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"Smartass" Had Two Meanings for Me

A Floor Full of LEGO
Josh and Robbie Trick Mike

A Unique Gym
Part #1
Part #2
Part #3

Babysitting for a Nudist Family
Dad's New Year's Resolutions

Father of Four
Part I – Introduction and Mike
Part II – Matt and Timmy

Halloween Trick and Treat on the Farm
I Asked to Be Spanked

I Saw Someone Spanked
Part 1 – I Saw My Neighbor Being Spanked
Part 2 – I Saw My Student Being Spanked
Part 3 – I Saw My Pool Cleaner Being Spanked

Naughty and Nice on Christmas Day
Not the Ending of Spring Break I Expected
Not the Start to a New Year Id Hoped For
Spanked in the Rain
Spanking Fun for Josh and Robbie
Spanking Fun for Rick and Alex

Take Your Pants Down!
Part 1
Part 2 – Kevin, Take Your Pants Down

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