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A Boy Gets His Dog
A Brother's Sacrifice
A Childhood Memory
A Difficult Age
A Forbidden Friendship
A Good Son's Troubles
A Hard Head Makes for a Soft Bottom
A Lesson On Growing Up
A Most Fortunate Family
A Time and Place

A week under the stars
Part 1 – David and Luke - Don't Forget Ryan's Rules
Part 2 – Eric and Henry - The Tribe
Part 3 – Lucas - Asking for a Spanking

An Unpleasant Task
Arthur's Bad Day

Babysitting Matthew
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Before the Wedding
Best Efforts
Brandon's Stealing
Caned for Smoking

Christmas 2017
A Boy's Christmas Vacation Lesson

Disrupting Class
Don't Let Me Off Easy
Don't Skip School
Expelled From School
Family Road Trip
George Lopez Fanfic-- Max and Ricky Get a Spanking

Hallowe'en 2016
We're Different

Harsh Realities
Hidden Feelings
It's All Fun Until Something Gets Broken

Jake's Adventures
Mrs. Christie
Vacation with Noah and Eric
Revenge Gone Horribly Wrong
Talking Rudely To Mom
A Broken Window and a Lie

James Wets the Bed
Justin's Spanking
Keep it Down!
Kidnapped by Pirates
Liam's Tangled Web
Like Father, Like Son
Losing A Fight
Making a Change
Memories From Grandma and Grandpa's House
Mr. Theo
My Ill-advised Power Trip
My Nephew Chris
New Principal - Setting a Precedent
Not So Private Spanking
Officer Roberts Lends a Hand
On Vacation
Part of the Club
Running a Clean Race
Shirked Duties
Sibling Rivalry - Losing The War

Spanking 101
A Curious Culture Shock

Spencer's First Bare Bottom Spanking
Sportsmanship is a Must
Stefan's Surprise
Straightening Out Grayson
Taking On A Father's Role
Teaching Respect
The Accidental Bully
The Failure of "Divide and Conquer"
The Importance of the Little Moments
The Price of a Clean Conscience
The Pride of Fatherhood
The Spanking of My Life
The Vigilantes
The Whipping Boy
Unfair Spanking
Warning Signs
When the Mighty Fell

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