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Abuse of Power
Coach's Caning
Babysitter's Bitch

Brexit Britain
Part One – An Introduction
Part Two – The New School Order
Part Three – Power of the Police
Part Four – Follow Ups Required
Part Five – Prison, Paddle and Strap
Part Six – The Hall Disciplinary Monitor, University Spankings
Part Seven – Home from University
Part Eight – A New Act and Extension of Power

Email Correspondence
Part One

Friday Nights
Grandma's Rule
Holidaying in the Caravan
Maintenance Spanking

Michael and ...
His coach
His father

New Step Mommy
New Step-Daddy

Real Life
Part 1 – Introduction
Part 2 – Early Years
Part 3 – The Sleepover Gone Wrong
Part 4 – A brush with the cane
Part 5 – A spanking each night

Stay at my Aunt and Uncle's
Part 1 – My First Night
Part 2 – The Shopping Trip
Part 3 – The Babysitter
Part 4 – The Babysitter II
Part 5 – The Next Day
Part 6 – Return of the Babysitter
Part 7 – Time To Go Home [conclusion]

Staying at Grandpa's

The Children's Home
Part 1 – Moving In
Part 2 – A Proper Introduction
Part 3 – Shopping Trip and Milk

The Family Spanko
The Whipping Boy
University Tutorial

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