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"Proud" Challenge
Proud #7

"The Ball Boy on the Court" Challenge
Ball Boy on the Court

2010 A Spanking Fantasy
A Big Deal
A Bit of Chistmas Fun
A Budding Author
A Bully, His Victim, and the Unusual Solution.
A Case To Remember
A Dubious Honour!
A Festive Season Tale.
A Game of Cards
A Little Devil
A Long Day in Shorts

A Lotto Spanko!
Part 1
Part 2

A Matter of Comparisons
A Moving Experience.
A New Dad For A Bad Lad
A Prince And His Whipping Boy
A Slaphappy Christmas
A Sore Journey Home
A Spooky Spanking Tale
A Tale of Three Houses
A Teacher's Dilemma
A Time To Reflect
A Train - The Cane - Another Train.
A Week in the Life of a Headmaster
Academy of Self-discipline
All at Sea!
An Attic's Secrets
An Unwelcome Card
And for the Next Five Minutes!
Andrew and Mr Drew
Another Boy Through The Window
Are You Awake Sir!
Ball Boy Sam
Best of Friends
Best Of The Six
Better The Devil You Know
Bronze, Silver and Gold
Brothers in Trouble

Cadet Philips
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Card Cheats. A Thomson Story
Carrot and Slipper
Chance Encounter
Chaperons And Charges
Christmas Term Reports
Class Teamwork
Coming Full Circle
Dads for a Fortnight
Daniel Stays at the Lion's Den!
Darn Good Acting
Democracy At School
Do you often get you arse smacked?
Early Bird
Even's Evidence
Every Doggety Has His Day!
Farmhouse Tutor
Financing The Holiday
Finding the Perfect Bottom
Fire Drill
Four Boys and a Barn
Frolics in the Cellar
Get Me A Suitable Subject
Ginger Beer
Give A Boy A Black Eye And....
Giving A Real Naughty Boy A Real Spanking.
Grandpa's Last Wish
Have You Ever Been Spanked?
Heaven Afloat

His Own Medicine
Part 1
Part 2

Hotel Northsea
How are Things in Tomormora?
How Prince Hessian Keeps His Hand In
How to Handle a Kicker.
Ian and the Headmaster
Just a Joke
Just A Signature Required
Justice - Junior Style!
Lawn Strip
Lazy Gimbert
Licensed to Be Spanked
Lights, Camera, Action!
Little Monkeys
Making Hay
Mark Time
Mass Vaccination Day
Methwold's Method
Mr Benson's Secret
My Own Story
New Fags Don't Sweep Clean!
No Fooling Mr Dixon
Not All Right on the Night!
Oh Brother!
Open Day
Ordeal By Telephone
OTK Report Reading
Panic Morning
Peter, Paul, and the Paintings
Placating Zeo
Puffer Train Therapy
Punishment Exercise
Pupil Exchange
Road Tested And House Trained
Roddie and Zac
Rupert's First Week
Sammy in Demand
Six Green Monkeys Hanging On The Bars
Skipper Thomson
Solving the Village Problem
Sometimes Even Friends Can Be Cruel!
Taken for a Ride
Taming The Twins
Teenage Tearaway

The "Boys Wearing Skirts to School" Challenge
The Boy in a Skirt

The Adventures of a Bellboy
The Adventures of a Deck Apprentice
The Alfresco Shadow Theatre
The Belt Buyers
The Boy at the Snooker Table
The Boy has got to get used to it!
The Boy Sailor
The Boy Who Asked For It - Literally!
The Bums on Seats Award!
The Case of the Nine Moons
The Cheeky Face
The Choice
The Class Of Two Halves
The Cousins Green
The day of Retribution
The Day The Bully Got Framed.
The Day the Chairman Came
The Day They Got It For Real!
The Devil Finds Work For Idle Hands
The Evening Class
The Ever Shortening Line
The Fact Finding Committee
The Fall and Rise of an Idol
The Farmer's Son
The Festive Season Choice - A Sore Behind or Left behind
The Frustrated Prefect
The Gentlemen and their Entertainment
The Golden Cane
The Good Lad
The Haircut
The Hall Mice
The Happy Band of Spankers
The Haunted Computer
The High Cost Of Fruit
The Honeypot Factor
The Horror Orphanage
The Kitchen Raiders
The Lady of Horby Hall
The Last Week of Term
The Loneliness of a Young Boarder
The Long And Short Of It
The Long Week
The Lovebirds
The Lure of Gold
The Man in the Black Suit
The Modern Hanging Judge
The Mysterious Harry
The New Neighbours
The Old Stinking Chair
The Old Windmill
The Opening Ceremony - A short Christmas Fantasy
The Pain of Silence
The Potato Plot

The Press-Up Challenge
Missing PE

The Psychologist's Advice
The Receiving End Of Ridicule
The Rocket Launchers
The Rookie Teacher
The Royal Hunt
The Royal Touch
The Scholarship Boy
The Secondees
The Six SA Club
The Statue

The Stinging Embassy
Part 1
Part 2 – The Sequel

The Stolen Clothes.
Part 1
Part 2

The Suspension
The Teaching Student
The Teasing Paper Boy
The Weekend Camp
The Young Salesman
There is no Fun in Spanking!
There's No Business Like Spank Business

Part 1 – The Prefect
Part 2 – Thomson and the Stinging Nettles
Part 3 – Thomson's New Prefect
Part 4 – A Dilemma for Thomson
Part 5 – Thomson the Detective
Part 6 – Thomson on Holiday
Part 7 – Thomson and the Away Match

Thomson and the Boy in the Pool
Thomson and the Short Cut
Thomson and the Voyeurs
Tommy's Embarrassing Day
Trapped in the Window
Two Firsts, But With A Difference
Two Sons of Soldiers
United Rivals
Victor's First Holiday Abroad
Volées dramatiques (traduction du récit "There's No Business like Spank Business)
in collaboration with Paladin
Was it Mass Hysteria?
Water Treatment
What Price a Caning?
What The Butler Did!
What Theo Butler Saw!

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