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"All Change!"
"Anyone For Tennis"?!
"Casseroled Leggies or Well-Cooked Rump?!"
"Fifteen, Love!"
"Get A Spanking At School Boy, And You Will Get Another One At Home!"
"I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day!"
"It's A Funny Old World!"
"Remember, Remember, The Fifth of November!"
"Spank Me Sir!"
"When I Were A Lad!"
A Little Chat Between Me And You!
A Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the GOAT Party
A Seaside Spanking !
A Welsh Caning
All Things Bright And Beautiful
Amendment How To Strap The Young Adult Male
An After-School Detention with Evil Estonian Tammik
April Fool
Back to School!
Bart's Story - My Application and Assessment for the Sixth-Form
Beyond The Closed Door
Boer-Buquicchio Deserves "Six of the Best"
Branscombe - A Futuristic Version of Cinderella for all Gay Boyz!
Caught Masturbating!
Chaos, Anarchy and Revolution
Childhood Innocence Revisited

Christmas 2013
The Christmas Song
Evil Pervy Housemaster First Came Out
"Show Me The Way To Go Home"*

Corner Time
Crawford's Story
Daley Gets The Cane!
Dan's Story - Stripped, Humiliated and Spanked
Felon's Story
Forms of Water
Friday The Thirteenth
HM Government Health Warning: Spanking Can Seriously Improve Your Mental Health!
I Sit Alone Upon A Bench
If You Go Down to the Woods Today ...
In-Store Spanking
James's Story
Jeff's Story

Judgement Day
Part One – On My Way To Youth Court
Part Two – Sentenced To Nine Months In Borstal
Part Three – Spanked In The Gym And Caned By The Governor

Just William
Letter From Adult Schoolboy To Angry Housemaster
Letter From Anxious Stepson to Wicked Stepfather
Letter From The Boy Next Door
Letter From Young Offender to Borstal Superintendent
Letter to Dad
Love, Hope and Peace !

Matt's Story
Part 1
Part 2

Mistaken Identity
Mummy's Boy or Daddy's Son?!
My Appointment With Destiny
My Best Mate's Brother Slippers And Straps Me Naked In The Bathroom
My Imaginary Friend: A True Story
Naughty Boyz Get Bottom Marks!
New Beginnings

New Boy Gets Spanked
Part 1
Part 2

One Fine Day
Physics Lesson - Part One
Primary School Memories - Part 1
Rapunzel - A Modern Gay Version of the Grimms' Fairy Story
Rediscovered Love
Reflections on a Parliamentary By-Election
Ryan and Johnny
Santa's Story
Scooter and Harris - The Very Model of a Model Boys' Spanking
Sean and Clive (Spanked In The Care Home)
Shop-Lifters Will Be Prosecuted: Shirt-Lifters Will Be Spanked!
Shopping For Meat!
Six of the Best: Gifts One Receives From Writing
Something Lost
Spanked at the Vicarage
Spanked Bare On The Beach
Spanking and Sounding The Boy!
Spanking and Wanking the Boy Next Door!
Stewart's Story
Strapped In Hospital
Tea and Cakes
Tearful Defeat for Hennessy As County Champion Takes a Beating!
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
The Importance of Self-Discipline
The Lamentation of the Old Pensioner (With Apologies to W B Yeats)
The Leathering Uncle Peter Gave To Me!
The Luck Of The Irish!
The OFSTED Inspector Cometh
The One Day I Was Really Surprised Was .... (A True Story)

The Paperboy
1: The First Of Many
2: Second Spanking Within An Hour

The Solitary Vice of Procrastination
The Spanking Song (An Easter Carol)!
Valentine's Day Greetings

Weapons Of Mass Correction...
1: The Belt!
2: The Cane!
3: The Hairbrush!
4: The Ruler!

What Are YOU looking for?
When Pops Gets Home Early, John Gets .....

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