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[Untitled series]
"For cussin' at the breakfast table"
"Toby Gets Spanked, Brian REALLY Catches it!"

"A BIGGER Attitude Adjustment."
"A brat spanked at DisneyWorld!"
"A tail of two strappings."
"A Very Unpleasant Memorial Day."
"A whuppin' in Georgia: Curtis' poor judgment."
"An out of this world flogging"
"And Now Live, From Coast to Coast!"
"Austin's OTK strapping."
"Big boys playing.-Big boys hurting!"
"Blazing backsides"
"Blazing hot in Omaha: Scott's whippin'."
"Brad's VERY hard day."
"Brett gets defiant-Brett gets the belt."
"Bryce REALLY gets it!"
"Cale's tough week."
"Cam's Red Bottom."
"Caught skipping school."
"Daniel's disobedience and punishment."
"David's worn out backside"
"For cutting class for a smoke"
"For Fightin' at School."
"For getting a D.W.I.."
"For Having Cards in Chapel."
"For playing a night club."
"Frederick's Lie."
"High school jock gets caned at home."
"Hot buns in Wisconsin."
"Kevin's punishment for missing the bus."
"Kyle's very poor choice"
"Ladies' Man Tanned by Dad."
"Last Teen Sitting."
"Oklahoma Heat."

"One terrible Saturday"
Part 1
Part 2

"PAINSville, Texas"
"Peanut BUTTer Eater."
"Preacher's Kid Caught With Pot."
"Ryan's attitude adjustment"
"Sam gets it, and gets it again!"
"Santa's bag of switches."
"School day interrupted: Matthew's hard lesson,"
"Soccer hunk gets a birching."
"Southern discomfort"
"Spanked with a spatula: Aaron's wake up call."
"The HUGE Heat Wave."
"The Seth & Lorrie story."
"The Strapping Game."
"Thirty seconds of fame-one sore backside!"

"Thomas' Strapping at Boarding School."
Part 1
Part 2

"Todd's Heavenly Evening Turns Hellish."
"Too bad for Peter"
"Too Big For His Britches."
"Trouble at the Jones'."

"Whupped in the barn: Shane gets the hickory."
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

"Whuppin' time at the Keatons!'
"Woodshed 2017: Justin's Busted Bottom."

Adam's Painful Mistake
Adam's painful mistake.
"Repercussions at home"
"Unpleasant Saturday in Oklahoma: Chris' whuppin'."

"The Whip Belt"
"Casey's Formal Punishment: The Riding Crop."

Casey P
Part 1 – Casey's Difficult Fortnight
Part 2 – Casey's Plight Worsens 
Part 3 – "Old West Crime and Punishment"

Hot in Arizona
Paddled at school, then spanked at home.

Part 1 – "Chris' Saturday at school."
Part 2 – "Tim Anderson's bad Saturday"
Part 3 – "Tim Anderson's Saturday at school"

Texas Heat
Part 1 – Texas Heat
Part 2 – Twenty Lashes for Josh

The Sweeneys
Dare-taking Will catches it in the bathroom
Brother Clay's miseries

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