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author: Robert Wilson

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Collingwood's Interview With The Headmaster
Collingwood's first lesson in effective caning
Collingwood's strange day

Disciplined School Boys
Londons Privileged Anarchist
Boys will be boys - I hate my brother
60's Schoolboy and the rule of six !
A bad day for Jeremy ~1.
A bad day for Jeremy ~2
A bad day for Jeremy ~3
A bad day for Jeremy ~4
A bad day for Jeremy ~5
A rather good time for Jeremy
A bad day for Toby ( 2 perspectives)
First taste of the cane for Amos
Caught on camera
Edward and the Colonel
Prefects in Peril.
Peter's Guardian
Flatt's revenge.
Swine fever - a painful encounter.
The Johnson family's appointment with the Headmaster
An unwelcome dinner guest.
Desk top graffiti, Master Maltby's downfall

Errant Adults
An Early Strike From the Millennium Bug
A Belated Visited to the Prefect
Company Discipline
A further example of company discipline
JS pays a heavy price for a simple mistake.
Cigarettes can cause real pain
Tell it to the (Royal) Marines

Justice is Served
Embarrassment, humiliation and pain
Ben meets the strong arm of the law

Robbie Wilson - Robbie at Royal Grammar School
Robert's School Examination
Robert's First Caning
Robert's Caning, the Teacher's View
Robert's Extra Gym Class
A Lesson in Table Manners
Captain's Table, Robbie's Elder Brother in Touble
Robert Taken in Hand
Paul's Perspective
A Bad Start to the Day
Maths is a Problem
Bad Music
Family Discipline
A Letter From Robbie

Robbie Wilson - Robbie at The Abbey School
New School, New Prefects, New Rules
Poor Syntax and Bad History
A Tale of Six Seats
Pay And Display
Purple Tracks at Sunset
Brotherly Affection
A Certain Kind of Justice
Big Brother Wrongly Accused
Brothers in Adversity

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