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A Better Life in the West Part 1
A Caning Anecdote
A College Experience
A Florida Morning
A Good Smack
A Humiliating Spanking by the Babysitter
A Letter to My Brother
A long deserved chastisement
A Most Embarrasing Day
A Most Unusual Spanking Story
A Neighbour's Tale
a new beginning
A Painful Oversight
A Slave Suffering's
A spanking of a B'day gift
A Strict Upbringing for a Naughty Boy
A World Class Spanking Story!
Abused on Christmas at Sheet Metal Warehouse
Adam and Me
Alan Stealing the Gum
Always Better to Complete Your Chores

Andrew's Spanking
Part 1
Part 2

Ass Torture in The Third World
Babysitting Greg and Nick
Basketball Practice
Beating Boy's Bottoms
Ben's New Daddy
Best Friend Gets to Watch
Billy's Beating

Birthday Humiliation
Part 1
Part 2 – The Revenge

Boarding School in the 1960s
Boy Spanking Recipe
Boys Spanking Boys

Part 1 – The New Kid
Part 2 – Second Day
Part 3 – Day 3
Part 4 – That Evening
Part 5 – The First Sleepover
Part 6 – Back To The Modelling Studio
Part 7

Broer (Dutch)
Caned for Playing Truancy
Captured, Questioned, and Spanked. All for the Man with the Heart of a Hero
Childhood Memories from Scotland
Childhood Playtime

Part 1
Part 2

Clipping from Parent & Child Magazine
Cold Waters

Cookie and the Whipping Boy
Cookie Strikes Again

Corey's First Spanking

Cottage 103
Part 1
Part 2

Crime And Punishment
Cutting the Grass
Daddy's Spoon

David Young
1: David's Family Style Hiney Roasting
2: David's Brotherly Butt Beatings

Der Chat
Dereck Learns His Lesson
Derek's Experience
Dirty Bathroom
Do You Want the Stick Simon
Doctor's Office Humiliation

Drei Knaben
Teil 1
Teil 2

Embarrassed by a Spanking
Father's Discipline
Feeling Uncles Hand
First Time Babysitter
Flogged On-Board
Flohmarkt, oder der CTI
Forced Masturbation or Spanking
Forced to Walk the Gauntlet
Fun With Cards
Future Plans
Game Spanking 1: Time rate
Getting Ready for Jail
Going to the Country
Greater Love Hath No Man
HANDBOOK for Dads and Sons
HANDBOOK of the Brotherhood
Hanging with Friends and Growing Up Together
Harold Gets Paddled
Harry Alone
Harry, Pat and Me
He Knew
Henry Adopts a Son
High School Shenanigans
House Rules
How It Began
Humiliated by Halloween Bully

I Am Sold
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I Knew a Spanking Would Hurt...
I Said The Wrong Word
Internet Delivers - How I met uncle John
It Happened One Summer
Jake Forgets to Rake the Leaves
James and Jason: A Spanking Story
Jeremy's First Spanking
Jerry's First Account

Jian-Michael and Rob
1: Afternoon After the Night Before
2: Bare-back Riding
3: Angry Father-in-Law
4: A Night in Savannah
5: Sky Highjinks

John's First Spanking
Jonathon Continued
Junge Diebe
Kept After School
Kevin Tries Spanking
Kids Spanking Message Board
Learning to Win
Lee Learns Another Lesson
Leo's Cousin Lucky
Lesson Learned:On the Seat of Andy's Pants
Lil Scouts Daycare
Losing a Bet
Making the Grade
Mark and I Get Paddled
Mark Finds He Is A Slave
Mechanic's Spanking Lesson
Memorable Spanking
Memories 2
Memories 3
Memories 4
Memories of School
Mike spanks the bully… any way he wants.
Mike's Escape
Military Discipline
Mr. Payne
My Adventures at Summer Camp
My Best Friend
My Dad, My Brother-in-Law and Me

My Dream
Part 1
Part 2: Taking Care of Tommy

My Experience II
My Experience: Parts 1-6
My First Day of High School
My First Time with the Cane
My Friend Andy
My Friend Spanked Me for Stealing His Lunch Money
My Horrid Uncle
My Humiliation
my new father

My New Son
Part 1
Part 2 – My New Brother
Part 3

My Sister
My Slave
My spankings
My Story
My Vacation
Neighbor Spank - The Most Memorable Night of My Life
Neighborly Spanking
Nel Buco Della Serratura Ff M (Italian language)
New Fag
New Found Discipline
New Son Part 2
New Stepson
New Twist for Spanking Buddie
No Sparing of the Rod
Old Boys at Murryfields
Old Enough to Be Their Father Part One

On the Job Spanking
Part 1
Part 2

One Belt Too Many
Out the Window
Paddle Promise
Paying the Price
Peticion (Spanish language)

Part 1
Part 2

Piano Teacher
Pizza Boy Spanking
Pleasure After Pain
Prep School
Principal Spanking
Principal's son & Roger

Punishment Routines
Part 1
Part 2

Rencontre Avec Un Maître (French Language)
Roger at the Ranch
Ron and I
Running Away
School Friends Spanking Each Other
School PE Spanking
School Spankings 1970's in Canada
Shaved and Spanked by my Teacher
Sizzlin Wranglers
Spanked After School
Spanked at the Sleepover
Spanked By My Boss
Spanked by my Brother-In-Law
Spanked for Lying
Spanked Naked
Spanked Over the Principals Knees
Spanked Without Consent
Spanking A Naughty Boy
Spanking Buddies Get Closer
Spanking Game
Spanking James
Spanking My Best Friend
Spankings From My Tutor
Stepbrother Spanks Stepbrother
Stepdad One
Straight + Spanking
Straight Guy Spanked Naked
Summer Bet
Summer of 79

Summer on the Farm
Part 1
Part 2

Sunday School Spanking

Teacher's Spanking
Part 1
Part 2 – Teacher Spanks Again
Part 3 – The Teacher a Third Time
Part 4 – The Next Step

Tears for Fears
Teenage Memorys
Testing the Babysitter
The 16 Year Old Little Boy

The Agreement
Part 1
Part 2

The Australian Tourists
The Bet
The Biff
The Birthday Spanking
The Boy Next Door

The Caning
Part 1
Part 2

The Car Trip
The Computer
The Cyclist and the Leather Daddy

The Grange
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 – Matron
Part 4

The Licking
The Nanny Verdict
The New Federal Juvinile Pen
The New Gardener Gets a Spanking
The Old Stump
The PE Teacher
The Pizza Delivery Boy and the Spanking
The Prefects Study
The Prince
The Sexy Babysitter
The Sleepover
The Streak Spanking

The Swinburne Academy for Boys
Part 1
Part 2

The Twins Got Away...What Happened Next
The Uncle
The Unmaking of a Bully
The Window Cleaner
The Young, the Naked And the Spanked
Their Just Deserts
Thumbing a Ride
Ticket It Or Smack It
Timmy's Cousins Play House
To Spank a Mockingbird
Too Old for a Spanking?
Torment at Ten - Fictionalized Account
True Stories - 1. School Life (PART 1)

True Story - Witnessing a 12-Year-old Boy's Punishment
Part 1
Part 2

True Story From India
Turning Up the Heat

Two Bottoms And a Top
Part 1
Part 2

Un bon neveu

Uncle Jack Brady
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Vacation Doesn't Mean You Can Misbehave.....

Vacation Tutor

Walking Across the Road
Westfield reformatory
What Bottoms Are For
What I Like Most
When I Was Eight
When I was only 19
Whippings I Overheard
Wie ein Bauernbub das Melken lernte
Willful Disobedience
Young ass Exposed

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