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[Untitled series]
Part 1 – A Father's Duty
Part 2 – A Father's Next Duty

A Bad Report Means A Sore Bottom
A Bully's Hiding
A Caneful Lesson
A Family Thrashing (Strap to Cane)
A Good Old Fashioned Hiding From Dad
A Good, Hard, Bare Bottom Hiding
A Hiding By The Pool
A Hiding For Johnny
A Hiding From Sam
A Hiding From the Headmaster
A Lesson In Thrashing Boys' Bottoms
A Little Boy's First Real Hiding
A Prefect's Punishment
A Royal Thrashing
A Slave-Boy's Whipping
A Special Assembly
A Stubborn Little Boy
A Surprise for Mr Simpson
A Ten Year Old's Hiding
A Visit To The Reformatory
A Well Caned Bottom
An Effective Punishment
An Enjoyable Community Service
An Evening Appointment with the Housemaster
An Overdue Hiding
Bare Bottom Pioneers
Bare Bottom!
Beating Bates
Belted Brothers
Bending over, bare bottomed, for a caning from Daddy
Bert's Uncomfortable Afternoon

Chapter 1
Chapter 2 – Blaine Returns

Blazing Bare Bottoms
Careless Comment, Sore Bottom
Charlie and the Housemaster
Cold Pond, Blazing Bottoms
Dad's Cane
Damage And Dishonesty Leads To Discomfort
Damon's Thrashing
Damon, Nicholas And Bradley - Hidings to Remember
Daniel And Matthew
Danny's Thrashing

Dave's Canes
Part 1
Part 2

David's Thrashing
Davy's First Time
Degrees of Severity
Dusty Learns to Take a Thrashing
Even Good Boys Needs Hidings

First Day, First Hidings
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Five Small, Very Sore Young Bottoms
Four Naughty Nine Year Olds
Gregg's Thrashing
Henry And The Headmaster
Hidings for the Head Boy
Hidings From Mr Dodds
Hot Bottoms On Holiday
Humbled By A Hiding
I Think You Should Give Me A Hiding
I Want To Try It, And You Need The Practice!
It's Time For A Hiding
Jacob Upgrades
James Gets a Caning
James Wanted to Be a Big Boy
Jason Gets A Real Thrashing

Jeremy and Jason
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Joel's Hiding
Joshua Punished
Kris and Brody - Thrashed for Thieving
Lain's Lesson
Lord Benjamin and Jones
Lord Benjamin and Jones - and Marcus, Freddy and the cane!
Making My Mark
Marc Gets His Bare Bottom Soundly Caned
Matt and the Cane
Motivating Toby
My Delightful Nephew
Nathan's First Real Hiding
Old Fashioned Learning Support
Other Boys' Dads 1
Painful Consequences
Paying The Painful Price
Perils for Lazy Schoolboys
Please Sir! I've changed my mind! It's too sore!
Please Sir, May I Have a Whipping?
Proper Hidings
Punished By Mr Goodwin
Punished for Smoking
Punished Severely - The Old Fashioned Way
Punishing Chris
Reluctantly Thrashing Patrick's Bottom
Report Card Strapping
Rheece's Hiding
Richard Gets the Hiding of His Life
Robbie Gets a Bottom Roasting
Robin's Roasting
Room 22
Routine Thrashings
Shameful And Very Painful Bare Bottomed Attitude Adjustment.
Shaun Gets a Thrashing
Six For Six

Six of the Best
Part 1: An Essential Prep School Experience
Part 2: Dad's Reaction

Sore Bottoms At Bedtime
Sorting Out James
Steven's First Caning
Strapping Swimmers
Switched For Fruit
Tanning The Twins
Tanning Tommy's Tail
The Boy and The Strap

The Boy Spanking Club
Part 1: The Idea
Part 2: Cavin's Test
Part 3: Roger Upgrades
Part 4: A Special Day For Barty
Part 5: House Call
Part 6: Jake's Saturday Morning

The Boy Who Wanted A Hiding
The Cane Is Back!
The Cane Really Hurts!
The Gang
The Good Neighbour
The Painful Fate of a Little Thief
The Sjambok and the Shed
The Whipping of a Twelve Year Old Thief
Thrashed For Friendship
Thrashing My Sons' Bottoms
Thrashings in the Basement
Three Boys Thrashed
Three Sore Little Bottoms
Tommy and his Belt
Travis and the Boywhipper
Tutoring Naughty Boys
Unexpected Bottom Roastings
Very Silly Little Boys
Very Sore Bottoms

Village Justice
Part 01 – The Start of a Tradition
Part 02 – Bradley's Turn

We Should Also Get Hidings - It's Only Fair!

Weeping Willows Prep School for Boys
Part 01
Part 02 – Sam's Sore Bottom
Part 03 – Punishment for a Cheat
Part 04 – Smoking Bottoms 1
Part 05 – Smoking Bottoms 2
Part 06 – Smoking Bottoms 3
Part 07 – The Deal 1
Part 08 – The Deal 2
Part 09 – Motivator
Part 10 – A Lazy Boy
Part 11 – James Learns To Work
Part 12 – Naughty Boarders 1
Part 13 – Naughty Boarders 2
Part 14 – Naughty Boarders 3
Part 15 – Teamwork 1
Part 16 – Teamwork 2
Part 17 – The Price of Truancy
Part 18 – Ted and the Housemaster's Strap
Part 19 – Matthew Returns for a Reminder
Part 20 – Max and Motivator
Part 21 – A Reminder of Obligations
Part 22 – Friday Night Thrashings

Well Deserved Whippings

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