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author: Jellico

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A Bedtime Buzz for Diaper Boy Scotty
A Bet Lost
A Mandingo of a Mess
A Shameful Confession
Ain't This What Close Brothers Do?
An Ache Compounded
Convincing Dad with an Upthrust Bottom
Corner Time and a Bare Bottom After School
Dario's Wish
First, Spank the Monkey
Four Benders
Fred's Dead
Glory Hole Hiding
Grounded No More
Hope Sees a Star
It's About Time
More Than He Bargained For
One Helluva Mood
One Tree Hill - After The Crash
Opening Up To Doctor Washburn
Playing Daddy
R Drops the Ball


A Dad Defined, A Son Forgiven
A Debt Re-paid
in collaboration with Wilvalkir
A Spanking Unforeseen

Second Chances
First Steps
The Trials of Father-Son Bonding
A Hot Day for a Spankin'

The Dowlings
Back in the Breach
Tough Choices

The Geffen Yen

The Glasier Clan
Fatherhood : Being There
Fatherhood : Being Scared

The Hollanders
A Spanking Aftermath from 1861
This Too Shall Pass

The Kaplans Take Me In
My First Day Of Forever
Stripping, Skidding, Sneaking and Spanking
Brotherhood Ups and Downs

Webcam Walloping
Derek's Debut
Derek's Disgrace

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