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A Teacher's "Tail"
Part 1: The Second Worse Fate Than Death
Part 2: Curbing Christopher's Criminal Career
Part 3: Physician, Spank Thyself!
Part 4: Reforming Rhonda

A Teacher's OWN "Tail"
A Test Of Mettle
A Very Disney GangSpank
Liar Liar, Butts On Fire!
Fun With Music And Crime And Punishment
Scout's Dishonor
Getting The Point
Fire In The Tub!
Mid-Morning Wood
Oh Sister, Wherethehell Art Thou?
Putting The 'Smart' In Art Appreciation

Blatant Lies From Hell (Fiction)
Twice-Molten Mayhem
"Please Don't Pet The Piranha"
Snuffing Sis -- Attempt XIV
Battle Of The Monkey Bars
Best Of Friends In The Worst Of Times
Striking Out Of The Bat Patrol
The Round-Robin Whacker
Please Don't Shoot The Scoutmaster
Capital Corporal Punishment
Redstroke: The Legend of Tarzan Jr.
The Not-So-Funhouse
It Came Upon A Moonlight Clear
Motel Hell
The Groincloth
The Hell Of Little Stinkers
A Letter To Santa And Other Horrors
Sorry Dad, It *Looked* Like A Football
Saint Valentine's Day Massacre
The Well-Tanned UnTan
White sWitch Doctor
Boys Will Be Girls
Death Of A SalesKid
And Now A Word From My Sponsors
A Black I and a Red S
20,000 Filter Traps Ain't Enough!
Things That Go 'Spank' In The Night
Feel The Rope-Burn
Red Carnations and Pink Johnsons
A Weekend At Camp CP
Safety Last
The Littlest Pornographer
The Mallusionist

Even More Blatant Lies (Fiction)
Get Rid Of The Substitute And Die Trying
The Iron Dinosaur
Things To Do and Things To Don't
Twenty Thousand Swats Over The Seat
The Too-Visible Boy
Bad Old Golden Rule Days
New Year's EEEEEEEve!
The Big Bang
Gumball Rings And Fanny Stings
The Slay Ride
A Triple-Whammy Tutorial
Have Prank, Will Travel
"Meet You At The Bike Rack"
Rainbows, Gold and Sauropods
The Torturer's Apprentice
The Tooth-And-Nail Fairy
Clown Wars: He Who Gets Smacked!
Flunking Arithmetricks
Getting Bare Is Half The Fun
A Prickly Halloween Tale
Double, Double, Butts In Trouble
Take Me Out To The Bawl Game
Fun With Curses And Other Dumb Ideas
Woodwork Lessons, Good And Bad
Don't Try This At Home!
Order In The Kangaroo Court!
The Perils of Sitting and Spinning
P.T.A. = Personal Transgression Accounting
Ants In The Pants With Fries
The Sadie Hawkins Horror
The Science Unfair
Field Trips And Food Fights
Situation Normal, All Foiled Up
War Is Heck
Night at the Horsepistol with Tonkels
Plan Nine From Neverland
Bar Exam
Ain't This The Pits?
Reciprocal Redtails
The Littlest Broadcast Career
Centerfold, Interrupted
This Ain't Your Parents' Farmville!

Jeekers, MORE Lies! (Fiction)
The Haunting Of Tree House
The Hacking Of Tree House
Peddling Pop's Privates
To Take A Cookie You Need A Brownie
Show And Die
Journey To The Center Of The Sewer
Silence Ain't So Golden
Homework Hour Hell
The Pit And The Pendulous
The Sicktionary
Going Green, Turning Red
The Paper-Punk Cometh
Passion Play-Boy

Not Exactly A FanFic
Caspanko Royale
Lassie, GO HOME!
"Lassie's In The Well!"
"He's Spanked, Jim!"
I Dream Of Genie In Nightmares
Bernie Potter's Half-Ass Print

The Life and Hard Times of Benjamin Dover
in collaboration with Roguebfl

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