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author: Y Lee Coyote

ordered by story title

The Price of Messiness
The Prince and the Whipping Boy
The Runt And the Lord

The Sad Tail of Jimmy
Part 1 – A Most Embarrassing Spanking
Part 2 – Chagrined by the Appointment of a Monitor
Part 3 – A Heinous Demotion

The School Note
The Sergeant and the Minor Privates
The Slave Boy Game
The Snake in the Garden
The Spanking Chair Is Ready

The Stevie Chronicles
Part 01 – Stevie's Super Kewl Day With Roger
Part 02 – Stevie Meets The Duke (Revised)
Part 03 – Stevie Goes to a Tea Party
Part 04 – Stevie and the New Neighbors
Part 05 – Stevie's New Babysitter
Part 06 – Stevie and Freddy's Day in the Park

The Stropping of R. Mark Nelson-Stanton III

The Student and the Teacher
Punishment Chit
Traffic Citation
School Picnic

The Unlucky Mugger
The VP, the Junior and Mr. Paddle
The Water Gun Caper
The Women Are in Charge
The Wrong Locker Room
Those That Live By the Rod....
Three Boys, Two Spankings and a Cast

Through the Window
1 – Caught in the Shed
2 – Spanks for Power

Tim Gets Even
Time to Fledge
Time To Redress a Wrong
Timmy and the Ghost Patrol
Top Training

Traditional Discipline Research Club
1 – Spank Club Face Off
2 – Being Spanked Is a Membership Requirement

Transforming Babysitter
Trick Or Trick
Truth Or ...
Turning the Tables

Tween Femmes Fatales Experiments
Part 1
Part 2

Twelve beats Fourteen -- Twice

Twenty-Fifth Reunion
1 – The Old Boys
2 – The New Boy

Unacceptable Stepfather
Uncle's Spankings
Unjust Deserts
Vacation in Hell
Vehicle Operators Strapped
Verbotene Früchte
in collaboration with Beelzebub
Vincent Goes to the Movies
Voyage to a New World
Wallace, Surrogate Dad
Wear Your Rubbers
Weekend with Dad
Well-deserved Punishment
What the Fortune Teller Didn't Predict
What? A Babysitter at My Age!
Who Is Top Today?
Why I Did Not Go Home for Christmas

1 – Windowbox Boy, Part 1
2 – Windowbox Boy, Part 2
4 – Windowbox Lad, Part 2
8 – Windowbox Brother, Part 1
9 – Windowbox Brother, Part 2

With a Little Bit of Help From My Friends
Zero Tolerance

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