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"Proud" Challenge
Proud #8

1976 ~ A Flight of Fancy -- A Pushkin Fantasy
A Bad Day At School
A Sticky Situation For The Spunky Boys
A Story Without (Many) Words

An Unusual Medical Examination
Part 1
Part 2

Barely Bearable
Best Served Cold

Camp Spanko Application Essay Challenge
Will Anybody Help With My Airfare?

Camp Spanko Stories
Songs Round the Campfire

Carrots the Poet
Fire Down Below!
Master Wigglebottom - or - Elijah and the Raven
Pleasure, Pain and Pleasure
Sam Likes It Hot
The Episode of the Stolen Fountain Pen
The Game of Cards

The Honest Schoolmaster
1 – An Unusual Caning
2 – Smith: More Cut and Thrust

The Housemaster Keeps His Hand In

The Librarian
1 – The Boy Next Door
2 – Mr Wilmslow Shows His Hand
3 – A Lesson from Mr Wilmslow
4 – Max and Smacks

The Perils of Showering

The Quog Diaries
1 – Root
2 – More Root
3 – Root in Trouble
4 – Root Takes a Back Seat

The Strange Desires of Jeffrey Furbelow
The Underpants Mystery
Tom, Dick and Harry
Two Choirboys. Conduct Unbecoming.
You Can't Beat a Headmaster

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