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Aaron's Game
Chapter 1: Happy Birthday!
Chapter 2: Claiming Turf
Chapter 3: Golden Boys
Chapter 4: Fun and Mean
Chapter 5: Pranks and Spanks
Chapter 6: Twenty-Four Hours of Torment
Chapter 7: Walk of Shame
Chapter 8: Punks Vs. Commandos
Chapter 9: Preparations
Chapter 10: Sweet Revenge
Chapter 11: Paddle Party
Chapter 12: Fresh Meat
Chapter 13: The Day Before
Chapter 14: Let the Battles Begin!
Chapter 15: The Hazing Squad
Chapter 16: The Grand Plan
Chapter 17: Return to the Hall of Fear
Chapter 18: The Pain Pigs
Chapter 19: The Element of Surprise
Chapter 20: The Brig
Chapter 21: New Connections
Chapter 22: Reuben in Charge
Chapter 23: The Longest Week
Chapter 24: Sore Losers
Chapter 25: Getting Punked

Redspkscott's Real Discipline Journal
Chapter 1: The Spanking Contract
Chapter 2: Underestimating a Spanking
Chapter 3: More Than I Can Handle

The Blister Boyz
An Intro: City Of Hurting
Chapter 1: The Reckoning
Chapter 2: Experimentation
Chapter 3: Horse Rides For Everybody
Chapter 4: When Your Only Tool Is A Paddle…
Chapter 5: Taking Charge
Chapter 6: Birth Of The Blister Boyz (Finally!)
Chapter 7: Seven Vignettes
Chapter 8: Two Hunts
Chapter 9: Raising Hell
Chapter 10: Bun Warming
Chapter 11: In Scorch's Lair
Chapter 12: Smaqdown's Long-Awaited Smackdown
Chapter 13: Interlude - The Crimson Brotherhood
Chapter 14: No Pain, No Gain (Part I)
Chapter 15: No Pain, No Gain (Part II)
Chapter 16: No Pain, No Gain (Conclusion)
Chapter 17: Bad Asses (Part I)
Chapter 18: Bad Asses (Part II)
Chapter 19: Bad Asses (Part III)
Chapter 20: Bad Asses (Conclusion)
Chapter 21: Troll Bait (Part I)
Chapter 22: Troll Bait (Part II)
Chapter 23: Troll Bait (Conclusion)
Chapter 24: The Painful Truth (Part I)
Chapter 25: The Painful Truth (Part II)
Chapter 26: The Painful Truth (conclusion)
Chapter 27: City of Pain
Chapter 28: The Line Between Discipline and Abuse
Chapter 29: Punishment in the Cards
Chapter 30: Walter's Secret
Chapter 31: Red Butts at Morning
Chapter 32: The Viper Bites
Chapter 33: Another Interlude - Brotherhood Rising
Chapter 34: Summer's End
Chapter 35: The Rump Roast
Chapter 36: The Grand Tour
Chapter 37: Big Brothers
Chapter 38: Rush!
Chapter 39: Interlude, Brotherhood Dreams
Chapter 40: Nightmare at Omega House (Part I)
Chapter 41: Nightmare at Omega House (Part II)
Chapter 42: Baldwin's Plateau
Chapter 43: Siren's Call
Chapter 44: Throwdown
Chapter 45: Enslaved
Chapter 46: Busting Their Butts
Chapter 47: The Great Escape
Chapter 48: Not the Briar Patch!
Chapter 49: Out of the Frying Pan …
Chapter 50: The Fun House
Chapter 51: Built 4 Pain
Chapter 52: The Aftermath
Chapter 53: Forward Outpost Omega
Chapter 54: Keeping That Temper in Check
Chapter 55: Weight Room Bullies

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