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author: Peter gordon

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"Anything to say ?"
A Dad from Bognor
A Peter Sellers impersonation
A strapped bottom Watusi
After 60 clothes brush spanks
Any thoughts?
As girls go by
Barry says it kills
Bognor Cane Company cane...the choirmaster
Butlins Bognor Boy

Caning and crying
Part 1
Part 2

Cloud over Peter
Corner time
Dobbed in
Educating Paul
Even four strokes

Part 1
Part 2

Mr Eric Wildman

My form four examination results
Part 1
Part 2

ode to the Spanky Stool......the poem

Peter and Cousin John
01 – My cousin John is spanked by Dad
02 – Peter and cousin John spanked by Dad

Peter asks the reader

Peter at School
01 – The blub
02 – Mr Biter or Mr Stinger
03 – Caned for littering
04 – Pete 'the pedal'

Peter gets what he deserves
Peter is shorty pants
Peter is Sir
Peter learns
Peter the class clown
Please Sir please
Saturday sore bottom
School report reckoning
Shorts and white ankle socks for Peter
Show off
Sore bottom sorry time
Spank dancer
Spank dancer in the corner
Teenage Peter the well spanked boy
teenage schoolboy troublemakers
The hornet cane
The soft drink show off
The Spanky Stool
The wish

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