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"Dear Cousin" Challenge
Dear Arthur: Tennessee

"Ginger Pudding" Challenge
Red and Bare Writes Again

"Henshaw and the Case of the Missing Blackboard Eraser" Challenge
Henshaw #5

A B.U.G.'s Life
Buford Greene and The Three Day Vacation
Lessons For Dad
The Camping Trip
Pajamas and Godzilla
Andrew Campbell, Cyber-buddy
in collaboration with Trixie
Driving Lessons
Wood Chips, Wood Shop
Kirby Comes Out

A Beautiful Boy
A Belt, A Bus And A Brother: A Very Bad Day
A Big Bucket Of Fish
A Burrito and Two Tacos With a Side of Imagination
A Chair In The Hall
A Failure To Communicate
A Fight Between Friends
A First Time For Everything

A Floor Full of LEGO
Challenge Introduction
The Games Boys Play

A Gift For Dad
A Pact Between Brothers
A Story About A Boy Who Gets A Spanking
A Talk With Dad
A Warm Welcome Home
Abner The Angel
An Appointment With the Belt

Arnie's Daddy
The End Is The Beginning
Spanking Defined
True Friends
New Beginnings

Barkley And Elliott
Mom's Spoon or Dad's Belt?
The Explorers: Yes, I Will Spank You Here

Big Brother's Duty
Brian's Bad Day
Burned Twice

Camp Spanko Application Essay Challenge
I Want To Go To Camp Spanko ... Because....
I Want To Go To Camp Spanko To Find Out What the Hell Is Wrong With Me

Christmas 2013
Christmas In Shorts: Among Brothers
Going To College With Christmas Trees
in collaboration with John Boy
Christmas In Shorts: Falling In Love At Christmas
The Non-Believer
Christmas In Shorts: The Cost Of Disobedience
Catching Santa Claus

Christmas 2014
A Dad For Christmas
David's Christmas
I Saw Santa Spanking Sammy
I Saw Sammy Spanking Santa
in collaboration with Y Lee Coyote
Hottest Christmas On Record

Christmas 2015
The CHRISTMAS! Play Rebellion
in collaboration with John Boy
What I Wanted And What I Got

Christmas 2016
Not A Christmas Story At All
A Holiday Encounter
in collaboration with Brians Sister

Christmas 2017
Christmas Down Under
One Christmas Way Back In Fifth Grade

Clark's Revenge
Code Name: Red Butt
Concerned Citizen
Creative Spanking Class

Davey Shares
A Memory: My Worst and Last From My Father
Mr. Kirkpatrick and The Stick
Davey Is A Bad Boy
Reacting to a Spanking
The Freshman
Paddles Intrigue Me
Racing Stripes

Do You Want A Spanking?
Easter - 2014 – Stained Glass Memories

Easter 2013
Easter Shorts - Lessons In Brotherly Love
A Very Bad Good Friday - An Easter Story
A Basket Case

EASTER 2015 - Emory's Easter Decision

Eric and Zach Have a Food Fight
Part 1 – Mr. Scott Responds
Part 2 – Eric Gets A Surprise
Part 3 – Zach's Turn

Everything A Dad Would Do
Far Worse Than The Spanking

Fishin' and Smokin'
Dakota's Dismay
Keith's Correction
Sammy's Situation

Forever Comfy?
Getting My Name On The Board
Growing Up

Hallowe'en 2011
4 – Seven Souls - Trevor's Halloween Treats

Hallowe'en 2013
Pumpkins For Sale
The Worst Week Ever To Be Grounded
Dental Hygiene

Hallowe'en 2016
Ditching Your Step-siblings Is A Bad Idea
in collaboration with Brians Sister
The Bit. . . er, um , Witch's House: A Three Musketeers Adventure
in collaboration with John Boy
Paranormal Pursuits

How Do You Get Yours?
I Shoulda Been More Careful
In Addition To The Spanking
Is Lying A Sin?
Jackson's Reckoning
in collaboration with Brians Sister
Jeb's Thirteenth Year (A New Year's Story)

Part 1 – The Late Joseph McCloud
Part 2 – The Persistent Joseph McCloud
Part 3 – The Former Joseph McCloud

Just A Day Off From School
in collaboration with Mark Bench
Just Don't Cry
Keaton's Choice
Landon's Turn
Legal Adult

Letters to Men of Authority
Dear Governor

Listening In The Library
Long Trousers Until We Decide Otherwise
in collaboration with Adric
Meeting John
Morty's Harsh Spanking And What Happens After
Mr. Meechum
My Cousin Chance - Or, How I Got Three Spankings In One Day
My Little Brother, Bruce

My New Family
Part 1
in collaboration with Bottomspank
Part 2
in collaboration with Bottomspank

My Two Dads
Nothing Out Of The Ordinary
One Of The Family

Paxton And His Pants Both Go South
in collaboration with Brians Sister
Unaddressed Dress Code Leads to Undressing
in collaboration with Brians Sister

Payday Sunday
Part 1 – Saturday's Events
Part 2 – Clayton is Found Out
Part 3 – Derrick's Demise
Part 4 – Dayton Too
Part 5 – Richie's Worst Day Ever

Peter Pan's High School Reunion
The Bully Chronicles

Pierce-Ingalls Traditional Academy: The Martyr

Priced To Sell
Provoke Not Thy Children To Wrath
Pull Your Pants Down

Outside The Principal's Office
The People Vs. Daniel Underwood

Reforming The System
Salem's Lot
Santa's Helper

Short and Sweet
Spencer And The Bare-Bottomed Spanking
No Laughing Matter
A View From The Porch
Quincy's Quandry
Saturday Service Call
Charlie's Choice
in collaboration with Brians Sister

Southern Seventies Summers: Shorts, Shoeless, Shirtless, Spankings, and Stuff
Spanking and Sentences: The Worst Punishment of My Life
Spanking Hamilton – Aaron Alexander
Spanking In Dixie: Short Observations From A Southern Point Of View
Swimming and Swearing - Dylan's Despair
Thank You, Daddy

Thanksgiving 2011
Thomas' Thanksgiving Tragedy: The Trashed Turkey, The Tanned Tail

Thanksgiving 2014
Roadside Picnic

That's What Friends Are For
The Arrangement

The Bared Bottom Tales
The Schoolboy's Tale
The Son of Ross's Tale
The Lying Archer's Tale

The Cutest Boy
in collaboration with Shannon Spencer
The Inheritance
The Long, Hard Spanking
The Neighbors Aren't Home

The Pirate in Pajamas/Pyjamas
Challenge Introduction

The Spanking Shed
The Surrogate
The Third Grade Boy In Shorts
The Three Musketeers – Honor Your Father And . . .
in collaboration with John Boy
The Tree House
The Whipping
The Witness
This Calls For A Spanking
Times Have Changed (An Attempt to Use Up the MMSA icons)

Todd Chambers
Todd's Fourteenth Birthday
in collaboration with Brians Sister
Invitation To Swim
in collaboration with Brians Sister
New Surroundings, New School, Same Spankings
in collaboration with Brians Sister
Taking Your Pants Down Is Never A Good Thing
in collaboration with Brians Sister

Tool Time - A Christmas Story
Tropic And The Ghost
Two Hearts
in collaboration with Mark Bench
Unexplored Territory
Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home
What Dad Doesn't Know
What Scotty Needs
Why Doesn't He Like Me?
Without Permission
Worthless Little Beast
in collaboration with Shannon Spencer

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