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A British Boy Learns an American Lesson
A Cheater's Ass Pays the Price
A Lesson Learned Well
A Letter to Xak
A Perfect Circle
A Time of Discovery
A Turkish Jailhouse Experience
All in the Family
An April Fool's Spanking
Andrew's Big Mistake (A Story for Easter)
Another Insolent Teen Meets the Strap

Brentwood School for Wayward Boys
Part 1 – Arrival
Part 2 – The Barber's Perspective
Part 3 – The Wristband Dilemma

Burned By a Paddle
Candy Apple Red
Circle of Friends
Cody's Lesson
Consequences of a Teenage Girlfriend

Consequences of Misbehavior
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

David's Date with the Paddle
For the Love of a Switch
Greg Earns a Belted Blistered Bottom

Hand Spanking a Teenage Thief
Part 1
Part 2 – The Sequel

He Was Strapped for Cash!
Hot Bubble Butt
I Paid the Price, One Swat at a Time
I Spanked the Neighbor Boy
Jakesís Lesson
Jeremy's Spanking
Jim's Last Spanking
Lou and His Friends
Lou's Judicial Paddling
Memories of a Gym Coach

Mideast Justice
Part 1
in collaboration with Jim Piston
Part 2
in collaboration with Jim Piston
Part 3
in collaboration with Jim Piston

Miss Prichet's Underpants
Modern Teaching Techniques
No Time Quite Like the Present!
One Swat Too Many
Paddled As a Freshman (A True Story)

Paddled at Springfield High
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 – The Gym Class
Part 5 – Spanked For A Wank
Part 6 – The Window
Part 7 – Chandler's Absence

Paddled at the Frat
Revenge at the Swimming Hole
Sean's Letter
Sean's Letter Gets a Reply
Sergeant of Arms
Spanked at Fifteen!
Spanked in College!
Spanking a Teenage Pornstar
Spanking Pants

Spankmaster 5000
Part 1 – Ricky's Story
Part 2 – Timothy Feels the Heat!

Strapped at Eighteen!
Strapped by a Georgia Judge!
Takedown of a Teenage Swimmer
The Birthday Spank
The Class Clown

The Crymaker
Part 1 – Michael Meets the Crymaker
Part 2
Part 3 – Robert Meets the Crymaker
Part 4 – Michael Survives the Crymaker
Part 5 – Travis Meets the Crymaker
Part 6 – Bypassing the Crymaker
Part 7 – Cheating the Crymaker
Part 8 – End of the Crymaker

The Interview
The Machine - A Fatherís Perspective
The Party
The Party Boy Original
The Prison Spanker
The Sore Bottom and the Caged Manhood
The Stud

The Team Bets It All
Part 1
Part 2 – The Aftermath

The Teenage Delinquent
The Trap.

The Wrestling Match...
Part 1
Part 2 – The Aftermath

We Called Him Hooks
Whipped for War Crimes

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