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[Untitled series]
Playing Hero, Get Spanked Hard for Real.
Playing Villain, and gets spanked hard.

A boy's choice
A few wishes before Christmas
Babysitting the Boys
Babysitting the Boys, Gary goes home
Billy's Plan

Boy's School
The Story of Timothy
The Story of Jackson

Boys Teach Dad
Cheating at School

Christmas 2015
Sugar Bottom Boy

David hates rules
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Denny asks the questions and Linda has the answers.
Gambling Teen
Getting out of a spanking

Luke Complains
Part 1
Part 2 – GroundHog Day

Mike and the Babysitter
Miles from Good Looking
Mom's new boyfriend
New Neighbor
New School for Brent, Surprise for Dad!
Peeking at Aunt`s Panties

Peter Pan's High School Reunion
Miss Darling

Silence and the Judge
Spanked like a Child
Strict Aunt Shannon
Strict Tutor, pulls out the paddle
The Birthday that changed Dustin's life forever.
The Coupon
The Cutest Boy
in collaboration with David M. Katz
The Good Boy
The Sheep and the Wolf

Toby and His Wishes
Three Wishes
Three More Wishes
A few Wishes brings a Zen Spanking
A wish for the President
Three Wishes, He is not Kidding.

Waiting for a very hard spanking
Waiting Room
Welcome to the program Jimmy Jones!
Wonderful Mystery Boys
Worthless Little Beast
in collaboration with David M. Katz

Your mother is not here
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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