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A Small Town
Part 1 – Ditching School for Anal Sex
Part 2 – Mr. Consolozzo Arrives Home

Part 1
Part 2 – In the Office
Part 3 – Adam Pays the Principal's Price

All I Want.....Is to Get Laid.
Anwar's Father Hires Seth
Aunt Frances is the Boss, But Uncle Don Spanks
Brett's Butt
Broken Glass Table
Burger King Whopper Wrapper Set Up
Camp Talon in the Adirondacks
Carl in Biology Class
Classic Escorts
Drunk Dad and the Brothers

Duncan Dog
Part 1

Fraternity Pledge Neil at the Manhole

Furniture Delivery
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

Generations Have Trouble WIth Math
Halloween Night
Homer at the Barbecue
Iron Mountain High School Football
Jake's Sophomoric Hi-Jinx
Jason Gets a Minor DUI

Jerry and Nathan
Part 1
Part 2 – A Guest Arrives
Part 3 – Nathan Gets His and Then Some

Kevin's College Days
Part 1 – Getting Ready
Part 2 – The Trip to Hobart
Part 3 – At the Hobart Dormitory
Part 4 – Discipline in the Dorm
Part 5 – The Final Episode

Lawyer Franklin and his Client Morgan Learn From the Court Officer
Local Teens Arrested in Child Spanking and Sex Case
Louis and Roger in the Bedroom with Dad
Mark in Gym Class

Marty and His Guests
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Masturbation Punishment at the Fraternity
Matthew in the Auditorium

Mom's Boyfriend
Part 1 – Bacon in the Fire
Part 2 – Fire Prevention Training
Part 3 – Brent Pays Dearly to a Young Hand
Part 4 – Brent Gives Up

My Man: Cody.
Professor Senser Gets Morgan and Loses Melissa
Psi Sigma Omega
Riding the Greyhound Bus
Taylor Finds Out What Mr. Rowe Has Been Doing.

The Dean, Buzzy and My Mom
Part 1

The Seminar
Three High Schoolers Visit The University

Uncle Gary and Hunter
Part 1 – Uncle Gary Discovers Hunter's Tattoo
Part 2 – Eddie Shows Up Early
Part 3 – Eddie Teaches Hunter

Vito Suprises Mario and Ricky
What Did I Do?
Who Cares What My Father-In-Law Does?

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