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Aaron Stafford
Part 1 – Aaron receives the cane for the first time
Part 2 – Aaron gets the slipper in the gym for the first time
Part 3 – Aaron gets the ruler for the first time

Adam Butcher
Part 1 – Two ruler spankings and a bath brush spanking.
in collaboration with Hickory Boy
Part 2 – Spanked by Dad for not eating the vegetables
Part 3 – A Spanking by my boss in the newsagents
Part 4 – Spanked for truanting at home then at school the next morning
Part 5 – Slippered by dad for a bad parent's evening
Part 6 – Spanked by my boss in the newsagents.

Aiden Hunterman
Part 1 – Aiden's day of Spankings.
Part 2 – Aiden is spanked at home and at school
Part 3 – This all happened today
Part 4 – Aiden has a punishing day

Allan Cleevers
Part 1 – Spanked for getting soaked whilst washing the car
Part 2 – Spanked before school then again after school
Part 3 – Spanked in the bus station by MUM then again at home.

Andrew Hutchins
Part 1
Part 2 – The Lord Mayor's Parade
Part 3 – Spanked for the first time by MUM.
Part 4 – Older brother paddles me
Part 5 – Spanked three times in a day
Part 6 – Spanked for having a towel fight with a friend
Part 7 – Spanked after a rugby game and belted by dad when we get home.
Part 8 – Spanked at the bus stop by his cousin
Part 9 – Andrew is Spanked on the train by his cousin

Anthony De Gruyen
Part 1 – Language problems and a spanking
Part 2 – Anthony's first day at school and he gets punished
Part 3 – Anthony's first Christmas in England and he gets punished Part 1 (A Christmas story)
Part 4 – Anthony first Christmas in england and gets punished part 2.(A Christmas story)
Part 5

Calvin Harris
Part 1 – Cousin Andrew gets his revenge.
Part 2 – Punished by his older brother Lucas.
Part 3 – Punished again by his older brothers Lucas and and Thomas at school.
Part 4 – Punished by his older brother then by his dad
Part 5 – Calvin's Bad Hair Day

Craig Fussey
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 – Craig is invited to stay with Connor and his dad at his caravan by the seaside.

Hunter Pride
Part 1 – Hunter has a bad start to the day and gets into trouble
Part 2 – Hunter's self spanking.
Part 3 – Hunter's second self spanking.

Lincoln Joelson
Part 1 – Spanked In The History Lesson Then Caned By The Headmaster
Part 2 – Spanked In front of his class in the changing rooms

Marc Sneyd "An up and coming Cricket Sensation"
Part 1
Part 2

Mckenzie Fussey
Part 1 – Halloween and Mckensie gets into more trouble
Part 2 – The night of the school Fireworks Day disco

Michael Minter - an uncouth teenager
Part 1 – Letting the family dog out.
in collaboration with Hickory Boy
Part 2 – Getting a fixed penalty then a whacking.
Part 3 – Getting a second whacking by the the police.
Part 4 – Breaking a school window and getting punished at school and at home.

Morgan Derbyshire
Part 1 – Getting caned for doing a prank.
in collaboration with Hickory Boy
Part 2 – Spanked by his brother for crossing a busy road without looking then belted by Dad.

Nicholas Abbey
Part 1 – Moving back home finally
Part 2 – The morning after the spanking.
Part 3 – Caught cheating at an exam
Part 4 – Caught spanked his brother Carl.
Part 5 – Caught stealing from mum
Part 6 – Sunday night after evensong and bath time end in me getting a spanking

Philip Daglish
Part 1 – Philip's turn to be spanked
Part 2 – Noel Gets punished at school then in the spanking club

Taylor Burton
Part 1 – New start and new regime
in collaboration with Hickory Boy
Part 2 – Weekend pass.
Part 3 – The morning after his heaviest spanking.

The Lineham Twins, Dale and Tommy
Part 10 – Caned by the Headmaster for Fighting
in collaboration with Hickory Boy

The Linehams Twin Cousins, Perry and Mason
Part 1
Part 2 – Spanked before and at school
Part 3 – A visit to the Park end in the boys getting a spanking from their Uncle
Part 4 – Perry & Mason spanked for chewing gum in class by their form master and their headmaster
Part 5 – Perry & Mason spanked for truanting.
Part 6 – Perry & Mason spanked for swearing
Part 7 – Perry & Mason spanked by older brother.
Part 8 – Perry & Mason spanked by older brother again then by Santa (A Christmas story).
Part 9 – Perry & Mason spanked by the childminder

The Sutherland Brothers
Part 1 – Ritchie Spanks Francis Then Ritchie Gets His
in collaboration with Hickory Boy
Part 2 – Spanked by Mum
Part 3 – Spanked three times in a day
Part 4 – Spanked by his brother before school
Part 5 – Ritchie is spanked by his brother after school
Part 6 – Spanked by his employer for being late

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