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A Lifetime of Spankings
A Necessary Bear

A New Family
First Christmas Part 1
in collaboration with Wilvalkir
First Christmas Part 2
in collaboration with Wilvalkir
First Christmas Part 3 [MMSA 30,000th STORY]
in collaboration with Wilvalkir
First Christmas Part 4
in collaboration with Wilvalkir
First Christmas Part 5
in collaboration with Wilvalkir
Hanging At Lane's
in collaboration with Wilvalkir
The Spanking Room
in collaboration with Wilvalkir
in collaboration with Wilvalkir
Bad Break
in collaboration with Wilvalkir
Spring Vacation
in collaboration with Wilvalkir
in collaboration with Wilvalkir
To Catch a Sneak
in collaboration with Wilvalkir
Mark's Foul Up
in collaboration with Wilvalkir

A Reason Why
A School Surprise
Aaron and Ray
Another Day, Another Spanko
Appointment with the Principal
Around the Block
Asking For It
Bare Bottomed Bar Mitzvah

Barry and Mark
Barry's Visit
The After-Halloween Thrashings Part 1
The After-Halloween Thrashings part 2

Beating, Beaten, and Beat
Ben Soul
Big Brother's Duty
Big Brother's Secret
Birthday Backfire
Blowing the Game
Boy Sitting Boy - The Sitter's Story

Bransom Holiday Pack 2009
A Visit From St. Nicholas: 2032

Bransom Holiday Pack 2010
The Boy Who Hated Christmas
A Brother's Gift

Bransom Writers' Challenge
Family Night

Brett and Dave - Trouble Times Two
Bros in the Hall
Business Office

BWC #3 - Spooky Spankings
The Haunted Schoolhouse

BWG Challenge #2
The Wait

D.J. Gables - A Bully Brought Down
Divorce Decision

Ed, Eddy, and Ted
Quiet Boy
Shy Boy
Beggar Boy


Family Business
Entering a Family Business

Flipping Sides
Freshman Math: Fighting = Whipping
Gypsy Soul

Hallowe'en 2011
10 – Best Halloween Costume

His Brother's Keeper
If You Gotta Do Something...
In This House
Internet Insecurity

It Wasn't My Fault!
1 – It Wasn't Me
2 – It Wasn't Us!

Just Desserts
Leaking Joey 
Little Brother's a Big Boy Now

Little Daddy
Part 1
Part 2

My Brother Alex
What Luke Saw
A Night at Henry's House
Carl's Story
The Long Week
Ollie's Idea

My Brother, My Boyfriend, and Me
Naughty or Nice?
New Brother's First Time
Noah Haynes: Running Away Home
Odd Boy Out
One More Last Chance
Out of and Into Hot Water
Paying It Forward

Poindexter Jones
The Case of the Missing Tart
The Case of the Switched Phone
Caught Wet-Handed
A Little Dickens
The Chayne Gang

Pop Test
Report Card Day
Retirement Day

Rick's Celebrations
Part 1 – Happy Birthday, Rick
Part 2 – Merry Christmas, Rick

Roll the Dice
Ryan and Cam - Caught Streaking
Ryan and Derek: Playing the Wrong Games
Senior Prank
Share Alike
Single Jeopardy
Single Seat, Double Seat -- Single Brush, Double Heat

Snowy White, Rosy Red - A Brief Spanking Romance
Part 1 – January 1974
Part 2 – March 1974

Soliciting a Spanking
Son Burn on Vacation
Spanking the Moon
Spanky Dad and the Three Bares
Special Patrol

Attention Needed
In Class
Secret of the Sixth X
Shy Friend
Worst Words

Talking Politics

Teaching Lessons
Part 1
Part 2

Terry Kirk - Big Brother Gets the Belt
Tested By Tony

Thanksgiving 2011
Rump Roast for Turkey Day

The Booster Program

The Boy Next Door
Spring Break
in collaboration with St. George
You Can't Always Get What You Want... You Get What You Need
in collaboration with St. George

The Day I Realized I Was a Spanko

The Indians in Cabin Ten
Weekends and Rules

The Loneliest Ghost
The Long Ride
The Trouble with Tal
The Way the World Should Be
Things About Little Brothers
Third Degrees

Troy the Teen-Age Spanko
Part 1 – A Walk, a Talk, a Spanking
Part 2 – A Ride, A Story, and Pay Back

Uncle Doug's Spankings
Van's First Time
Welcome to the Family
White Lines
Worst Day of My Life
Wrestling with Regret

Year of the Rooster
Chapter 1: Father's Day (Prologue)
Chapter 2: Independence Day
Chapter 3: 15 August and More
Chapter 4: End of Summer, Back to School

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