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[Untitled series]
Greg: He Got Mail!
Greg: He Got Mail 2!

A Cause For Celebration

A Scent Of Things To Come
Part 1
Part 2

Alec And Zander

Bransom Holiday Pack 2010
Christmas Break

Chicken Little

Christmas 2016
All Year Angel: A Long Way To Christmas
All Year Angel: Christmas

Part 1
Part 2


And That Is The Point!
What Is The Point?
Dan's Switching
Dan's Alternatives

Does He or Doesn't He
Double Jeopardy

Down on the Farm
A Switching in the Barn
The Rules Must Not Be Broken
Ron's Priorities
Dudley's Turn

Down To Earth

Families Grow In Different Ways
Dad Wanted
Son Wanted
Marky's Mutt
A Step In Time
North Island

From Here To Paternity
Part 1 – Disposable Boy
Part 2 – A Diller A Dollar
in collaboration with Jakey
Part 3 – Locked Doors
in collaboration with Jakey

Full Of Hot Air!

George and Michael
More Than Life Itself
A Burning Desire
The Journey
Promises To Keep
Master Of Second Chances
A Little Help, Please
A Step Too Far
Switching In Mid Stream
The Carrel

Hallowe'en 2012
Holey, Holey, Holey

If You Go Out In The Woods
Is It Better To Ask Forgiveness?

It's For The Boyds
Looking Up The Family Tree
Cracking Up
Spare The Rod
The Seat Of Learning
Trails And Tears
The Advocate

Lima Beans
Little Boy Too

In The Beginning
And Then I Was Eight
I'm Too Old
The Other Side Of Bad
One Whipping Too Many

Missing Pieces
Part I
Part II
Part III


Old Mollie's House
The Long Wooden Bench
Eddie And Rabbie
A Day To Remember
The Christmas Present
A Return To Normalcy

On The Lam

On The Shores Of Silver Lake
Grandpop's Floatplane
Sneaking Out
A Little Less Drama
Rite Of Passage

One Dark Secret In The Middle Of The Night
Pecking Order
Playing House
Prevailing Winds
in collaboration with Jakey
Snips And Snails And Little Red Tails
Spankings for Sale

Spankings Overheard
Chauncey Learns About Spankings
Ira's Bare Bottom
John Pays The Price
First Comes Freddie Then Comes Chauncey

Chapter 1 – The Switching Begins
Chapter 2 – Old Fashioned Discipline
Chapter 3 – The Caning

Standing Our Ground
in collaboration with Jakey
Sure And March The 17th!
That Is The Question
The Burning Seat
The Christmas Angel
The Garden
The Hard Maple Ruler
The Letter
The Long And The Short Of It

The Monstermobile
Please Don't Feed The Alligators!
Bare On The Beach!
Switching From Bear To Bare!
Bare On The Mountain
The Mugawonk

The Pet Store Chronicles
Coming Up With Rosy
Mac Attack

The Place Where Cats Get Their Kittens
The Sad Song
The Santa Caper
The Snowman's Tale

The Young Professor, Lessons Learned
Part 1
in collaboration with Jakey
Part 2 – The Agony
in collaboration with Jakey

Turn Around

Under The Shady Hickory Tree
Part One
Part Two

What A Boy Needs
When Someone Calls
Wiggle Room
Xander's Daddy

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