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[Untitled series]
1 – Debt of Honour
2 – Debt Repaid

"Ginger Pudding" Challenge
Gordo's Secret Wish

"Henshaw and the Case of the Missing Blackboard Eraser" Challenge
Henshaw #3

"Proud" Challenge
Proud #4

"The Lynch Mob"
01 – Introducing "The Lynch Mob" in Hang 'Em High!
02 – Presenting The Lynch Mob in Putting in a Swimming Pool
03 – Cooking Up a Father's Day Fiasco
04 – Jessie's Switch: A Prequel
05 – We'd Rather Be Spanked Than Get Rabies Shots!
06 – A Road Trip Vacation, Complete With Spankings
07 – Crazy Old Ladies: Every Neighborhood Has One!
08 – Cool Clear Water?
09 – But It's Not FAIR!
10 – The Children's Table
11 – Remembering the 'Lynch Marks'
in collaboration with Skater
12 – The Bill Comes Due
13 – Give a Brother a Hand
14 – Bransom Holiday Pack  Christmas Party Blues
15 – The Summer I Spied on Mickey's Spanking
16 – A Bird in the Hand is Worth...
17 – Relatively Spanking

21 Days of Quarantine: Feed a Stranger, Spank a Fever
A (N)ice Bath and the Mother of All Whippings
A Candy Caning
A Caning Revisited
A Case of Masturbation
A Hot Summer's Day
A Religious Experience
A Sense of Humor
A Serendipitous Oops
A Spanker's Curriculum Vitae
A Spanking Virgin's First Time
A Tale of Two Spankings
A Teenaged Driver's Education
Accommodating a Student with Principles
Adam and Yves
Ag Club Initiation
An Act of Contrition
An Early Valentine: Another Piece of My Heart
An Embarrassing Situation
An Experiment in Spanking
An Outsider
An Uncomfortable Visit
An Undeserved Spanking
Bedtime Spanking and Bedtime Story
Best Friends and Blood Brothers
Between Brothers
Big Brother Is Watching
Booty Call

Bransom Holiday Pack 2009
The Little Hacker
in collaboration with Skater

Bransom Holiday Pack 2010
A Family Christmas Eve
What I Want For Christmas
in collaboration with Skater
A New Year's Swish

Bransom Writers' Challenge
A Good Father

Breaking Even

BWC #3 - Spooky Spankings

BWG Challenge #2
Good Cop, "Bad Kid"

Camp Spanko Application Essay Challenge
I want to go to Camp Spanko because...
I Want to Go to Camp Spanko so I Can Take It Like a Man

Camp Spanko Stories
Camp Spanko
The Holiday Annex
Camp Spanko FAQ
Rory's Welcome to Camp

Cartesian Logic
Cat's in the Cradle....
Causing the Ice to Melt

Christmas 2013
The Christmas Tree Thief

Christmas 2015
Meltdown of a Special Snowflake

Coach Lyons: In Memoriam
Confession in a Time Capsule
Corporal Punishment Training
Courtroom Paddling
Cowper, Texas
in collaboration with Skater
Crocodile Tears? What Is Real?
Crossing the Line
Dad's Shillelagh - It's a Navy Thing, Not an Irish Thing
Dallas and Brian - Building Trust
Dear Dad
Definitely Spankable!
Dumbledore and Grindelwald -- A Bittersweet Interlude
Educational Supplies
Even Heroes Get Spankings
Even Tops Get Spanked on Their Birthdays!
Everett is Appointed Executioner
Facing the Music
Failure to Communicate
Failure to Follow the Safety Rules Gets You Fired... Unless You're Family
Faith from My Father
in collaboration with Skater
Fire in the Hole
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
First Canings - A Family Rite of Passage
First Figging
First Night with Gino
For What We Are About to Receive
From the Halls of Montezuma... to the Halls of Greenville High
Goody Two Shoes
Graduate Teaching Assistant

Granddad Comes over Here
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Granddad Overcomes His Doubts
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Granddad's 1812 Overture
in collaboration with Ivor slipper

Hallowe'en 2011
5 – The Grim Reaper's Unexpected Harvest

Hallowe'en 2013
The Cost of a Costume

Hallowe'en 2016

Halloween 2015
Finding a Real Halloween Scare

Have You Tried Spanking?
Hollow Victory
How Dad Became Sheriff
I Ain't Missing You at All!
I Can Do It Myself!
If the Fates Allow...
If the Shoe Pinches
If You Really Loved Me....
It Sucks to Be Me
It's a Start

Jamie and Gareth
01 – Welcome to Blake College
02 – How to Make a Good Impression!
03 – Going Over the Wall
04 – Disturbers of the Peace
05 – No Cane, No Gain!
06 – Making the Older Generation Proud
07 – Those Who Feel the Cane and Those Who Wield the Cane
08 – Blake College's Boys in Uniform
09 – The Romance of the Grey Shorts
10 – Double Dare
11 – Boyz in Shortz
12 – Anger and Angst
13 – One of the Boys

Jefferson Summer Camp
Part 07 – The Count of Pant-y-Fynnon
in collaboration with Skater

Just a spanking
Knife and Fork School
Mission from God

Mississippi Summer
4 – Southern Heritage
in collaboration with Skater

Mr. K's Paddle
Mr. Rivers
Museum of Weird and Wacky Inventions
My Brother-in-Law, My Brother
My Piano Lessons and My Lesson from Dad
National Dishonor Society: Cody Has Working at the Car Wash Blues

Neighborhood Punishment
01 – The Longest Walk
02 – The Apple Didn't Fall Far from the Tree

New Teacher on the Block
New Year, New Me
Of Mustangs and Big Brothers
Of Piggy Banks and Little Brothers
Once in a Lifetime Opportunity
Only Temporary
Out the Window and Into Hot Water
Overcoming the Fear Before the End of the Year
Patrick's Crisis
Picture Windows

Practical Intervention For Troubled Adolescents

Point of View: Back for Thanksgiving
Postponing the Inevitable
Public Spankings
Punishment or Discipline?
Randall's Blog
Rosy Cheeks
Sacre Rouge!
Sacrifice of the Freshmen: Homecoming 2008
Salad Days
Sharing the Blame, Sharing the Spanking
Shit Rolls Downhill
Signing the Pledge
Sir's Special Advent Calendar
Some Things Never Change
Sore Loser--How I Got Stung by the Spelling Bee
Staying with Uncle Chris
Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Spanked
Take a Chance
Taking the Rap

Tales from St. Justice's School
The Yank Comes
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
The Longest Day
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Starting A New School Tradition
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
On Thin Ice
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Scrabbling For The Right Words
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Birchall's Back!
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Peter's Painful Plan
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
"Basium Meus Solum"
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Blaine Gets Into The Ball Game
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Easter Holiday (Pt 1)
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Easter Holiday - (Pt 2)
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Easter Holiday (Pt 3)
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Lending A Friend A Hand
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
A Noteable Event (Pt. 1)
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
A Noteable Event (Pt. 2)
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Coronation Celebrations (Preparations)
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Coronation Celebrations (Coming to a Head)
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Holmes and a Case of Mistaken Identity
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Peter's Birthday Surprises
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Oh Boy!
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Stars & Stripes
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
"Capital" Punishment
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Sharing Secrets
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Sports Day
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
The End Is In Sight
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Blaine Heads Home
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Back in the USA
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Moonbeams & Jim Beam
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
You'll Never Walk Alone
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Blaine Launches the Canoe Club
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Brief Encounter
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
The Canoe Club Recruits
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
The Low Down From Down Under
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
The Future Starts To Look Gloomy
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
The Fireworks Party
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Now is the Hour
in collaboration with Ivor slipper

Ten Little Prefects

Thanksgiving 2011
Family Thanksgiving Classic

The "Boys Wearing Skirts to School" Challenge
Whatever Blows Your Skirt Up

The 'Appointment with the Psychologist' Challenge
3 – The Spanking Psychologist's Son

The Add-a-Spank System
The Bonus Paddle
in collaboration with Skater
The Boy in Bubble Wrap

The Boy Next Door
Spanking Noah
Spanking Kieran
Noah's Birthday Sleepover
Kieran's Responsibilities
Kieran Gets a Paddling and Drew Describes a Spanking
Take Me Out to the Ballgame!
Kieran Earns a Serious Spanking
Spanking Two for the Price of One
Larry Talks About Spanking Noah and Kieran
Two Weeks of Spankings
Kieran's Tangled Web
Noah Meets Drew's Father
Noah's Report Card and Making Summer Plans
Introducing Skater, the Boy Down the Street
Two Spankings and One Whipping: Kieran and the Brats, Skater and His Dad
Skater Borrows His Dad's Belt
Noah Wields the Switches
A Sore Bottom, a Guilty Conscience, and a Future Visit
This is the Paddle That Spanked the Boys Who Stayed at the House That Jack Built
Summer Gets Hotter
Boiling Bottoms
A Spanking New Outfit
New Principal = New Principles
Troubling Dreams and a Dream Comes True
Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long-Leggedy Beasties and Things That Go Spank in the Night
Uncle Jack and Union Jack
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Bransom Holiday Pack - Gifts from the Heart for the Bottom
Board Stiff
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Skater and the Hair Police
Skater Needles His Dad
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Drew's Sleepover with Noah
Spring Break
in collaboration with Jack Wells
Kieran's Fall from Grace with a Narrative by SKATER
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
A Special Salute at the Honors Banquet
Noah Is Insecure
You Can't Always Get What You Want... You Get What You Need
in collaboration with Jack Wells
A Summer Job
Some Sore Bottoms on the First Day of School
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
The Homecoming 'Bun' Fire
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Bottom Line Fund Raising
in collaboration with Skater
Present Butts!
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
in collaboration with Skater
Hanging Together
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Too Much Rope
in collaboration with Skater
A Week to Reflect on a Broken Mirror
Stealing Away
in collaboration with Skater
You Should Expect the Unexpected
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Noah's Birthday Spankings
The Prom
For What We Are About to Receive...
in collaboration with Ivor slipper

The Come to Jesus Meeting
The Conspiracy Against Parents
The Cool Dad
The Cowboy
The Damon Dilemma

The Dirty Rat
1 – Teacher's Pet
in collaboration with Skater
2 – Switches for Snitches
in collaboration with Skater

The Discipline Manager
The Do Not Cane List
The Door-to-Door Salesman
The Embarrassingly Public Spanking of a Wannabe Stripper
The First Day of School
The Frugal Spanker
The Governor's Son
The Grove -- Where Spanko Dreams Come True
The House of Tears - An Interactive Story Powered by 1-800-Dial-A-Muse
The Interview
The Last Caning
The Last Word
The Meeting

The New Norm
1 – The Normandy Landings
in collaboration with Skater
2 – Advance to the Rear
in collaboration with Skater
3 – The Allied Landings
in collaboration with Skater

The Old Ways

The Order of the Holy Innocents
01 – The Order of the Holy Innocents -- Introduction
02 – Father O'Connor's Penance at the Order of the Holy Innocents
03 – Father O'Connor's Guilt
04 – Father O'Connor's Temptation
05 – "Here Will I Dwell, for Heaven Be in These Lips"
06 – Father O'Connor Seizes the Day
07 – Celebrating the Feast of the Holy Innocents

The Price of Courage
The Prodigal Son
The Right to Choose Comes at a Cost
The Sandlot -- A New Ending
The Santa Letter
The Son of a Preacher Man

The Spanko Mother Goose
The Ten O'Clock Scholar
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

The Spirit Stick
The Storyteller's Nightmare
The Third Wheel
The Three F's: Flogging, Figging and Fisting
The Toughest Teacher in School
The Usual Suspect

The Wagon Train
Part 1 – No Going Back
Part 2 – Going Forward, Looking Back
Part 3 – Gifts
Part 4 – Forbidden Fruit

The Wheel of Fortune

The World Upside Down
Misery Loves Company
in collaboration with Whirlicy

The Worst Whipping
The Yank is Coming
Thinking About the Cane
Three for Three
Throwback Day
Too Big for His Britches
Too Old for a Spanking?
Top Tails -- Pushing Ethan's Envelope

Tossed Together
A Brush with Authority
in collaboration with Ivor slipper
Garth Makes an Impression
in collaboration with Ivor slipper

True Confession of a Sixth Grade Forger
Two Kinds of Bravery
Two Promises Made, One Promise Broken, One Promise Kept
Unarmed in a Battle of Wits
Uncle Bill and the Souvenir Paddles
Unfinished Business
Unusual Teaching Methods

When in Rome....
Part 01
Part 02 – Spanking American Style
Part 03 – Yankee Bottom Versus Canadian Strap
Part 04 – In England Horizontal Stripes Are Stylish
Part 05 – Scottish Belts Speak with Forked Tongues
Part 06 – Jamie's French Lesson: Conjugate the Verb Fesser!
Part 07 – Jamie and the Nettles
Part 08 – In Berlin a Cane Is Called a Rohrstock!
Part 09 – Berlin: Jamie Meets Erich's Uncle Dieter
Part 10 – Do As the Romans Do! and a Battipanni is NOT a Type of Pasta
Part 11 – Return to London: Gareth's Birthday With an American Twist
Part 12 – Boys Will Be Boys--Vacation in Mallorca

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