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[Untitled series]
Borstal Revisited

[Untitled series]
Connor Again

[Untitled series]
Echoes of the Past
Further Echoes of the Past
Even More Echoes of the Past

[Untitled series]
Whither Wallister

[Untitled series]
I have erred and strayed
When Tom Dick met Harry

[Untitled series]
The Old Warehouse
The Old Warehouse Revisited

[Untitled series]
The Speedo Offender
Those Red Speedos Again

"It was all because of Georgy"
"Yes Sir"
"You have an attitude young man"
'Those were the days, my friend'
...with shiny canes all in a row
A 21st Birthday Treat
A Bespoke Punishment
A Chance Remark
A Collage of Cane-Work
A Consequential Caning
A Hot Tail
A New Experience
A Nice Tender Rump
A walk in the country
After the Party
All the Nice Boys Love a Sailor
An Appointment with a Chesterfield
Are You Being Served?
As it Used To Be
Beach Boys
Behind the Green Door
Bill and Ben
Black Hawk Young Offenders Institution
Broadshead revisited
Brown, Green and White
Cabin Boy
Can I buy you a drink?
Cane is a Four Letter Word
Caning Cycles
Caught 'In Flagrante'
Chance Would Be A Fine Thing
Come and Meet My Sir
Conference Interlude
Corsley and Durkin

Part 01 – Daniel's Den
Part 02 – Daniel's Den Revisited
Part 03 – Daniel Flirts with the Quirt
Part 04 – Daniel's Christmas Crackers
Part 05 – Daniel's New Suit
Part 06 – Daniel and Adam Go Down to the Woods
Part 07 – Daniel's Special Weekend
Part 08 – Daniel's Carelessness
Part 09 – Daniel's Night Out

Danny Boy
Doing his Duty
Down at 'The Old Bull and Bush'
Due To Unforeseen Circumstances

Educating David
Part 01 – How it all Began
Part 02 – How it continued
Part 03 – What it led to
Part 04 – How it Concluded

Exceeding the Limit
For Queen and Country
G and T

Gino's Special Menu
The Starter
The Main Course and Dessert

Going Across
Grant and Mr Adamson
Green Gardening Shorts
He chose the Soft Option
He was asking for it
He's in Love with a Wonderful Guy
Huxley Jefferson
I have an appointment
I Remember When We Met
I wandered....
I'm Just A Grammar School Boy
Inappropriate Behaviour
Incident of the Yellow Socks
It Suits You, Sir
It Was Not Just A One Night Stand
It Wasn't Fair
It's Just a Little Prick
Jack the Lad

Part 01 – Jenning's First caning Part 1
Part 02 – Jennings First caning Part 2
Part 03 – Jennings and Williams in Double Trouble  Part 1
Part 04 – Jennings and Williams in Double Trouble. Part Two
Part 05 – Jennings and Williams in Double Trouble. A Sequel
Part 06 – Jennings Angers Mr Willmott
Part 07 – Jennings and Williams Visit the Head Master's Study again
Part 08 – Jennings in Double Trouble
Part 09 – Jennings' Delight

Part 01 – Jonathan Goes on A Course #1
Part 02 – Jonathan Goes on A Course #2
Part 03 – Jonathan's Half Term #1
Part 04 – Jonathan's Half Term #2
Part 05 – Jonathan's Half Term #3
Part 06 – Jonathan and the Shop Assistant #1
Part 07 – Jonathan and the Shop Assistant #2 
Part 08 – Jonathan and the Shop Assistant #3

Junior Boy meets Senior Boys
Kaka Point
Keep off the Grass
Ken and Len
Lasting Impressions
Lewis Harvey
Little Jack Horner
Madrid Encounter
Master Class
Memories are made of this
MM and SA
Neighbourhood Watch
No Man Can Serve Two Masters
Nothing to Declare
Off Duty
On Stage: Off Stage
On the Street Where I Live
Once Upon A Time
Orders are Orders
Organ Morgan
Over the Hills and Far Away
Palmer and Parker

Part 01 – Phillips in Trouble
Part 02 – Phillips in Trouble Again
Part 03 – Phillips and the New House Master
Part 04 – Phillips Falls Foul of the New Master Again
Part 05 – Phillips Gets His Revenge on Appleton
Part 06 – Phillips and Pals Encounter The House Master's Slipper Again
Part 07 – Appleton Falls From Grace
Part 08 – Even Celebrations Can Be Painful
Part 09 – Phillips and Rogers Behaving Badly
Part 10 – Phillips Misunderstood
Part 11 – Phillips and His New Tutor
Part 12 – The Return Of Appleton
Part 13 – What Phillips and Rogers Saw
Part 14 – Phillips Goes on a (Painful) Work Experience
Part 15 – Phillips and Mr Andrews: Part 1
Part 16 – Phillips and Mr Andrews: Part 2
Part 17 – Phillips Back At College: Part One
Part 18 – Phillips Back At College: Part Two
Part 19 – Phillips and Mr Andrews: The Office Christmas Party Part One
Part 20 – Phillips and Mr Andrews: The Office Christmas Party Part Two
Part 21 – A (not so) Brief Encounter

Phillips and Rogers: The Waiting Game
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7 – A further Sequel

Playful Adults
Prisoner 1471
Public Schoolboys Association
Rear View

Reflections, Fantasies and Realities
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 – Conclusion

Rod Pengelly
Roderick Rosman-Penderton
Room Eighteen
Scandalous Behaviour
Seated One Day at the Organ

Sheridan Trustcott
The Prologue
A Sequel
The Epilogue

Silent Orders
Sixes and Sevens
Sixth Formers

Some Enchanted Evening
Part 1
Part 2

South African Encounter
Stand By
Straight Lines
Strangers in the Night
Taking a Chance

Terms of Employment
Part 1
Part 2

The 1950s
The Appointment
The Attic Room
The Audition
The Boys' Own CP Club
The Consultant
The Day Boy

The Diplomat
Part 01 – An Undiplomatic Incident
Part 02 – The Diplomat's Revenge
Part 03 – The Diplomat and the Young Officer Caught Out
Part 04 – After The Masked Ball

The Dress Rehearsal
The Duty Officer Takes Control
The Executive

The Gardener
Part 1
Part 2 – The Gardener's World
Part 3 – The Worm's Turn

The Leather-Topped Stool
The Lunch-Time Break
The Morning After The Night Before
The Naval Cadet
The Old School Photograph
The Reformers Club
The Refresher Course
The Return to the Head Master's Study
The Reunion
The Revenge of the Wombat
The School Cap
The Sentence of the Court
The Sins of the Father
The Sports Master's Study
The Tale of The Butter Knife
The Tale of Two Tails
The Train Departing from Platform 4
The Trainee

The Trainee Officer
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Thighs, Glorious Thighs
This is Me. This is Who and What I am.
Those old ragged blue denim shorts
Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbour's Arse
Three Penalty Points or Twenty Four Stripes
To Give or Receive, That is the Question
Top Cop
Tropical Treat
Turn the Other Cheek
Two hundred, not out..
Two Prefects
Under the New Regime
We're Going Out Tonight
When Fantasies Become Reality
When I Am Grown Up
When Pigs Might Fly
When Students Should be Studying
When the Tables are Turned
When Two Times Six Make Twenty Four
Within the Law
You Rang Again, m'Lord?
You Rang M'Lord?
You'd be surprised
You've Got To Spank a Bottom or Two, Boys!

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