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"Proud" Challenge
Proud #22

A Caning
A Little Reflection
A Spanking
All In
An Experience
Bad Day
Becoming Uncle Dad

Bransom Holiday Pack 2009
The Boy Who Searched for Snow

Bransom Holiday Pack 2010
Zac's Resolution

Bransom Writers' Challenge
Maintaining Five Boys

BWG Challenge #2
Finding Comfort the Hard Way

Camp Spanko Application Essay Challenge
What I Want

Caution: A Bad Attitude
Driving Is Everything

Family Holidays
Jasper, AB
The Alps

Fostering A New Emotion
in collaboration with Skater
Growing Up
He Didn't Lie
Hero to Zero
Impulse Swats
Même Histoire, Autre Génération
in collaboration with Paladin

Me and Sam
Making Friends
Breaking Rules
Becoming Family
Settling In
The Ending

Mum Spanks, Too

My Brother
Still Sucks

My Brother, Alistair

Old West
Slackin' Off
Skippin' School
Left Alone
Drivin' Cattle

Same Story, Different Generation
The End of the World

The Kellis Boys
1 – Meet Jack
2 – Meet Harry's attitude and Nathan's temper
3 – The Forger
4 – Dad's Bad Mood
5 – Summer Time
6 – The Building Site
7 – Knock it off!
8 – The Pains of Boredom
9 – Sandwiches and Skipping

The Real World?
The Wrong Track


Thirteen and Bored

Uncle Liam
No One Asked
Breaking Trust
Family Home

Warming to a New Family
The Start
Getting Closer
Crossing the Line
In It Together
No Upper Limit?
One for All and All for One
Blowing Hot and Cold
Brotherly Love
An Unwelcome Additon
Still Unwelcome
Confession is Good for the Soul
House Party Inevitable

Wishing Upon a Star
Zac's Resignation

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