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author: Eric Blyton

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A Popular Spanking for Tyler
A Spanking Affair
A Titanic Spanking
Addams Family Spanking
Archie And Friends

Blackman Boys
Part 1 – Beach Boys
Part 2 – The Haunted and the Hairbrushed
Part 3 – Rage, Rage Against the Spreading of the Light

Bottom Of The Hill
Clue - Spanking at Boddy Mansion
Cody Gifford's Spankship Cruise
Dad and Lad
Dave's World
Desperate Little Boys
Doogie Houser, S. B. (Spanked Boy)
Eaton's New Prefect
Elian's Homcoming
Ferguson Gets It All Explained To Him
Four Corners For Four Boys
Gavin's Reminder
Heaven And Hell
Home, But Not Alone
Honey, I Spanked The Kid
In the Bethlehem Hills

Ivan, Close Your Soul
Part 1 – Tempest Without, Peace Within

Josh's Penance
Jurassic Spank
Just When Adam Thought It Was Safe...
Justifiable Use of Force
Lassie's Laddie
Malcolm Over the Knee
Marks That Pledge Can't Remove

Marvin's Friendly Neigbour
Part 01 – Quid Pro Quo
Part 02 – The Season Of Giving

Matters Arising From A Mattress
Menace to Dennis
Misadventure With Flipper
One Voice, Two Cheeks, Six Hands
Party of Three, Spanking Of One
Punishing Peter
Quest for a Spanking
Return To Eden

Roger and Mike
Part 1
in collaboration with Tbfyb
Part 2
in collaboration with Tbfyb
Part 3
in collaboration with Tbfyb
Part 4
in collaboration with Tbfyb

Soul Man Spareth Not The Rod

Spank By Me
Part 1
Part 2

Spanked In Space
Spanking at Our House
Spanks of Dracula
Superman's Spanking (It's Not Easy)

Tarzan and the Spanking Safari
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The Client Gets Spanked
The Jedi Master Strikes Back
The Wonder Years
Timberlake Trouble
Very Risky Business
Ward, Wally, and The Beaver
What's the Frequency, Dad?

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