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A Boy's Best Friend
A Guide to the World of Corey Lane and Camp Torowa Falls
A Matter of Control
Calling Tom's Bluff

Camp Torowa Falls
#1: Wet Sheets Lead To Sore Rumps
#2: Where There's Smoke There's Fire
#3: Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness
#4: Kyle's Journal
#5: Holding Pattern
#6: Unlikely Stories
#7: Strange Customs
#8: Jokers In The Wild
#9: Plans And Consequences
#10: Lost And Found
#11: Bear Trap
#12: Peaks And Valleys
#13: Cabin Fever
#14: Kyle's Journal - August 1963
#15: Rarin' To Go!

Camp Torowa Falls 1964
1: A Fair To Remember
2: An Original Sin
3: Lay Of The Land
4: Endowed By Their Creator
5: Under Her Thumb
6: Off The Rack Humiliation
7: Watching Paint Dry
8: The Rocket's Red Glare Affair
9: Men Of The House
10: Catching Up
11: The Fort Hockendaqua Incident
12: Hitting The Beach
13: The Jersey Devils
14: Five-Dollar Words
15: Culture Shock
16: A World Without Love
17: Uncrossing Wires
18: Worst Kept Secrets
19: Mean Mean Pride

Camp Torowa Falls 1965
1: Architects of Disaster
2: Ghost Rider
3: Life Happens
4: Three Cheers For the Red, Black and Blue!
5: One-Part Harmony
6: How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?
7: Lightning's Hand

Camp Torowa Falls Alumni - Swift and Vigorous

Christmas in Jacksonville 2016
1: The Road to Chaos
2: Pickled Choristers
3: Throw Another Elf On The Fire

Class Clowns Get Their Comeuppance

Corey Lane
1962: Mad Scientists
1963-64: Junior High Jinx
1970: Crossing the Line

Corner Time: Rituals in Corporal Punishment
Fathers and Sons in the Forest Primeval

Hallowe'en 2012
Tick Tack, Paddle Whack

Halls of Justice

Lane Family Chronicles
April 2017: Admiral Lane Goes to Washington (Part 1)
April 2017: Admiral Lane Goes to Washington (Part 2)
June 2017: Quitters Need Not Apply
June 2017: The Gilded Cage
May 2012: Silver Spoon Squadron

Malls of Justice
Ogre of the Locker Room
Playing With Fire

In-School Suspension - Wednesday
In-School Suspension - Thursday
Housemaster's Parade - The Good
Housemaster's Parade - The Bad
Housemaster's Parade - The Ugly

Scioto Valley Railroad
The Red Cabooses
The Crossing Signs
The Switching Yard
The Double Slip Switching Yard
The Iron Horse Ramble
The Pullman Sleepers
The Broken Camelback
The Mother of All Railfan Photos

Part 1 – Opening Ceremony
Part 2 – Preliminaries

Stocking Stuffers 2012
The Hornet Briefs - Part 1
The Hornet Briefs - Part 2
The Hornet Briefs - Part 3

Taking the Plunge
The Bedwetters of Dibley
The Real Thing
The Souvenir
Toy Spanking Story

Victorian World
Chapter 01 – A Yankee at St. Michael's Hall
Chapter 02 – The Master of Barnum House

You Might Be A Red Ass

Zachary Malvern
The Printer's Devil
The Devil to Pay
The Devil's Mark
Devil May Care
Satan's Spur

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