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A New Broom Sweeps Clean

A Very Special Cane
Chapters 1 - 9
(Part 2) Chapters 10 - 14

AD 2022 - Welcome Back Cane and Birch
Part 1
Part 2

An Avoidable Beating
Black Friday
Carrington's Coup de Foudre

Discipline at St. Enodoc's Academy
Part 1
Part 2 – Concluded

Frobisher's New Job

Gay Sex Gregory (Introduction)
Sex Agogo Gregory

Jonathan Orlibar's Diary
Look Before You Leap

Moulton-Midmarsh Reform School - Its Rise and Demise
Part 1/2
Part 2/2

Orlibar Embraces the Facts of Life
Poetic Justice for Freddie
Reminiscences of a Strict Disciplinarian
Reminiscenses of a Grammar-School Boy

Sebastian the Male Escort - Part 1
Sebastian the Male Escort - Part 2
Simon and Sebastian - Part 1
Simon and Sebastian - Part 2

Sin City - Pompei AD 79
Sultan Tariq Omar's Male Harem

The Gay Disciplinarian
Part 1 – The Making of a Gay Disciplinarian
Part 2 – Petty Officer Pettifer

The Head Boy's Fag
Episode 1
Episode 2

The Headboy's Comeuppance

The Ingram-Lewis Chronicles
Part 1 – Oliver's First School Days
Part 2 – Patrick Ingram-Lewis - Oliver's father
Part 3 – Patrick's School Fortunes Soar - Beatings and Sex Galore
Part 4 – Patrick "IN LOCO DOMINI" -- cane and birch reign supreme at Rigby School
Part 5 – Patrick The Great Disciplinarian
Part 6 – Patrick's Final Term at Rigby

The Male Escort
The Millenium Boy
The Naked Bodybuilder's Assistant
The Rattan Cane -- Pain is the Name of the Game
The Rattan Cane: Its Mysteries Revealed
The Scholarship Boy
The Warden

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