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[Untitled series]
Going Home
Talk of The Base

'Once Upon a Time' Stories
Wanting to Atone
Staying a Family
Guilt Relief

'The 100'
Part 1 – Feelings of Guilt

'The Avengers' Prompt Stories -- May2012
Clear as Mud
Not What You'd Expect
Battling it Out
A Matter of Importance
Spank Therapy

A Brother's Fury

A Change in Plans
Part 1 – Unwelcome Guest
Part 2 – Subversion
Part 3 – Cards on The Table
Part 4 – Full Circle
Part 5 – Settling In
Part 6 – Windfall
Part 7 – Putting Plans in Motion
Part 8 – Monkey Wrench
Part 9 – Incentive
Part 10 – Moving Forward
Part 11 – Bumps in The Road
Part 12 – A Higher Education
Part 13 – Laborious Fruit

A Different Homecoming

A Month of Mini Ficlets
Part 1 – Structured Guidance
Part 2 – Past Encounter
Part 3 – Damaged Beyond Repair
Part 4 – Crushed
Part 5 – More Than Anything
Part 6 – Idiot Boyfriend
Part 7 – Turned Away
Part 8 – Unforgiven
Part 9 – A New Family
Part 10 – Rebellion Halted

A Twisted Reflection
Actions Have Consequences

Advent Bingo
Part 1 – A Double-Edged Sword
Part 2 – Handling Rivalry
Part 3 – Do As I Say....
Part 4 – New And Different
Part 5 – Civility
Part 6 – No Longer A Mistake
Part 7 – Back From The Edge
Part 8 – Training's Not Over
Part 9 – The Force of Regrets
Part 10 – Worth Fighting For
Part 11 – Longing To Belong
Part 12 – Keeping Honest
Part 13 – No Matter What It Takes
Part 14 – Insanity's Cure
Part 15 – A Triple Threat
Part 16 – Trouble With Sleep
Part 17 – Two Graves
Part 18 – Learning The Hard Way
Part 19 – Code of Mercy
Part 20 – More Than One Reason
Part 21 – No More
Part 22 – Enough
Part 23 – Teaching Responsibility
Part 24 – Not Gonna Lose You
Part 25 – Hardest Time Of Year
Part 26 – Breaking Down
Part 27 – Worthy Of The Mask
Part 28 – The Usual Punishment
Part 29 – Keeping A Friend
Part 30 – A Brother's Repentance

Adventure of Shadows: Chapter Four
Against Nature
Always and Forever

American Assassin
Part 1 – Family Business
Part 2 – The Way Things Will Be
Part 3 – Learning Curve Part One
Part 4 – Learning Curve Part Two
Part 5 – Fixing Things

Bad Memories
Bringing The Sins Back
Cheaters Never Win

Code of

Daredevil stories
Part 1 – Repair and Rebuild

Dealing With Treachery
Drowned Out
Every Breath You Take
Faith In A Friend

Fast and Furious
Part 1 – Faith and Trust
Part 2 – Striking A Balance
Part 3 – Choosing Sides

Forging Ahead
Forgive Me
Friendship (A Paranormal Activity Fic)
Getting A Second Chance

I Want Him Alive
The Dark Quickening
Can't Take It Back
Taking Chances

House MD
Part 1 – Trust Issues

Human Shift
I Fight for the Users!
I'll Be There For You
I'm Here
Importance of Friendship

Jurassic -
Who's The Alpha?
Learning And Re-learning
Responding and Responses

Keeping What's Yours

Killer Instinct
Part 1 – Before It Starts

Kylo Ren's Demise
A Greater Force
Mind Matters

Learning The Ropes
Left Behind

Letters Challenge
Letter 1 – My Dear Cousin
Letter 2 – What I Need
Letter 3 – Asking
Letter 4 – What I Can't Say
Letter 5 – A Monster
Letter 6 – I know
Letter 7 – Crazy
Letter 8 – Expect The Unexpected
Letter 9 – Hidden Truths
Letter 10 – Temper Tempered
Letter 11 – Solid as a Rock
Letter 12 – Catharsis Offered

Letters Challenge: Full Fics
Letter 1 – Redemption From The Heart

Lonely Prompts Challenge
Part 1 – Leaving The Pack
Part 2 – Unreasonable Reasons
Part 3 – Not Throwing Away My Shot
Part 4 – Time Crisis
Part 5 – Technicalities
Part 6 – Reconnection
Part 7 – No Running
Part 8 – A Brother's Forgiveness
Part 9 – Turn About Is Fair Play
Part 10 – Cursed Land
Part 11 – Living With It
Part 12 – Somebody's Gotta Do It

Mischief Halted
My Brother, My Keeper
Need To Feel

Numb3rs -- Don and Colby
Reinstating Trust
Coping With Mistakes
Ticking off the Boss

Only In Name
Out With the Evil

Power Rangers: The Andros and Zhane Stories
Unwanted Attention
Research and Application
Punishments and Firsts
Inner and Outer Pain

Power Rangers: The Jason and Tommy Stories
Green With Evil Aftermath
Green Lost
Stupid Risks
Relationship Difficulties
Red and White Mistakes
Mouse Got the Ranger
Too Harsh
Gold Danger
Turbo Fyre
Jurassic Calling 1
Jurassic Calling 2
Gem Recovery and Lies
Lost in Despair
Dragon Penance and Wooden Splinters
White and Red Agony
in collaboration with KindredIsa

Pulling Together

Redeeming Grant
Beginning of the End Revisited
Bringing The Family Together
Protecting Little Brother
Cave-In Panic
Lies of Omission
Off The Reservation
Family Retreat
A New Kind of Therapy
Sometimes You Have To
Meeting The Older Siblings
Repeated Offenses
Repeated Offenses - Another Side
Father Knows Best
The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same
Comforting The Comforter
Truth Will Out
The Not So Good Idea
Control Issues
Strange Happenings
Back To Square One?
Adding Three More
Forging Bonds
Obstinate, Your Name Is...
Love's Strength
Not Alone
Meeting Mom
An Asgardian Family
Meeting The Rest
Treading Water
Daddy's Girl
Information Abounds
Danger and Family
Bonding Time
Hunt For A Memory
Stories From The Island: Prologue
Stories From The Island: Pranks and Pain
Stories From The Island: Agreements and Popcorn
Stories From The Island: Target Practice
Stories From The Island: Job Search
Stories From The Island: Interlude
Stories From The Island: Unexpected Ally
Stories From The Island: Memory Recall
Stories From The Island: Giving Grief
Stories From The Island: House Party
Stories From The Island: Tipsy Transaction
Stories From The Island: Interlude 2
Stories From The Island: Momma Told Me Not To Come
Stories From The Island: Unsettled
Stories From The Island: Back to Reality
Not So Civil War
A Gilded Age?
A New Home: Moving Day
A New Home: Deja Vu
A New Home - Revelations
A New Home - Almost Smells Like Teen Spirit
Double Trouble
What Is Revealed: Chapter 1
What is Revealed Part 2: Expectations
What is Revealed: Part 3: Error Of Judgement
What is Revealed - Part 4: Truth
What is revealed: Part Five: Finally, May We Present....
Memories and Mysteries

Part 1 - Prologue
Part 1 -Chapter One

Second Chances
1 – Big Brother's Return
2 – Arrow: Forging Ahead
3 – Who Once Was Lost Is Found Again
4 – Giving Up vs. Giving Up
5 – Want Vs. Need # 1
6 – Want Vs. Need # 2
7 – Burning Down The House
8 – The Edge of Disaster

Seeking Attention

Seeking Life
Part 1 – Reforging Connections
Part 2 – Broken
Part 3 – Damaged Goods
Part 4 – Danger and Honesty
Part 5 – All Things Equal
Part 6 – Secrets
Part 7 – Birthday Gift
Part 8 – Inklings of Betrayal
Part 9 – Shades of Dark (Chapter #1)
Part 10 – Shades of Dark (Chapter #2)
Part 11 – Shades of Dark (Chapter #3)
Part 12 – Shades of Dark (Chapter #4)

Shades of Grey

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Part 1 – The Little Guy

Taking Charge
The Angel and Lindsey Chronicles -- Part 1 -- Hand To Hand

The Avengers Stories
Healing Wounds
Brotherly Response
I Don't Want Forgiveness
True Feelings
Unable To Let Go
Seeing Through The Lies

The Hard Way
The Most Important Law
The Next Level
Too Much Alike
Trust In Your Friends

Twenty Fics
Part 1 – A Kept Thief
Part 2 – Dangerous Intentions
Part 3 – Watch Your Back
Part 4 – Made to be...
Part 5 – Folly
Part 6 – Feeling is Believing
Part 7 – Brothers Again
Part 8 – Shot Fired
Part 9 – The Neutral Zone
Part 10 – Family Is Everything
Part 11 – Still Here, Chief
Part 12 – Discussing Sensibilities
Part 13 – Another Life
Part 14 – Parts of a Whole
Part 15 – Unexpected Turnings
Part 16 – Apes and Humans Together
Part 17 – The Cost of Peace
Part 18 – Stripes
Part 19 – Forgiveness
Part 20 – Freedom

Water and Air

X Men
Part 1 – Brotherhood
Part 2 – Family By Blood
Part 3 – Summers' Christmas

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