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6th Grade Surprise
6th Grade troubles Again
6th Grade Troubles And A seeion With The Hairbrush
7th Grade Instant Licking
A Broken Window And A Willow Switch
A Christmas Program A Hairbrush Spanking And A Licking With The Belt

A Cousin's Visit
Part 1
in collaboration with Brians Sister
Part 2
in collaboration with Brians Sister
Part 3 – Home for a Holiday Visit
in collaboration with Brians Sister

A Fishing Trip And A Licking
A Flat Tire On My Bike and the Hairbrush On My Bare Bottom
A Game of Croquet and a Hard Spanking
A Good Hard Hairbrush Spanking
A Good Saturday Afternoon Licking
A Hairbrush Spanking From Mom and Another One From Dad
A Lesson For Jeff
A Letter About Jeff
A Licking For two Cousins
A Licking In The Garage
A Licking When We Get Home
A Little Joy Ride and Then Three Spanked Butts!
A Phone Call from My Teacher
A Red Butt for the Fouth of July
A Ride In A Police Car and a Licking
A Snowstorm And A licking Before Christmas
A Spanking From The Neighbor Boy
A Spanking From Uncle Dick and Then a Licking at Home
A Spanking In The Garage
A Spanking To Remember
A Spanking, A Broken Yardstick, A Sore Hand For Mom and A Boy With a Very Sore Bottom
A Spanking,Mouth Washed out and Another Spanking For Me
A Thanksgiving Day Spanking
A Trip To The Shoe Store
A Typical Hairbrush Spanking
A Vacation Spanking
A Warning Not Taken
An Argument With My Brother And A Session With The Hairbrush
An Attitude Adjusment With The Hairbrush
An Easter Spanking
Another 7th Grade Spanking
Bobby Gets Spanked and I Get It Worse
Caught In The Act and A Long Hard Workout With The Hairbrush
Caught Lying and a Very Hard Hairbrush Spanking
Caught On A Railroad Bridge and A Hard Spanking
Changing the Channel and a Hard Hairbrush Spanking
Chores Not Done and My Dad Uses the Hairbrush on Me

Christmas 2014
A Good Hard Spanking to End My Christmas Vacation

Coming Home All Muddy and Spanked Twice
Failed Biology Test And A Licking With The Belt
First Spanking of the New Year and Two Very Red Butts!
First Time With The Belt
First Time With The hairbrush
Forgotten Chore And A Whipping
Fourth oj July Fireworks
Get Inside,Your'e Getting A Licking!!
Get To Your Room and Get Your Pants Off, Your'e Getting a Licking
Get To Your Room and Put Your Pajamas On, You are Grounded and Going to get a Spanking
Getting It in PE Class and at Home
Getting It With The Hairbrush
Getting It With The Hairbrush, Again!!
Getting My Bare Bottom Warmed
Getting One at 22
Getting The Belt While Paul Listens
Home For Lunch And A Bare Bottom Spanking
Home From School and a Hard Hairbrush Spanking
Homework and A Session With the Hairbrush
I Leave the Lights on Again and My Dad Lights Up My Butt
It Might Be Cold, But His Bottom Is Bottom Is Well Warmed Up
Jason and Lee
Jeff and John Get The Belt and So Does Paul
Jeff and Paul Get It With The Hairbrush
Jeff Gets A Licking and Then So Does John
Jeff Gets His First Hairbrush Spanking
Jim Gets The Belt and John Gets The Hairbrush
John and Patrick Pay Another Visit to Terry
John and Paul get A Licking Together
John and Paul Watch Todd Get A Spanking
Kevin Gets The Paddle
Late For Lunch, Smarting Off and A Hard Hairbrush Spanking
Late Getting Home
Late Getting Home and Getting a Licking After Supper
Leaving The Lawnmower Out
Luke Gets the Paddle
Memorial Day Picnic and a Hairbrush Spanking
Mister,You Have Done It Again!
More 7th Grade Troubles
Mouthing Off and a Very Hard Spanking and New Implements to Come
Mouthing Off,The Hairbrush and My Bare bottom
My Brother Gets The Hairbrush and Later So Do I

My Dad Wears Me Out when I Get Home
Part 2 – A Double Whipping by Paul's Parents and Another One When I Get Home

My First Bare Bottom Spanking
My Show for Jeff and His Friends
Neglected Chores and Bare Bottoms Blistered
No, I Won't Eat Brocoli !
Not Cleaning My Room and Getting The Hairbrush
Not Doing My Homework
Overheard on the Phone and an Instant Spanking
Paddled in School and Then The Belt At Home
Paul and John Watch Jeff Get It With The hairbrush
Paul and Todd get Spankings Then So Does John
Playing At A Construction Site And A Hard Bare Bottom Hairbrush Spanking
Report Card Day Again
Report Card Day and The Hairbrush For Me
Right After School
Saturday Afternoon Lickings
Sent to Bed and a Hairbrush Spanking for John and Jeff
Sent To The Principal's Office and spanked Twice
Smarting Off To The Babysitter
Smoking Cigarettes and Three Spanked Butts
Sneaking Into A Movie Theatre
Sneaking Off To McDonalds
Spanked After Gym Class
Spanked After Gym Class and Then Again At Home
Spanked After Sunday School
Spanked Again For Climbing The Water Tower
Spanked Again For Drinking Beer
Spanked By Hand and Then With The Hairbrush
Spanked By Mom and The Neighbor Boy
Spanked by Paul's Mom and Then Another One From My Mom
Spanked BY The Neighbor Boy and Much More
Spanked by Uncle Dick
Spanked In Front Of Alan
Spanked In Front of Eric
Spanked in Front of Paul
Spanked In Front of the Guys
Spanked In Front of the Neighbor Lady
Spanked in the Garage and a Broken Yardstick
Spanked In The Kitchen
Spanked In The Shower and The Main Event In My Room
Spanked With A Kitchen Spoon
Spanked With Paul
Starting 6th Grade
Stealing from A Pop Machine
Stealing Some Money and Very Hard Spanking
Swearing,My Mom,The Hairbrush and My Bare Bottom
Swimming Naked With a Red Bottom
Taking the Car Without Permission and a Hairbrush Spanking
The Razor Strap From Uncle Tim and Later The Hairbrush From My Mom
The Wagon Wheel
The Walk and Getting Prepared
Three Hairbrush Spankings
Three Spankings in One day
Throwing Snowballs
Trouble At The Swimming Pool
Trying To Cheat On A Test and A Hairbush Spanking
Two Spankings for John and One for Paul
Two Spankings For My Brother and One For Me
Using Bill's Book Reports
Using The "F" Word And A Hard Hairbrush Spanking
Visiting the Farm and Getting the Paddle
Watching Alan Get A Spankig
Watching Bill get It With The hairbrush
Watching Greg Get A Whipping
Watching Mark Get A Spanking
Watching Patrick get a Spanking and I Don't Get One
When Patrick Got Home

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