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A Costly Trip to the Lake
A Marine Is Still a Boy to His Dad, and I Was a Bad Boy, So I Got Spanked
A Package from Indiana
A Recession Can Induce Regression, But a Paddle Can Reverse It
A Whipping's Better Than a Millstone
All Young Guys Need It From Time to Time
Asking for It
Back From Service in the Marine Corps, Eager to Take the Whipping He Had Once Refused
Beer Party Blues
Bob's Senior Year
Consruction Site Discipline
Correctio Adulescentis Virilis (Latin language)
Dad and I Have an Understanding
Dad Sets an Example of How to Take a Whipping
Discipline 102
Discipline of Adolescent Boys in "Middletown": A 1935 Study Reviewed
Don't Drive on the Lawn
Forget Those Yankee Notions About Discipline
From Wall Street to the Woodshed
Getting It With Coach McGovern
Getting Whipped on the Bare Butt is Good for Guys My Age
Growing Up Takes Time
Guys Still Get It
Guys Still Need It
He'll Thank You for It Later
High School Football Is a Recreational Activity for Kids
How Come You Never Whip Us?
How To Take a Licking
I Didn't Contradict Him
I Don't Mind Being Whipped for a Good Reason
I Finally Got What the Other Guys Got All the Time
I Got Up Some Mischief, and for My Trouble I Got a Tanning
I Hated the Idea of Being Whipped Like a Kid, but I Could Think of No Reason Why I Shouldn't be
I'll Give You the Money, But Not Before I Give You Something Else
In Those Days Even College Guys Got It
Jay's Story: Only a Wimp Learns Anything From a Whipping That Leaves No Marks
Jumping Off the Bridge
Just Out of the Army and Ready for the Strap
Justice Prevails
Late October Back in '63
Learning To Take a Licking With a Different Attitude
Learning To Take It Is Part of Being a Guy
Parent Education
Players Must Never Be Rude to Fans
Sensitivity Training
Southern Discomfort
Strapped in Front of My Nephews
Terry's First Strapping Won't Be His Last
The Discipline Dorm
The Superintendent
Too Old for Halloween Pranks
Twelve Years Overdue
Twenty-eight and Still Needs It
Watching Drake Get it
Watching Other Guys Get It
You Can Take It As a Dare If You Want To
You Deserve It, I Want to Give It to You, and Besides, You Want It
You Did the Right Thing, Dad
You Get Whipped, Don't You? What's the Big Deal?
You're Just Waiting for Someone to Set a Fire Under You

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