For You
What's This For?
Whatever Happened to Mr. Beck's Belt
You Won't Be Able To Sit Down For A Week

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