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[Untitled series]
Six by Six
Corvette Z06

"Proud" Challenge
Proud #13

Army of one
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Big city boy moves to the county
Part I
Part II

Birthday Spanking
Bring Corporal Punishment Bback

Brothers are butt naked before they are legally Brothers
Part I
Part II

BWC #3 - Spooky Spankings
Halloween Trick with Cow Manure Equals Cody and buddies a Sore Butt

BWG Challenge #2
Graffiti Spanking

Caught in Triple Lies by a Camera

Cody and Eugene's new stepdad and mom
Part I
Part II

Cody and his new stepdad
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 – A Trip to the Principal's Office
Part 5 – First Day of School.

Cody challenged the belt and the belt won.
Cody gets his first spanking from his new stepdad

Cody gets Spanked by Mr. Bare Butt Buster.
Part #1
Part #2

Cody Spanked by his stepdad on his mother and stedad wedding day
Cody’s Stepdad blew into his life like a tornado

Part 1

Group Counselling Session for Stepsons
I can't believe it
In Loco stepdad
It Will Start Over This Afternoon
Joe meets his new stepdad
Just Like Me My Stepson Wears Tight White Briefs
My only spanking from Dad and it was on Christmas Eve
New Stepdad spanks the Twins Different
On the first day of Christmas my new stepdad gave to me
Payback with Interest
Pizza and all the triming inclludes a Spanking
Same Punishment, Different Hands
Spanked at 17 for the first time by Mother and Stepdad
Spanked on the First Thankgiving
Spanking Pool
Spare the Rod and Spoil the Teenage Boy
Step Brothers and Sisters from Hell
Stepdad from Hell
Stepdad from hell for twins
Stepdad number 3
Stepdad only 3 years older than stepson
Stepdad takes charge at Grandmother House
Stepdad to 5 Teenage Brats
Stepdad's Birthday Spanking Rules

The "Boys Wearing Skirts to School" Challenge
Punished for Wearing a Skirt to School

The Second Boy with Red Shorts

The World Strictest Parents
Part 1

Thou shall not bear false witness
Part 1
Part 2 – The End.

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