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[Untitled series]
The Adjourned
The Adjourned - Condemned
The Adjourned - Damned to the Walls

A British Boy's Session.
A Case of Two Red Butts.
A Chastise Pining.
A Good Old-Fashioned Spanking Needed.

Bayesview High School.
On The Seat of Your Pants
First Impressions.
When Boys Are Bad.

Coming to Grips with A First Meeting.
Confessions of a Masochist.
Different Strokes of Attention.
For Old Time's Sake.

Foreman Values
Home-bred Probation.
A Whipped Ass

He Who Knows Better Cries Harder

Holland's Chambers
Arthur Holland's American Boy!
Holland's hidden Attic: The Pleasure of Pain.
Alan Takes a Whipping.
The 3 Layer Cake part I
The 3 Layer Cake part II
Wicked Delectations.
A Divided Nation To Endear Union.
To Give Into Temptation.
A Family Reunion.
The Four Sided Triangle.

Holland's Wonder Years
The Victim of a Strange Desire.
Calling Under Blood Red Skies.
Mistaken We Follow Restless Emotions.
A Butterfly in A Spider's Web.
Unwilling, Still Hunger.
For Lustful Pleasures Take You Down.

Josh Gazner -- Through High School
Never Too Old
Reap What You Sow.
The Forbidden Fruit.

Kittle's Way
Payback is A Bitch
Rigorous Castigation.

Life at Caleston Fantasia
Tanner's First Day at Caleston Fantasia.
Is Getting Paddled Worth a Thought?
Guilt Hurts the Heart.
Holes of the Soul.
Disciplining Tanner Kellerman
The impermissible Gratification.
Inaccurate Judgement.
Uncovering Stipulations.
Hand Of Two Of A Kind.
And the Swiss Cheese Heart.

Ordinary People ?
Part 1
Part 2 – An Officer and A Gentleman
Part 3 – Lies Weaved to Deceive.
Part 4 – Adolescent Deviant.
Part 5 – The Right Hand Of The Officer To Licks Of A Paddle.

Out of Sight Penalty Required.
Red White And Blue.

Spanking of a Manchild.
Spanking a Man Child
Anomalous Relationship
A Harsh Lesson Learned.

Strict Contract.
The Housefather's Stamp Of Approval.
The Redneck Red Ass.
The Talent of Mr. Jarret.

Travis Wyatt's Fixation
Hankering for A Good Beating
Chastisements Harshly.
Way Of The Game - Part I
Way Of The Game - Part II
Sometimes One Must Be Taught A Lesson.

Two For The Show.

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