New Male-Male Spanking Archive @ - stories (fiction, poetry and more) about corporal punishment and discipline of men, male teens and boys

author: Bunbuster

ordered by story title

"A Big, Smooth Young Ass Like That Was Meant to Be Spanked" (Rafael Nadal Fanfic)
"Act Like a Child and I'll Treat You Like One"-Brian's 'Chunky Cheese Cheeks'
"And Be Sure to Spank His Bottom For Him"
"Are Those Your Spanky Drawers, boy?" ( a Boy and His Thong)
"Bend Over, Spread Your Cheeks & Show Your Bum Hole, Boy" (Russell's Stay With Uncle Willy)
"Bend Over, Touch Your Knees & Spread Your Legs, Now Boy!"
"Can You Go Over and Spank Him for Me?" ( a Russell Story)
"Cut Me a Switch Boy, and Meet Me in the Barn"
"Danny, Those Jeans Are Too Tight, Change Em'" (Spanked in Tight Jeans)
"Doctor, My Ass, Please Stop,Owwww" ( Spoiled Brat's Vist to the Doctor)
"Don't Spank' Was Written on the Seat of His Polka-Dot Bikini Briefs

"Fart Lance, Fart!"- Fan Fiction
Part #1
Part #2 – 'Fart Tony, Fart'-Tony's Stay at Branchburg Reformatory

"He Needs a Firm Man's Hand " (My husband and my Son Casey)
"I Remember You, You're the Man Who Spanked Me"-Marky and His Egg-Shaped Little Tushie Cheeks and Permanent Wedgie
"I'll Drag Him Home and Beat His Ass For Him"
"I'll Give Him More Than One Smack to the Seat of His Pants. Madam"
"I'll Make a Farm Boy Out of That Little City Stinker" ('Cocky Rocky' Gets His Due)
"I'm Gonna Give Him a Good Spanking and Then Tear Your Bare Ass Apart With the Hairbrush" ( A Danny Story)
"I'm Too Old For a Spanking" (From the mouth of a 'little dude')
"If You Lose, Then I Put You Across My Knee and Spank Your Bare Bottom"
"Is He In That Position to Be Cornholed or Spanked?"
"Johnny,You're Getting a Spanking" (Warming a Big Teenaged Bubble Bottom)
"Just Spank Him For Me, Will you?"
"Madam, They Both Need Their Little Bottoms Spanked"
"No, I won't, hey, owwwwwww, Ok, I Will" (Short Story About a Naughty Little Boy)
"Please No, Not the Hairbrush, Please No" (Little Mr. 'Cute Ass' gets his due)
"Reach Back and Spread Your Cheeks, Son"
"So, What Are You Gonna Do, Spank Me????"
"Spanking With the Stars"-a fan fic (Mario Lopez Gets His Buns Warmed)
"Those Jeans Are Too Damn Tight for a Boy Your Age, Change Em', now!!!"
"What's a Spanking Grandpa?"-"I Love You Grandpa"
"You Can't Spank me, Owwwww, hey!!!!"
"You Can't Spank Me, Stop , Nooo, Owww." (Short Story of a Teenager's First Bottom Warming)
"You Need a Damn Good Hairbrushing, Young Man!"
"You're Not Wearing Those Tight Jeans, Young Man"
'Burlesque' the Movie-Fan Fic-Young Pink Buttocks Spanked-Young Pink Pucker Cherry Plucked

'Fart Ass Frankie' Gets Some Long Overdue Spankings
Part #1
Part #2
Part #3 – Feeding a Hungry Pink Young Bunghole

'Have Butt Will Spank'-The Memoirs of Russell's Stepdad
Part #1
Part #2 – The Day that I Spanked a Handsome Young Priest
Part #3 – Scooter's Luscious Young Brown Buttocks
Part #4 – Victor's First and Only Spanking
Part #5 – Russell's Home From School-Russell Needs His Little Can Spanked
Part #6 – Russell's Home From School-Russell Needs His Little Can Spanked # 2
Part #7 – Spanking a Hunky 21 Year Old Overgrown Toddler
Part #8 – Spanking a Hunky 21 Year Old Overgrown Toddler # 2
Part #9 – 'Babycakes'-Big Ass Spanked in Spandex
Part #10 – Spanking a Hunky 21 Year Old Overgrown Toddler # 3
Part #11 – Watching the Spanking of a Hot Young Latin Culo
Part #12 – Some Words From the Baby of the House
Part #13 – Some Words From the Baby of the house # 2
Part #14 – 17 Year Old Dirk was Pure Puppy Dog
Part #15 – How I'd Discipline Justin Bieber (fan Fiction)
Part #16 – Some Words From the Baby of the House #3
Part #17 – I'd Love to Spank Ryan Phillippe
Part #18 – A Spanking Marathon at My House
Part #19 – A Spanking Marathon at My House # 2
Part #20 – 6 Very Spankable Young Cheekies
Part #21 – Russell's Second Spanking With the Hairbrush
Part #22 – 6 Very Spankable Young Cheekies # 2
Part #23 – Toby's Tight & Tender Tush Needs Tending To
Part #24 – My Stepbrats' Spanky Drawers
Part #25 – It Almost Felt Like I Was Back Home With My Stepbrats
Part #26 – Jesse Gets His Big Ass Spanked-Jesse Shows His Hole
Part #27 – Danny's 21st Birthday Spanking
Part #28 – Spanking My Plump Rumped Nephew Jake
Part #29 – Advice From an Expert "Put Him Over Your Knee and Spank Him"
Part #30 – Timmy Gets Spanked in Roller Skates
Part #31 – Russell, the Baby of the House, Strapped in the Shower
Part #32 – Danny's Beer Fart Preventive Spanking on the Seat of His Bathing Suit
Part #33 – Spankings That I Have Witnessed # 1
Part #34 – Spankings That I Have Witnessed # 2-Russell Bareassed Over My Employee's Shoulder
Part #35 – I Spanked One of Santa's Elves
Part #36 – Russell Hiking in Cutoff Hot Pants
Part #37 – "You'll Show That Hole Son or You'll Get Your Can Spanked, Which is It?"
Part #38 – My Nephews Jake and Mickey Get Long Overdue Spankings
Part #39 – Punishing Paco's Pampered Pink Posterior
Part #40 – Saggin' Jeans Brat Gets 3 Spankings & a Crack Shave
Part #41 – Russell Wants New Speedo Hotpants-Danny Needs His Ass Crack Shaved
Part #42 – Young Mickey Needs His Can Tanned
Part #43 – Cory Models His Cute Fanny While Over the Knee
Part #44 – Monty's Moons-Monty's Spankings and Whippings
Part #45 – Edwardo's Big Brown Ass in Skin-Tight Jeans
Part #46 – Edwardo's Big Brown Ass in Skin-Tight Jeans # 2
Part #47 – Young Cody's Big, Beautiful, Round, Brown Paddle Tanned Buttcheeks
Part #48 – Joey the Hot Young Italian Stallion-Spanked in Assless Leather Pants
Part #49 – Stepdaddy Blake Gives Cody's Big Brown Butt It's First Ever Spanking
Part #50 – Russell Get's a Diaper Style Spanking While He's In the Bathtub
Part #51 – Eric the Handsome Spankable Young Spanker #1
Part #52 – Eric the Handsome Spankable Young Spanker # 2
Part #53 – Reined in With Spankings-Uncle Jack Takes Big Assed Victor in Hand
Part #54 – Blond Stud Puppy Danny Gets a Crack Shave, an Enema and a Sound Spanking
Part #55 – I Once Spanked & Whipped a Young Teacher Into Shape
Part #56 – 'What Milo Needs is a Good Old Fashioned Spanking'
Part #57 – Ida, My Assistant Spanker
Part #58 – 3 Spanked Hinies at My House-Casey's First Spanking
Part #59 – Russell's Sagger Spanking-Half a Well Spanked little Hiney for the Baby of the House
Part #60 – A Brat Named Chase
Part #61 – Russell's First Enema-After a Good Spanking of Course
Part #62 – The Tender Spank Bottoms of Danny, Russell and little Ralph
Part #63 – Whipping the Skimpy Tight Seat of Danny's Leopard Print Swimsuit
Part #64 – Jake Had Special Needs-One of Them Was a Good Sound Spanking
Part #65 – Russell Poops His Thigh Length 'Diaper' While I'm Whipping His Cute Little Ass

'If They Act Up Spank Them'-A Russell & Danny Story
'It's For Your Own Good, Son'- (Russell's Disciplinary Program)
'Life of Ryan with a Spanked Tushie' (Ryan Sheckler Fan Fic)
'Paul' Talks to Dr. Whopman About his Bare Bottom Spankings
'Stud Puppy for Hire' (Scotty's New Business)
'Teenaged Boys Do Everything Big, So They Need a Big Firm Loving Daddy"
'That Boy Needs a Good Taste of the Hairbrush'-Russell & Danny's Neighbor Cody
'The Bare Bottoms Only Resort'-Stepdaddy Vacations with Blond Blue Eyed Stud Muffin Danny

'The Best Ass in Football' Needs Some Serious Attention From Dad (Fan Fic)
Part #1
Part #2 – Tom's Tushie

'The Jeffersons'-Handsome Lionel Gets His Bodacious Young Derriere Spanked & Whipped by Uncle Joe (Fan Fiction)
'The Ledge'-A Cornholing and a Spanking

'The Little Guy' Just Needed Parenting
Part #1
Part #2
Part #3 – Daddy Needs a Spanking

'Tim the Tush'-My Young Roommate
Part #1
Part #2

'You Can Fart in Your Bath Water Cutie but Don't Pee in the Shower'-A Russell Story
19 Years of Unspanked Brathood-Phil Gets His Due
1940's Beefcake-1940's Spankable-Ravishing Young Hunk Gets Whopped on His Sweetly Cute Bare 'Sliced Peach'
2 Broke Girls-1 Soundly Spanked Young Hunk Hiney-Fan Fiction

3 Spanked Asses at Russell and Danny's House
Part #1
Part #2

3 Spanked Bottoms=3 Squeeky Clean Little Bottom Holes
5 Fingers & 2 Buttcheeks (Ryan Phillippe Film Fan Fic)
5 of Russell's Impromptu Spankings
6 Celebrity Bad Boys-6 Well Spanked Young Poot Butts-Fan Fiction
6 cheeks, 3 spankings
A 'Golden Girls' Spanking Waiting to Happen Happens- Fan Fiction

A Bad Boy Gets the Proper Spanking-Chris Brown Fan Fiction
Part #1
Part #2 – The 'Golden Globes' Need More Spanking

A Bad Boy Gets the Proper Spanking-Nicky Jonas Fan Fiction
A Big Strong Hand and 2 Tender Pink Little Peaches
A Bikini Waxing and a Rump Roasting for Jeremy
A Blazing Bare Assed Strap Spanking for a Sexy Young Ranch Hand
A Blazing Hot Whipping & a Stern Loving Spanking
A Bonus For Young Dad Rocky Sanchez (a Sore Red Little Bottom Does the Trick)
A Broken Leg & A Big Warmed Caboose (Kyle My Big Assed Stepson)
A Cocky Young Buck and the Whipping Post
A Cornholing & a Diaper Style Spanking for a Cocky Stud-Pony
A Country Lad's Hot Public Spanking
A Couple of Stinky Young Hippie Bottoms at Woodstock (Old Fashioned Discipline in the 60's)
A Couple of Young 'Hippie' Boys Get Their First Spankings
A Cupcake Tale-22 Year Old Russell, Incarcerated, Cornholed and Spanked
A Cute & Cocky Young Punk Gets His Due (The Billy Bottomley Story)

A Cute Little Ex Soldier and His New Stepfather
#1 – Johnny Boy Finally Get's His Due
#2 – Spanked and Cornholed and All the better For It

A Cute Young Tennis Star Get's an Ass Licking (Rafael Nadal Fan Fiction)
A Day in the Life of 2 Little Spanksters (Danny & Russell-Spanked Again)
A Day in the Life of the Anonymous Spanker
A Day in the Life Of Young Enrique Sanchez
A Detailed Description of Danny's First Spanking & Butthole Washing
A Detailed Description of Russell's First Spanking
A Diaper Style Spanking for a Cocky Little Body Builder
A Diaper Style Whipping on a Hairy Young Ass
A Feisty Young Cowboy Gets Saddle Sore
A Few Good Bottom Warmings Did the Trick
A Firm Whipped Back-A Tight Spanked Ass (A Danny Story-Cornholed in 'Poopchute Plaza')
A Firm White Hand and a Tight Black Booty
A First Class Seat-Warming
A Full Day in 22 Year Old Danny's Life
A Full Day in the Life of a Little Brat
A Full Day in the Life of Blond Stud-Muffin Danny
A Full Description of Russell's First Diaper Style Spanking
A Good Cheek Tanning Was What He needed (Disciplining My Nephew Phillip)
A Good Juicy Humping Leads to a Good Hard Spanking
A Good Lashing For Big Brother and a Sound Spanking For Little Brother
A Good Sound Public Whipping-Just What He Needed
A Good Spanking & a Sound Whipping was Just What Joe Jonas Needed (fan fic)
A Good Spanking Should Give a Young Guy a Good Cry
A Hot & Tight Young Posterior and a Big Manly Hand
A Hot Ass Whipping for Billy Sr. and a Good Spanking For Billy Jr.
A Hot Bottom: Administered Firmly & Lovingly by Uncle Jackie
A Hot Day at the Office-The Day I Spanked My 3 Young Male Employees
A Hot Hiney For Zac Efron-Hollywood Brat Spanked and All the Better For It-Fan Fiction
A Hot Temper Brings a Hot Lashing

A Husky Blond Model Gets His First Spanking
Part #1
Part #2 – I Become a Hard Spanker

A Leather Strap to a Big, Wet, Bare Young Ass (Jose Gets His Due)

A Little Guy's World is Turned Upside Down
Part #1
Part #2
Part #3

A Little Spoiled Bugger's Plump Young Buttocks ( a Young Hunk to the Rescue)
Part 1

A Long, Embarrrassing and Painful Public Hairbrushing for Russell
A Loving Hand-A Stinging Hand
A Loving Mom Spanking for a Tender Skinned Young Bottom
A Manly Man's Relationship With a Naughty Young Guy's Buttocks

A Month on the Farm for 3 Spoiled Brats
Part #1
Part #2 – Scotty's Daddy Get's a Good Lashing

A Most Beneficial Spanking
A Naughty Grandson Finally Gets His Plump Bottom Spanked
A New Stepdaddy Takes Firm Loving Control
A Pink Teenaged Bottom Spanked Crimson (Nick Jonas Fan Fic)
A Pink Tiny Hiney, a Creamy White Muscle Butt & 2 Smooth Brown Bubble Butts ( a Spanker's Wet Dream)
A Pink Tiny Hiney, a Plump Olive Skinned Rump and A Muscular Brown Tushie In Need of Some Attention
A Plump Young City Can in a Country Spanking Town
A Pretty Young Hiney-A Sizzling Young Hiney
A Public Can Tanning for Russell
A Quick Fanny Whoppin' from Dr. Whopman
A Quick Hard Spanking-Russell is Spanked in an Airplane Bathroom
A Quick Spanking, Bath and Butthole Cleansing for Young Zac Efron (fanfic)
A Quick Whoppin' to Nicky Jonas' Bare Bottom (fan fic)
A Sensible Boy's Reaction to a Good Old Fashioned Spanking
A Sexy Stud-Pony Finally Feels Real Manly Control in His Life
A Sexy Young Personal Trainer's First Trip Over a Manly Knee
A Short Spanking Story

A Short Story About a Hot Spanking
Part #1
Part #2
Part #3
Part #4
Part #5
Part #6
Part #7
Part #8 – (fan fiction)
Part #9
Part #10
Part #11
Part #12
Part #13
Part #14
Part #15 – Robin Thicke (Fan Fic)
Part #16 – Paddling a Young Cowboy's Big Ass
Part #17 – Saggin' Pants-Spanked Tushie
Part #18 – A Spanking & A Cuddle-Just What 19 Year Old Todd Needed
Part #19 – Spoiled Little Equestrian-Spanked Little Equestrian

A Short Story About a Little Black Militant
A Short Story About a Long Hard Spanking
A Short Story About Spanking a Large Sexy Ass (Rafael Nadal Fan Fiction)
A Snotty Spoiled Little Brat with a Big Muscular Ass ( a Stinging Combination)
A Snotty Young American Gets a Good Naked Whipping
A Son-In Law Gets his big Ass Tanned
A Sore Red Tushie Equals No More Poopie Pants
A Sound Lashing for a Sexy Latin Pretty Boy

A Sound Whipping on a Bare Young Bottom
Part #1
Part #2 – Scooter's Cherry Poppin'

A Soundly Spanked Young Dad Does His Spanking Duty
A Spanker Moves Into a House Filled With Spankable Youngmale Bottoms
A Spanking & A Whipping Waiting to Happen-Young Scott Caan's Visit to Dr. Whopman-Fan Fiction
A Spanking & An Enema from a Neighbor-A Danny Story
A Split Pants Seat Means a Spanked Fat Little Ass
A Spoiled Army Brat at a Southern High School (Ashton Cummings Gets His Due)
A Spoiled Rich Brat Gets a Disciplinary Makeover
A Standard Bare Bottom Spanking For Russell (Presenting Stepdaddy with a Boyish 'Stink Bottom')
A Stinky Ass Leads to a Spanked Ass (a Short Story About a Blazing Bareassed Spanking)
A Strapping Young Lad and His Mom's Boyfriend
A Teenaged Muscle Butt & 2 Spankers
A Tender Teenaged Tushie Aching to Be Spanked
A Tender, Firm and Needy Boyish Bubble Butt
A Thin Whippy Strap Applied to Tender Young Skin
A Very Patriotic Spanking

A Visit to Dr. Whopman
The Special boy with the Large Unspanked Bottom
Cute Brown Bottom Cheeks Spanked Purple
First Spankings For Pampered Pink Twin Jock Butts
The Heavy Metal Punk with the Plump Can
Cristiano Ronaldo Fanfic
Pumped Butt-Spanked Butt
Tebow's Tush (Fan Fic)

A Visit to Dr. Whopman-Helping Create a Loving Dad/Son Relationship
A Visit to Dr. Whopman-Kellan Lutz FAN FICTION
A Visit to the Doctor with Grandpa
A Well Plowed Little Pooter & A Big Well Spanked Backside (A Northern Stud-Puppy's Stay in a Small Southern Town)
A Womanizing Young Stud Muffin Gets Spanked and Butt Doodled
A Young Guy Named 'Spanky'
A Young Hottie Arrives at the Reformatory
A-Rod Spanks a Cute Young Yankee Fan
Aaron Carter Gets a Fanny Whopping From Big Brother Nick Carter (a fanfic)
Achingly Boyish & In Need of Love and Discipline

Adam the School Punk Gets His Ass Spanked
Part #1
Part #2 – Cocky Rich Nicky Arrives at the School

Adam the Spoiled Brat-Adam the Spanked Brat
Airport Security-Eli Manning's Anal Cavity Search and Sound Disciplinary Spanking (Fan Fic)
Alan Thicke spanks "Holier than thou" Kirk Cameron

Alcoholics Spankonymous
#1( The new Ass Tanning Rehab)
#2(Firm Discipline & Hot Sex at Rehab)

All Rory Needed Was a Good Sound Whipping
An 18 Year Old Cutie Who Was Nicknamed Baby Boy and His New Stepmom
An Enema, a Bath and a Good Spanking (Roddie Gets the Full Fatherly Treatment)
An Impromptu Spanking on the Seat of a Young Man's Birthday Suit
An Impromtu Spanking on a Bare, Young, Morning Stink Ass
An Office Spanking For Plump Bottomed Dylan
An Old Fashioned Grandpa & A Good Old Fashioned Spanking (Adam Learns a Lesson)

Angelo Gets His Can Tanned
#1 – First Day at the Ranch
#2 – Spanked Again

Another Embarrassing Semi-Public Bare Bottom Spanking For Danny Boy
Another Little Stinker Get's His Bare Little Ass Spanked
Another Sound Semi-Public Bare Assed Whipping For Studsy Young Danny
Another Spanking Day at Russell's House (Red Cheeks Day?)
Anton Yelchin (A 2 Spanking Fan Fic)
Attitude-Now You See It, Now You Don't
Auctioning Off a Boy's Tail for a Good Sound Spanking

Axl Kicks, Axl Howls, Axl Farts, Grandpa Spanks Axl's Stinky Cute Little Tushie-'The Middle'-Fan Fiction
Axl's Grandpa Leaves, Daddy Assumes Spanking Duties - 'The Middle' Fan Fiction
Axl's First Cornholing-Axl's First Switching-'The Middle'-Fan Fiction
Axl Gets Another Spanking-Brick Get's His First Spanking-'The Middle'-Fan Fiction
Axl Heck Gets a Poot Cherry Popping, a Diaper Style Spanking & a Good Dose of the Mom Belt-The Middle Fan Fiction

Baby Bears and Young Papa Bear Soundly Spanked
Baby Boy Tender and Wet Behind the Ears (David Archuleta Fan Fic)
Baby Face-Baby Cakes-A Country Cutie's Woodshed Whipping

Babysitting a Spoiled 18 Year Old Blond Blue Eyed Stud-Puppy
Part #1
Part #2

Babysitting an 18 Year Old (Rocky Gets a Spanking)

Babysitting Baby Boy
Part #1
Part #2

Backwoods Justice on Cocky and Humpy Young Urban Backsides
Bad Boy Benny's Reform School Stay
Bare Assed in the Pool-Bare Assed Over Stepdaddy's knee (A Russell Story)
Basil Gets His Bottom Spanked on the Beach

Beautiful Young Brown Bottoms Lovingly Spanked
Part #1
Part #2 – Teddy's Tushie Gets Worked Over
Part #3

Being Cornholed While Grounded is a Spankable Offense (a Danny Story)

Ben the Real Estate Agent is Also a Spanker
Part #1
Part #2

Better Spanked Than Spoiled

Beverly Hills 90210 fanfic
#1 – Blond Steve's First Rump Roasting
#2 – Brandon's First Tushie Tanning
#3 – Sexy Dylan's First Daddy Spanking

Bieber's Buttocks-Usher's Palm (fan fic)
Big Assed-Pink Holed Jason's Visit From Dr. Whopman
Big Butted Anthony Recker Gets His Hot Young Pumpkins Publicly Whipped (Fan Fiction)
Big Butted Anthony Recker Spanks Justin Bieber on the Seat of His Tight Little 'Diaper' (Fan Fiction)
Big Butted One
Billy Bob's New Discipline Regimen
Billy Joe's Work Farm Discipline
Binky the Little Punk Mail boy (Cut Down to Size)
Black on White Spanking-Boys Learn Best When They're Sunnyside Up

Black Stepfather, White Stepson (Equal Opportunity Spanking)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 – Jason Gets His Hairy Ass Tanned

Blond Stud-Muffin Danny at 34-Spanker and Spankster
Blue Lagoon (Christopher Atkins Spanking Fanfic)
Bo's Bottom Warming
Bob Barker Spanks Chris Jericho-Fan Fiction
Bobby's Daddy Owned His Little Ass

Bodhi's Big, Bad and Beautiful Boyish Buttocks
Part #1
Part #2 – Spanky Pants for Bodhi Boy

Boyishly Innocent &Youngmanly Rugged with Firm Yet Tender Buttocks in Need of Paternal Attention
Brad Pitt Gets a Sound Spanking
Brody Jenner Fan Fic-Tied to the Whipping Post and Soundly Strapped on the Pampered Hairy Cracked Young Buttocks

Bruce & Ashton-Butt Man and Butt Boy (fan fiction)
Part #1

Bruce Spanks Ashton (fan fiction)

Buck-The Gorgeous Frisky Unspanked Young Ranch Hand
# 1
# 2-More Spankings For Buck-Buck Becomes a Spanker
# 3-Carl Spanks Mikey, Buck & Carl Jr.

Buggered & Spanked (A Russell Story)
Buggered Diaper Style & Spanked Diaper Style
Burping the Baby-Spanking the Daddy
Buster's Need For a Firm Loving Spanking

Butt whippings return to Branchburg Reformatory
Part #01
Part #02 – More Whipping Post Stories
Part #03 – Basil the Humpy Young Construction Worker
Part #04 – Hugh Jackman's Whipping (fanfic)
Part #05 – Father & Son Tushie Tannings
Part #06 – Tom Brady's 'Tightend' (fanfic)
Part #07 – Even a Fat Young Ass Has It's Purpose
Part #08 – Russell Does 1 Month
Part #09 – Rafael Nadal & Michael Phelps (a fanfic)
Part #10 – A-Rod Gets the Rod(s) -- a baseball fan fic
Part #11 – Young Stallions & the New Whipping Post
Part #12 – Salt & Pepper Stud Muffin Asses
Part #13 – Levi Johnston's Fanny Tanning (Fan Fic)
Part #14 – The Urban Prince Spoiled Brat
Part #15 – Shaved Tail/Wet Tail
Part #16 – A Tender Tail & a Tender Hole
Part #17 – Leo DeCaprio's Tender Tush & Rosy Little Hole (Fanfic with a cameo by Mark Wahlberg)
Part #18 – Lashing a Big Higharched Spoiled Caboose
Part #19 – Adam Kendall's First Taste of Leather
Part #20 – Dane Cook (Fan Fiction)
Part #21 – Mark the Hunky Superstar Quarterback
Part #22 – Mark the Hunky Superstar Quarterback Pt 2
Part #23 – Big Young Quarterback Tushies (Fan Fic)
Part #24 – Juicy & Humpy Football Star Eric Decker (Fan Fiction)
Part #25 – Anthony Recker's Big Juicy Young Butt Loaves (Fan Fiction)
Part #26 – Scott Caan's Spankable Bubble Butt & Tiny Rosy Red Young Pooter-Fan Fiction
Part #27 – Little Marco's Chunky Buttcheeks & Red Hot Multi-Puckered Bunger - Fan Fiction
Part #28 – Charlie Hunnam Needs His Firm Young Buttocks Whipped-(Fan Fiction)

Buying the Kid Skin-tight Cutoffs to Be Spanked in
Carlos and the Spanking Colonel
Cary Gets a Whoppin'

Casey's Can-Formerly Satiny Brown-Now a Deep Sore Purple
Part #1
Part #2 – Big Hot Cock-Juicy Tight Hole

Celebrity Spankin' Invitational, a Spankin' Good Time (Fan Fic)
Part #1
Part #2
Part #3

Changing 'Baby Boy's' Dirty Diaper with Dr. Whopman's Help
Channing Tatum-Spanked Thanks to TMZ (fanfic)
Charlie Chan Gives # 2 Son an Embarrassing Public Spanking (Fan Fic)

Charlie, the Corn Fed Country Boy
Part #1
Part #2 – Thong & Hairbrush, Cornholed & Switched

Chico and the Barber Strap
Chico the Young Male Beauty with the Enormous Brown Tushie
Chris Brown Gets a Good Old Fashioned Spanking (fanfic)
Chris Brown-Spanked on the Larry King Show (a fanfic)
Chris O'Donnell (Spanked on the Set of 'The 3 Musketeers') Fanfic
Chriss Angel (Can the young magician break out of the whipping post?)

Christian's Shocking Bottom Warmings
#1(A Hollywood Bad Boy's Rehab Stay)
#2 (More Hot Tannings for a Hollywood Bad Boy)

Christopher Needs a Spanking
Part 1
Part 2

Christopher the Sexy Hippie Boy & His Mom's New Boyfriend
Chuckie's First Spanking, Chuckie's Last Spanking and 3 Spankings in Between
Chucky's Home for the Summer and Over the Parental Knee

City Boy-Country Spanking
Part #1
Part #2

Clint & Leo- a Fan Fic
Cock & Discipline-What Young Adult Male Asses Need the Most
Cocky Dad-Bratty Son
Cocky Young Stud Puppy=Spanked Young Stud Puppy
Cocky, Bratty and a Hot Piece of Young Ass
Cody Needs a Spanking-Cody's Stepdaddy Is a Spanker-A Cocky Teenager Needs His Sassy Can Tanned
Cody the Skinny Little Teenaged Renegade with the Little Round Buttocks

Cody's Ass Warmings at Danny and Russell's Place
Part #1
Part #2 – A Hard Hand For a Big, Brown, Tender Skinned Young Ass

Colt Growing Up-Spanky Spanky Is What Needed
Cornfed Country Boy Stud Puppy's Public Switching
Cornholed, Spanked and Whipped by Sheriff Cox
Cornholing and Spanking Territory (a Hot Summer for Skip)

Corporate Spankings For the Boss's son
Part #1
Part #2
Part #3 – Jimbo's Pants Warming
Part #4 – Juan's Hiney Warming
Part #5 – Rick Gets Taken in Hand
Part #6 – A Young Guy Will Obey If You Spank His Bottom
Part #7 – Cory Does Best in a Disciplined Environment
Part #8 – Jimbo's First Cornholing
Part #9 – Jimbo's Real First Cornholing
Part #10 – 39 Years Old and as Spankable as Ever
Part #11 – Darnell Was as Butt Fuckable as He Was Spankable
Part #12 – Mark Assigns a New Spanker of Naughty Young Guy Bottoms
Part #13 – Jimbo's First Familial Spankings
Part #14 – Cornholing Casey's Bumhole-Spanking Casey's Buttcheeks
Part #15 – Young Rick Needs His Firm, Sweaty Hairy Rump Spanked

Cory from 'Glee' Over the Knee (fan fic)
Cory's Can-Large, Round, Firm, Baby Tender and Spankable
Cougar Watches Her Young Stud-Muffin Lover Get His Bottom Spanked
Craig Gets a DWI-Craig Gets Spanked
Cute College Boys Test Corporal Punishment Products
Cute Young Sailor Boy Spanked on the Seat of His Cute White Sailor Boy Pants
Cutting Jamal Down to Size
Dad & Son Bubble Bootie Whoppings
Daddy Bruce Publicly Spanks Sexy Spoiled Brat Brody Jenner-Fan Fic
Daddy Bruce Spanks Stepson Rob Kardasian on his Big Hot Ass (fan fic)
Damion the City Punk & The Southern Prison Farm (Home of the Strap & the 'Holy' Paddle)
Daniel Radcliffe (From Potter, to Equis, to Over the Knee) Fanfic
Danny & Russell Again-Spanked Together-Whipped Together
Danny & Russell Get a Surrogate Spanker
Danny & Russell Spend 2 Months with 'Uncle' Owen
Danny & Russell-Spanked by a Friend's Dad
Danny (A Girl's View of a Blond Hunk's Rump Warming)
Danny at 24 Years Old-Spanked by Airport Security
Danny Does Some Jail Time
Danny Gets a Good Southern Whipping
Danny Gets a Whipping-Ricky Gets a Spanking
Danny Scrubs His Ass For a Spanking (But Not For a Blow Job)
Danny the Blond Blue Eyed Stud -Puppy (Publicly Spanked at His Senior Prom)

Danny the Disciplinarian
Part 1 – Spanking Little Brother Russell
Part 2 – Stepdad Returns, Stepdad Spanks Some Young Ass

Danny the Little Big Shot-23 Years Old But Still a Child
Danny the Little Stinker Gets His Bare Muscular Pink Buttocks Spanked
Danny's First Ass Whipping From His Real Dad (administered with help from stepdad)

Danny's Assless Speedo Hotpants -Perfect for Spanking & Cornholing
Part #1
Part #2

Danny's Discipline
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 – Co-starring His Little Bro
Part 4 – Danny's Florida Ass Whipping

Danny's Drunken Semi-Public Spanking On the Bare Bottom
Danny's Embarrassing 19th Birthday Spanking
Danny's Embarrassing Courtroom Spanking
Danny's Fanny-Hot and Tender Butt Love For the Handsome Blond Stud-Puppy
Danny's Friend With the Big Hot Brown Bottom
Danny's Morning Spanking and Butthole Cleansing
Danny's On Vacation-Danny Drops a Beer Fart-Danny Get's a Spanking- A Day in the Life of a Stud Muffin
Danny's Pants Warming
Danny's Public Butt Warming (Spanked in Front of 4 Women)

Danny's Second Spanking With the Hairbrush
Part #1
Part #2 – Eban Scores That Pink Tail Hole

Danny's Spanked in Front of the Cleaning Lady
Danny's Spanking at the Swimming Pool on the Wet Seat of His Baby Blue Bathing Suit
Danny's Speedo Spanking
Danny, the Cornholable and Spankable Young Blond Blue Eyed Stud-Muffin

Danny-Be a Little Stinker-Get the Hairbrush on the Bare Muscled Can
Part #1
Part #2

David Briggs CNN News Hunk-Spanked for Being Overly Gassy (Fan Fiction)
David Briggs, Fox News Hunk, Gets a Semi-Public Pants Warming (Fanfic)
Dealing with My Girlfriend's Teenaged Son
Dean Cain's Super Spankings (A Fanfic)

Dean Cox is a Consummate Spanker
Part #1
Part #2

Dean Paul Spanks 'Johnny Angel'-25 Paddle Whacks to the Lower Crack/Sitter
Demonstrating How to Spank (On Russell's Cute Tender Skinned Teenaged Tushie)
Demonstrating the Workability of a Good Spanking to a Young Teacher
Desparate Gardner
Disbanding the 'Bad Boys' Club'
Disciplining a Hot Little Hustler

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