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author: Galahad

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[Untitled series]
Montague House
Caned-Off, A School Tradition
A Scrum-Half in Trouble
The Trainee
Richard Dereham
James Renton

[Untitled series]
St. Madoc's
St Madoc's Revisited

A Hot Afternoon
A Hot Night
A Man About The House
A Visit to the Vicarage
Dr James Gaunt
Graeme's Way
Jonnie Templeton
Kindred Spirit
Mr Earnshaw
Mr Henderson
My Grandmother's Gardener

Simon Johnson
Part 1 – A Summons after Lunch
Part 2 – Never Cut Corners
Part 3 – The Six Squares
Part 4 – The One Way Street
Part 5 – The Conduct Card
Part 6 – The Match
Part 7 – The Mocks
Part 8 – The School Dance
Part 9 – The Medical
Part 10 – The Temp
Part 11 – Mr Edmondson's Slipper
Part 12 – Sledging Can Be Fun
Part 13 – High Summer
Part 14 – Fallen Idol
Part 15 – Cold Cream
Part 16 – Max and The Mocks

The Casual Gardener
The Novice
The Stop Over

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