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author: John Lambert

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"A firm hand is better than a fair one".
"A long neglected yearning for flagellation" in Shanghai
"A youth who had made a small mistake with the police."
"An excitable boy with a taste for mischief"
"Beaten, as dust is beaten from a rug - regularly and thoroughly"
"Bumper Book of Boy's Bottoms"
"I neva done nothin''
"Inquisitive and mischievous to the point of foolhardiness"
"Mischief in his bones"
"The Rioters"
'A deplorable intrusion'
'A sorry tale of a violator of society's taboos'
'A Willing Victim' - Drops Litter

'The 31 Club'
Meeting an Admiral and a plumber.
Meeting Sergeant Flatfoot and Constable Plod.
Meeting schoolmasters Quelch and Hacker
Meeting a Scotsman and a PE instructor.

'The great 'Lofty' scandal of 1907'
'To avoid it a child may go into it'
'You didn't ought to have done that!'
A "richly deserved' birching
A 'bit of theatre' in Africa
A 'brilliant' morning
A 'calculating and devious boy' receives a second dose for truancy
A 'calculating and devious' boy plays truant
A 'fireworker' get a birching
A 'thoroughly merited' birching
A Borstal runaway
A boy conquers his fears
A boy full of disagreeable devilry'
A boy of 'previously good character' is birched.
A boy too fond of mischief

A Boy Too Handsome
A shot too far
A throw too hard
A whisper too loud
A sight too alluring
An addiction too strong
A dive too high
An artist too expressive
A short-cut too risky
A yawn too hippo-like
A day-dream too interesting
An essay too messy
An assignation too perilous

A boy with a naughty temper is birched

A Concerned Citizen
Deals with a trespasser
The Cannabis smoker
Makes a 'rowdy' boy even noisier
Deals with a 'speedster'
Makes a bagpipe player squeal
Deals with a vandal
Deals with a protester
Deals with a skateboarder
Thrashes a 'Grade A bum'
Deals with a 'Guilty- but unrepentent' youth
Deals with a 'mooning' incident
Deals with a gum chewer
Deals with a 'careless driver'

A Far East prison caning
A first voyage to Mombassa

A Fishing Trip...
Part 01 – Goes Wrong
Part 02 – Goes Even Further Wrong
Part 03 – Becomes a Calamity
Part 04 – Reaches a Climax

A gentleman goes to the beach
A janitor's hot afternoon
A judical caning in Ghana
A Master learns some lessons at St John's
A mischievous boy meets 'an ugly customer'
A moment of inexplicable aberration

A Naval Cadet
A Naval Cadet regrets talking
A Naval Cadet regrets smoking
A Naval Cadet's nocturnal misadventure
A Naval Cadet gets 'all the sex he can handle'
A Naval Cadet fails his uniform inspection
A Naval Cadet fails to pay attention
A Naval Cadet receives a late session
A Naval Cadet drops litter
A Naval Cadet Salutes incorrectly
A Naval Cadet fails to sneak in late
A Naval Cadet caught in pleasure
A Naval Cadet agrees with a proposition
Night Games
A Naval Cadet displays 'rash impulsiveness'
The runaway
An interesting first day
A Naval Cadet is lazy on sentry duty
A Naval Cadet Dances the horizontal hustle
Doing 'press-ups' properly
'Failed to respond instantly to an order'
A Naval Cadet makes an 'impudent comment'
A burning butt end
Caught larking about
A Naval Cadet's night-time excursion
The youth who knelt

A New Zealand Borstal
Part 01 – Judicial birching
Part 02 – A caning in the Borstal

A painful passage through India
A photographer gets some exciting snaps
A prisoner throws a cup of tea
A sentry's 'discreditable conduct'
A shower of boys
A slow learner in Africa
A speed trap incident
A tourist vists a Far East sauna

A train spotter
Part 01 – Runs too slowly
Part 02 – Runs too slowly again

A trespassing rascal

A Young American
A young American in the Caribbean
A young American in Kenya

A youth gets a 'very deeply tanned hide'
A youth misbehaves
A youth's short morning in an African Police Station
Adam - the Cabin Boy
Africa by the back passage
African caning

Albert Goes to Blackhill Borstal
Albert fails to pass uniform inspection
Albert, the Borstal medical orderly
Albert takes a temperature
Albert witnesses an inoculation
Albert's nocturnal misadventure

An afternoon in the Park
An afternoon in the tropics

An appreciator of art
'The Snake Charmer'
Donatello's David
Ares Borghese

An apprentice joins Barker & Son
An Asian pickpocket's story
An early Sunday morning in the Police Station

An Enthusiastic Collector
Part 01 – An enthusiasm is kindled
Part 02 – An enthusiasm is confirmed
Part 03 – An enthusiasm is rewarded

An Epic Film
Part 01 – An Epic Film Is Painfully Crafted
Part 02 – An Epic Film Slowly Takes Shape
Part 03 – An Epic Film Comes To A Tearful End

An exhibitionist in Africa
An occasion unsuited to leniency
An Oriental Naval Cadet is caned
An unofficial caning in Senegal
An unofficial Police caning in Africa
Anthony pays for his slackness
Anthony's 'great' idea

Army Cadets
An Army Cadet's hard evening
An Army career starts
The unfortunate uniform inspection
The inexplicable stain
The Army cadet who asked for it
The careless sentry

Beating Boys' Bottoms
Being Birched

Part 1
Part 2

Part 01 – Bennett makes a bad start
Part 02 – Bennett's first PE lesson
Part 03 – Bennett is summoned to the Housemaster's study

Benny and I
Benny and I trespass on an RAF base
Benny and I 'moon' some train passengers
Benny & I watch a football match
Benny & I visit a Naval Base
Benny goes missing
Benny & I visit the Isle of Wight
Benny and I visit a church
Benny & I caught stealing fruit

Blackhill Borstal
An obdurate inmate arrives at Blackhill Borstal
Prisoner 231's escape attempt
Prisoner 219's attitude is adjusted.
Prisoner 202's boisterous fun
Prisoner 207's extreme folly
Prisoner 217's multitude of sins
Inmate 257's 'good birching'
Prisoner 261 arrives
Inmate 274's skirmish
Inmate 281's 'Deserved extras'
Inmate 290's 'absolutely justified' birching
Inmate 294's unfortunate joke
Prisoner 299's public caning
Inmate 304 is insolent
Prisoner 319 pays for forgetfulness
Boy 336's 'rebellious' nature
Inmate 411's truculence is cured.
Prisoner 428 receives an attitude adjustment
A Boy Arrives at Borstal
Boy 436's escape attempt
Boy 459's sin of rebellion is punished

Part 01 – A schoolboy completes his 'collection'
Part 02 – A naval cadet starts his collection

Brian in Africa
Brian Is Immunised
Brian Arrives
Brian Is Drunk and Disorderly
Brian's nocturnal adventure
'A troublesome and disturbing affair'
The Smoking Butt
The Traffic Accident
'Going much too fast'
'Morally contemptible behaviour'

Part 01 – Calvin Goes to a Correctional Establishment for Boys
Part 02 – Calvin's Further Adventures in the Correctional Establishment

Car Park Security Guard

Catering Corps
A Catering Corps Cadet get his just deserts
A Catering Corps Cadet provides a late night snack
A Catering Corps Cadet has an unwise assignation

Ceylonese Judicial Caning

Chief Warder Whiteley
Proficient Beater
Public Performer

Collecting birch twigs
Colonel Crawford - Dealing with a lazy sentry

Colonel Raven
The Colonel's ruined fox hunt
The Colonel's nephew visits
The Colonel catches a swimmer
The Colonel's nephew has a surreptitious cigarette
The raspberry gatherers

Constable Bullard's first birching

Constable Hawkins
Constable Hawkins Delivers an Edwardian Birching
Constable Hawkins Catches a Catapulter
Constable Hawkins Deals With a Trespasser
Constable Hawkins Catches a 'Scrumper'
Constable Hawkins Commits a Kind Act
Constable Hawkins birches two bad lads
Hawkins conducts a birching tutorial
Constable Hawkins deals with a nuisance
Hawkins deals with a fighter
Hawkins nabs a train spotter
Birching a bad boy's bottom
Reduces a boy's high spirits
Deals with an 'impenitent sinner'
Restores the peace of the realm

Corporal Sodje
Part 01 – Corporal Sodje's Excellent Morning
Part 02 – Corporal Sodje's Unfortunate Afternoon

Darren 'messes up' - twice!
David's double dose
Dealing with a sly and slippery boy
Dealing with an unwanted Christmas guest

Deputy Jeavons
Whuppin' the tar out of a bad boy
Whups Two Bad Boys
Catches a Shoplifter
Deputy Jeavons gets the grass cut
Deputy Jeavons Catches a peach stealer
Deputy Jeavons has a busy morning

Dr Cahill's busy afternoon

Edward's disciplinary adventures
Buying a cane
Buying a tawse
Buying a birch rod

Fijian Judicial Caning
First visit to Mr.Fleming's study

First Year Intake
Routledge, Mullery and Clarke
Keyworth and Gibson

Glorious Privilege
Guard Tan and the awkward Englishman
Imperial Justice

In the Deep South
Part 01 – A Gardenboy Reveals His Talents
Part 02 – Benfield's Story
Part 03 – Ambrose Gains Employment
Part 04 – Ambrose is released

In the Woods
A summer afternoon in the woods
Another afternoon in the woods- the swimmers
Collecting conkers
A winter afternoon in the woods
A spring afternoon in the woods

Indian judicial caning
Indonesian Prison Caning
Internet policies
Jacques' confession
Jamaican Judicial thrashing
Jean Claude's confession
John Coffey's lucky strapping
Joseph - the problem begins

Juvenile Court Personnel
Part 01 – Morning
Part 02 – Lunchtime
Part 03 – Afternoon
Part 04 – Tea-time
Part 05 – Evening
Part 06 – Night

Kenyan Judicial caning
Knock down ginger
Late back from leave
Leaving the straight road of destiny
Making a boy 'as good as gold'

Malcolm Is Welcomed to Borstal
Malcolm Is Caned in Borstal
Malcolm is released from Borstal
Malcolm, the difficult Cadet
Malcolm's induction goes badly
Malcolm receives the tawse
The hopeless sentry
The last night assignation
Malcolm is made to wriggle
Malcolm encounters a Scottish Officer
Malcolm's Night Exercise
The 'Concealment and Evasion' course
Malcolm turns the tables
Malcolm discovers a cadet who clutches at straws
Malcolm's 'Night Orderly Officer' duties
Conducts a uniform inspection

Mister Joshua recruits a bed-warmer
Mr Rafferty - Home Tutor - A new and an old student
My last cigarette
New caning arrangements
Nigerian Judicial Caning

Nyasaland African Rifles
Night Duties
Junior Cadet
Cadet 405
The Late Runner
A Cadet misses the 'bus'.
Uniform Inspection


Parade Ground
A morning on the Parade Ground
The impudent observer
Parade Ground blunders

Police Career - An earlier afternoon

Post Colonial Africa
Part 1
Part 2

Prefects and Fags
The 'fags' get slippered
The Prefect's comeuppance
Clive- The Head Prefect
A Prefect's work is never done
The Prefect's burnt toast
Head Prefect McFarland's unlucky fags
The Prefect - 'a decent fellow'
The diligent Prefect
The benefit of having a 'wonky' knee
The perils of being late
The Caning competition
'The prettiest fag'
The punitive expedition
'The small spill'
End of the School year
A ripping strapping
The House transfer
The forgetful fag
The faux pas
The boy with the peevish tone of voice
The benefits of having a bottom that is 'narrow and not sufficiently robust'
'Big, big, big trouble.'
The lucky shoulder injury
The forgotten cakes
Missing rugby practice
Spilling the tea.
The Night Raid
'a rather silly mistake'
Forgetting one's cap
The dress code violation
A lion eating salad

Prison Governor
The Prison Governor broadens his knowledge
The Prison Governor inclines towards leniency

Prisoner 4289
Part 01 – Prisoner 4289's unfortunate fit of temper
Part 02 – Prisoner 4289 - shaved and thrashed
Part 03 – Prisoner 4289, the last for now...
Part 04 – Prisoner 4289's escape attempt.
Part 05 – Arthur returns
Part 06 – Prisoner 4289 escapes

Purification in Punishment
Roasting a boy to 'the very pink of perfection'

School Caps
Part 01 – The problem begins
Part 02 – The skirmish
Part 03 – The Public Caning
Part 04 – Mr. Murray's secret revealed
Part 05 – Camberley recovers his cap
Part 06 – Applying the ointment

Sergeant Atkins deals with Ralph
Singapore prison caning

Stokeham Boys' School
Dealing With A 'Bully'
The 'Soft Touch'
Mr Carrick Learns Caning Techniques
Mr. McKenzie Canes a 'Fresh' Bottom
The Apprentice Gardener
'Bound to be cruelly treated'
A new entry in the book
Storing treasure in heaven
The cinema visit
Mr. Savage - worthy of his name
The new Master
Supervising the malingerers
The mock examination
Reckless behaviour
'The fast pace errant children least enjoy'
'A good, hard caning'
'Shorty' Milner's bad idea
Stokeham Boys' School- Selecting the right cane
Selecting a Captain
The boy who 'just had to do it.'
'Messing about with Melford's bottom'
'Running in the corridor'
Evening duties
'Enemy actions'
The ruthless Mr. Ritchie
Mr. Starling's splendid caning
The bridge party
Mr. Russell's busy evening
Paying attention
Mr.McMinn's wicked tawse
Failing to hand in 'prep'.
The evening visitor
The incomplete 'prep'
The new Sports Masters
A master takes his last chance
'Tyndall whacks really hard'
The 'forceful' Mr. Hudson
'Dirty' work
Reciting the speech
'Larking about'
'Come to my study after supper'
A most fatiguing evening
Visiting Mr Bradley
Harper's first visit
A situation sure to erode a boy's confidence.
Upson receives his 'Come-uppance'
Visiting 'Whacker Warnock'
Warnock's wonderful evening.
Mr Hurst's hard PE lesson
Copland's costly error
Bancroft's evening visit.
The boy with an exciting future behind him
The full cost of ill-discipline

That Monday morning feeling
The 'Paintball Gang' perform a Community Service
The 'Relief Master'
The ambition of every schoolboy
The batman's perfect Friday night
The boy who owed some "Prep"
The boy who won't do it again
The Caddy
The Cadet's unfortunate custard stain
The careless trainspotter

The Choirboy
In the Choir Stalls
Replacing the hymnbooks

The Constable's excellent 'opportunity to learn'
The Constable's satisfying lunch break
The cost of an apple
The Day on the Farm
The District Police Commissioner solves an accounting issue
The Edwardian funfair
The Fag's revenge
The fate of an 'Inherently Disruptive' boy

The Fleet
The Fleet Visits Kingston
The Fleet Visits Bridgetown, Barbados
The Fleet Visits New Orleans
Rodney, Jeremy and I in a Locked Room
The Fleet Visits Cape Town
The Fleet Visits Singapore
The Fleet Visits Tokyo
The Fleet Visits Fiji
The Fleet Visits Mumbai

The Honorary Consul

The Magistrate
The Magistrate's holiday morning
The Magistrate's holiday afternoon
Disturbing the Peace
Dealing with a shoplifter
Deals with a scandalous offence
Deals with a trespasser
Deals with hooliganism
Not giving the benefit of doubt
The Magistrate observes 'The Machinery of the Law'
Deals with a 'conker' collector

The Medical Assistant's busy morning
The Military Policeman's evening
The Milk Snatchers
The misfortune caused by a busy Headmaster
The new polisher
The Night Guard
The Orderly Officer's evening
The penalty for 'vulgar inebriation'
The penalty for losing one's 'moral compass'
The penalty for ruffianism
The penalty for straying from righteous behaviour
The perils of 'mountaineering'
The perils of being 'Drunk and Incapable'
The perils of visiting a poor country
The problem caused by being 'over-refreshed' in Malawi

The Sergeant dispenses justice
Part 1
Part 2

The Snowball throwers
The surprising sauna visit
The Sussex Yeomanry go 'jungle' training
The visa problem
The young, the old and the white

Toby Barnard's CP adventures
Part 01 – Mr. Paige
Part 02 – McGiven
Part 03 – Mr.Rodway

Trooper Grey paddles a bad ass
Two 'vandals' are dealt with
Two boys - 'Up To No Good'
Unpleasant memories
Waiting for the sunshine

Part 01 – Wilberforce's First School Caning
Part 02 – Wilberforce Evens Up the 'Score'

Young Offender - By the numbers
Zambian judicial caning

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